WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

Well, our fans did it again, we’ve just reached 61,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page! As a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating, we are hosting another special giveaway.


If you are already a fan of BERNINA USA on Facebook, then you know that we’ve pledged to host a giveaway with a chance to win fun prizes like goody-bags, sewing books and even fabrics right here each and every time we gain another 1,000 likes through the end of 2013! Join in the fun by clicking over to our fan page, Like us, and be sure to keep your eyes open for our next giveaway.

7″ x 7″ and 7″ x 14″ Cut for the cure rulers.

Our prize to celebrate hitting the mark of 61,000 likes is a set of Nifty Notions “Cut for the Cure” rulers designed by Kaye England! To enter the random drawing for a chance to win, simply respond to the question below with a comment to this blog post. (The contest is open for comments through tomorrow, October 4 at 12:00 midnight Central Time. We’ll announce the winner right here at WeAllSew.com next week, so stay tuned and good luck to you!)

Our question for the giveaway is:

We’ve asked you what YOU like to make. But what’s your favorite handmade gift to receive?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog within 24 hours after blog post posting by October 4, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be announced about one week after contest ends, and will have 48 hours to contact us at WeAllSew@berninausa.com  to claim the prize. Keep checking back here starting next week!

Having trouble logging in? Try logging out, closing your browser and waiting a few minutes before trying again. Still having trouble? Send us a message at WeAllSew@berninausa.com.

Congratulations to the winner of our 61,000 fan giveaway, WeAllSew user janijo! Enjoy your Nifty Notions Cut for the Cure rulers, janijo!

105 thoughts on “WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

  1. What handmade gift I like to receive is something that I can’t make myself: a floral arrangement, woven baskets, and anything made by my children and grandchild!!!

  2. My daughter is a very talented gold and silversmith. So, I guess the thing I like to get that is made by hand is her jewelry! It is always beautiful and fits my tastes exactly! I am so lucky to have such a talented daughter. (I must add that all my kids are talented in one way or another, but she is the only one that is crafty lol)

  3. My favourite handmade sewn gifts are stuffed animals, or lengths of trim (because I have a number of friends who spin and weave), illustrations (be it sketches or wall-hangings – I have a number of friends who are illustrators).

  4. My mother has made me several quilts over the years that are incredibly special and some beautiful hand-knitted wool socks. However, I do love to receive homemade baked goods … our neighbor always gives us the most amazing treats at Christmas time!

  5. It honestly doesn’t matter what the item is, it’s who it’s from and that they took their time and put love into it. And that smile they have knowing they are giving you something from their own hands and heart. I adore handmade gifts!!!

  6. I love to receive anything embroidered or anything my grandchildren have made hand sewing or with help from grandma. Just love teaching them how to sew!!!

  7. I like to receive things I cannot make myself or don’t know how to make yet like beautiful knit or crochet pieces and I always love getting art from kids.

  8. Anything that a friend, (or child or grandchild) has made for me I would treasure. I especially love handmade greeting cards that include a special small piece of needlework or quilting or stamping!

  9. I just love small wall hangings ! I make them, but never make them for myself. Such a nice gift to remind me how valuable friendship is ! Thank you Connie for my latest one

  10. I love to receive anything handmade or drawn by my grandchildren, or quilt-related gifts from my quilting buddies. I love to use my Bernina software to turn drawings into embroideries.

  11. I love anything handmade, but probably the best handmade gift I ever received was an afghan that my mother made me for my birthday. I remember working my nerve up to let her know I was hurt that she made things for everyone else, but I had never received anything. She smiled and said it was because I can make my own stuff. I was crying when I told her that I wanted something she had made. Silly me, it was a few days before my birthday and what she was working on that night was a beautiful blue afghan for me. While she is no longer with me, I still treasure this afghan and love to cuddle in it.


  12. I love to receive handmade jewelry from my son, handmade cards from my daughter, anything my little grandson does 🙂 and homemade jelly from my sister-in-law.

  13. To me anything that someone has takenen the
    the time to make. I don’t care if it is perfect or not
    it is the thought and love and their time that goes
    into making the things that matter to me.

  14. My favorite handmade gift is a rag quilt my aunt made me. I didn’t realize how much time went in to making one until she came to visit and a bunch of family members tried making one. I have never learned to sew (and just started) but I was helping her do the snips on another quilt and I asked her “Do you really do this for fun? It is a lot of work”. She looked at me and said “Yes, it’s a lot of work, but the happiness it brings others is worth it”. That afternoon, my quilt became 100 times more valuable to me than any other gift I’ve been given.

  15. I love to receive knitted or crocheted items. Although I can do some of the basic stuff myself, I really don’t want to spend the time to do it. I’d rather be quilting. I have about 15 scarfs that my mom has made for me over the years and I use every one of them during the cooler months.

