WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

Our fans are incredible! We’ve just reached 60,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page! As a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating with us, we are holding another special giveaway.

If you are already a fan of BERNINA USA on Facebook, then you know that we’ve pledged to host a giveaway with a chance to win fun prizes like goody-bags, sewing books and even fabrics right here each and every time we gain another 1,000 likes through the end of 2013! Join in the fun by clicking over to our fan page, Like us, and be sure to keep your eyes open for our next giveaway.

Our special prize to celebrate hitting the mark of 60,000 likes is a BERNINA bag full of goodies! The winner will receive one of our retro BERNINA travel bags filled with Nifty Notions Cut For The Cure rulers, a copy of The Colette Sewing Handbook, assorted fabric fat quarters (not pictured), and a handy BERNINA seam ripper (not pictured)! To enter the random drawing for a chance to win, simply respond to the question below with a comment to this blog post. (The contest is open for comments through tomorrow, September 22 at 12:00 midnight Central Time. We’ll announce the winner right here at WeAllSew.com next week, so stay tuned and good luck to you!)

Our question for the giveaway is:

What WeAllSew.com projects and posts do you share with your Facebook friends? Which WeAllSew.com project or post is your favorite?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog within 24 hours after blog post posting by September 22, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner announcement one week after sweepstakes ends, winner must contact us within 48 hours of announcement at WeAllSew@bernina.com to claim the prize.

Having trouble logging in? Try logging out, closing your browser and waiting a few minutes before trying again. Still having trouble? Send us a message at WeAllSew@berninausa.com.

Congratulations to our contest winner, WeAllSew fan rob66! Enjoy your BERNINA goody bag!

136 thoughts on “WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

  1. I love your ideas on quilting and home decor. I really like your embrodiered mug rugs and coasters.I usually share the posts on quilted projects with my sister and friends. love your site and thanks for all the ideas.

  2. I try to share most of the tutorials. Specially the feet tutorials. I recently purchased a Bernina 350 in May from a Bernina dealer. My guide class was not until June or July and did not want to wait to use my machine. i love my machine and with the help from Weallsew.com i’ve come along way. I was really prepared for my first guide class and was able to help the other students in the guide class. I guess i was so helpful and enthusiastic about my machine that the owner of the store personally called me to offer me a job!! So whenever possible, i let the people buying bernina’s know that they can get a jump start at Berninausa.com and weallsew.com! I also mention the ways you can get apps on your smart phones and tablets! so i’m excited to learn so much more from all the knowledgeable ladies at my new job along with the weallsew.com! i always look forward to new posts! it’s like Christmas! thanks for building my sewing confidence with an awesome machine!

  3. I would be most likely to share a quilting project on Facebook. I really like the Blooming Flowers Quilt a lot! Thanks for the giveaway! Where can I purchase one of the Swiss Sew Essential Tools?

  4. I share the quilting projects with my quilting friends. My favorite project was the lavender and rice filled neck roll. I made one and use it a lot. Also love the bag and tote patterns.

  5. I like the Super Hero Cape and plan to make one soon (though I will have loops to fit over the child’s arms rather than a strap around the neck). I also like the coiled rope basket and have the clothesline ready to sew.

  6. I enjoy everything on this website. I enjoy the instructions using the different feet available. I also enjoy the quilting ideas. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!! I really live my bernina too!!!

  7. I feel WeAllSew projects are constantly inspiring us to AllSew! I will look through the website when looking for hints for a technique or when using a specific foot. I share many ideas.
    One of my favorite pages on the website is the Sew to Serve page. A great resource for all.

  8. I try to stay current, the new post for the quilted Passport Clutch is great. I love tote bags, mug rugs, tech cases for laptops and other electronic gadgets. My all time fav is the Bohemian Shoulder Bag from Inspiration Magazine and We All Sew.

  9. I try to stay current, the new post for the quilted Passport Clutch is great. I love tote bags, mug rugs, tech cases for laptops and other electronic gadgets. My all time fav is the Bohemian Shoulder Bag from Inspiration Magazine and We All Sew. I share a lot of the DIY Projects.

  10. I love the app where you can put in the feet that you own. And all the
    tips that are given. Just bought a 780 and love it still learning the BSR,
    Just really getting into Quilting, been sewing for a while. Haven’t shared
    Yet just joined. But have been in u tube watching the videos in my
    machine they are really helpful. I love Nuttall bernina dealer they are
    really great.

  11. I love the all the projects on here and share the quilting ones with my quilty friends but the one I think is the best is the foot book. It has opened the possibilities of my machine to me! LOVE That!!!!

  12. I love the travel size neck pillow. Recently took a cross country driving trip with my 3 small grandchildren. The pillows were great at keeping their necks from getting kinked.