  16. I love to receive anything handmade, so many people shy away from giving me handmade gifts because they think I can make it myself or they would not be as “good” but truly, the gifts i cherish the most ARE the ones that have been hand made just for me regardless 🙂

  17. My favorite handmade gift is from my granddaughter, who loves to make things. My latest gift was a drawn picture of her with a quilt. She is six and that is the first quilt she ever drew. It was a design I had never made so she has never seen one like it. I was so proud.

  18. I love handmade things. My favorite ones are things that I can use so I get to touch them frequently! Things like potholders, quilts, scarfs, mittens…

  19. I love anything handmade!! It means the person took time to make it just me. My favorite has to be a quilt a friend made for me several years ago. What a great surprise!!

  20. My favorite handmade gift to receive is jewelry. I love the high-end things, real gold and real stones. I could never make my own but am a jewelry collector.

  21. I like hand made jewelry, that I can wear while sewing on one of my wonderful Bernina sewing machines. I also like handmade cookies and candy they are just the thing to keep the sewing and long arm quilting energy going.

  22. I love anything and everything I’m given made with loving hands. My grandson is getting to the age he can “make things” so I am looking forward to covering my refrigerator with his artwork!!

  23. I really love the kinds of things that I receive from my quilty “sisters” during swaps of various types. it’s fun and inspiring to see someone else’s creativity at work, even when it is vey different from your own.

  24. I love receiving anything quilted! Love the fabrics, love the fact that items are handmade, love the time and effort put into it, love that someone was thinking about me. 🙂

  25. the only handmade things I can recall receiving have been cards made by my grandchildren and occasionally a piece of artwork..again, made by the children. There have been a few crochet/knitted items over the years from folks visiting.

  26. Any handmade gift it truly appreciated. My favorite is the queen-sized quilt, hand quilted, by my mother. She was an excellent seamstress, knitter and crocheter.

  27. I like anything handmade…quilted items, artwork, homemade jelly/jams/preserves, etc. My home is an art gallery of sorts featuring paintings from both my brother and my eldest son, hand carved items from my daddy, quilts & other handmade linens from my mother and grandmother!!

  28. Oh, dear! I rarely receive gifts, handmade or otherwise, so anything would be great. I do a lot of crafting, so can make many things myself, but it would be nice to receive something I didn’t make myself. Handmade soap would be a treat. I make my own, but would love to try someone else’s creations.

  29. I love receiving the handmade, wrapped with love batches of goodies that I sometimes get from relatives. My favorite in too many years to count was the care package from my older sister when I was away from home at college –small town girl goes to mid-size city needs some advice type gift –she sent me a batch of snickerdoodles along with her handwritten recipe — she welcomed me into her adult world with a fun comment here and there through out the very detailed recipe. Now days the same sister gives me a recipe by telling me the ingredients and letting me figure out how much. LOL The wrapping for these handmade gifts is often a placemat that gets well used. Some years the gift is wrapped in yardage –she uses her stash or goes shopping at Good Will and wraps my gift with beautiful fabric.

  30. My favorite thing that someone made for me was a little purse with a zipper about the size of 2″ x 5″. I use it all the time in my big purse and I love it. It was made by my quilting friend.

  31. I like to receive anything handmade really, it is worth so much more than some of the generic store bought gifts. It is great when kids craft something. But my sister made me a crochet cell phone bag (very fine miniature crochet stitches) that I cherish very much.

  32. I like to receive anything that I know someone took their precious time to create for me. As the item is created, I know they were thinking of me. A cousin made me a crocheted afghan that was a “crazy quilt” type pattern with lots of different stitches and she made it mostly with orange yarn, my favorite color. I also like to receive and eat homemade goodies like chocolate chip cookies or a carrot cake. Yum.

  33. My favorite handmade gift is food! Next favorite is anything knitted. I live in Houston, but I was meant for a colder climate, because I love cool-looking knitted sweaters! thirdfloorquilts.com

  34. I loved receiving garments knitted by my mother-in-law. She was a wonderful knitter and person. I miss her but I have saved all the items she knitted for us.

  35. I love to make crazy, and innovative clothing for my little girls! I am self taught since 2009 and am really serious about getting a machine that I can grow with. The 530 or 580 are on my practical dream list and I would be completely floored/elated/ fulfilled to get one of those machines form the holidays! [insert heart eyes]

  36. My wish is to have more fabric, threads, and any extra sewing materials. I just dont have enough to complete projects i want to make for my family. I have my bernina that i love so much but not enough materials. 🙁 i love to receive most any handmade item, small or big, i just don’t receive toomany of those items but when i do, it is most aappreciated. The last thing i received was a handmade apron, an vintage apron. I love it!

  37. I love to receive any gift that has been handmade. The giver has given thought to a gift just for me and taken time out of their busy life to think of me. I have especially enjoyed scrapbooking greeting cards.

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