  13. I just love inspirational item. The most recent was: Half-Square Triangles with LUKE Haynes. I never saw triangles done this way anywhere else!
    crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  14. I love the travel size neck pillow. Recently took a cross country driving trip with my 3 small grandchildren. The pillows were great at keeping their necks from getting kinked. I mostly share quilting projects.

  15. My favorite project/gift has been the Summertime Table Runner. I gave it to my sister and then everyone has wanted one. So far, I’ve made seven and still more to come.

  16. I share many of the posts with my friends. I love all of the projects, but I think the foot book is the most helpful! Thanks and keep the great ideas coming.

  17. Love the foot tutorials and the quick, small projects. My very first machine came with a million feet that I loved to play with when I was learning to sew. One day I hope to make a Bernina Foot Book with a million pages 🙂

    Fingers crossed, that retro travel bag is awesome!

  18. Congratulations. And what a fun way to celebrate. Of course, silly me, the seam ripper caught my attention. My ripper is getting too dull to work with and I need to find a good one. Maybe I do more reverse sewing than I should.


  19. I don’t own a Bernina yet but I love your blog “We All Sew” I especially like the Sew to Serve The Homeless. I have made several of the items. I also like any of the quilting blogs.

  20. I enjoy everything Bernina! I shared the post about the feet to some of my friends who are new to sewing or who are getting into quilting. You have wonderful tips, articles and things to make. I love We All Sew!!!

  21. I share most all your post with my friends…I especially like the tutorials on how to make your garments look professionally done. I am going to take the tutorial on Buttonholes today. I just love this site!!! Since I inherited my bernina from my sister, I have been trying to learn all I can on how to use it..YOUR SITE IS A GODSEND!!! Thank you for all you do. I have become more confident in my sewing and I ever took on a Duvet for my sons wedding gift..

  22. To tell the truth, I rarely share on Facebook. I have posted a gardening picture or two, but most of my FB contacts either don’t know how to sew or consider it a waste of time. I have gotten more involved in FB recently, and think I might be posting more information about the projects I do, and am seriously considering a page to highlight my crafts and the things I have for sale. I just recently started following your FB page, and the only project I have seen so far is the passport keeper. I don’t know many people with passports, but I am sure this handy little keeper can be used for more than just passports. I know some couponers who just might like this.

  23. My favourite and most-shared posts are about the feet. I have many friends that do historical costuming and cosplay, so most of the fashion stuff doesn’t touch much on our interests, but learning/knowing what the various feet can do… Oooh, the possibilities…

  24. First, I share whatever project or new idea/product catches my eye on my facebook notifications. Several people I know are now following the blog as well as accessing the Bernina web site since i started passing the word as it were. We also love to share our latest adventures with Bernina YouTube videos.
    I would have to say the Foot pages have been one of my favorites. I have a 380 and seems like I accidentally invested in the 3 Feetures books and I need to inventory the feet and accessories I now have. I love seeing projects that are not just about quilting — I consider myself fifth generation seamstress –I proudly track back to ancestress in Alsace Loraine who was a great seamstress who taught her daughter at an early age. I try to be competent at all my sewing endeavors and so far feel I have achieved that goal.

  25. Congratulations to Weallsew! I am an avid quilter and machine embroiderer, so the quilted and embroidered phone/ipod/etc cord cover project has been a handy gift idea that I have really appreciated.

  26. I don’t think I could pick a favorite project they are all so neat, I did like the foot book. I share all the posts on a special Facebook page I created for sewing tutorials. Thanks for all you do and the great prize opportunities .

  27. The computer cord keepers. I use them all the time. And I’m always interested in Kindle and laptop covers since I get bored really quickly with the ones I have.

  28. I’m pretty new to the site so haven’t had a chance to really do much, but so far I love the tutorials and tips & tricks. I haven’t shared on FB because none of my friends sew.

  29. I am really hooked on Melissa Mortenson’s Dorm Decor: Memory Pillow. I can’t wait to stitch up one for the grandkids who live in a different state, and a couple more for my great niece and great nephew who we don’t get to see very often even though they only live about an hour away. I absolutely love this idea and can’t wait to give the pillows to them for Christmas. Thanks Melissa for sharing your idea with us and thanks Bernina for another chance with this great giveaway!

  30. I like the travel neck pillow and the super hero cape. I need to look at “make your own oven mitts”.
    My little Bernina 1090 does most of what I need and I love it!

  31. I like the Foot Book the best. I don’t share the posts on Facebook, because my friend who has a Bernina is not on Facebook. I do tell her about the projects, though.

  32. I have been a Bernina fan for quite a while but just recently bought my first Bernina and then found this blog.
    I like the recent Passport Clutch project (goes as gift with the luggage tags that I’ve been sewing), and I bookmarked several tutorials, and I love the Bernina online sewing magazine Through The Needle, that is definitely worth sharing!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I like all WeAllSew projects, but the foot book, purses/tote bags, and anything quilting are the best… or just everything is great. who can decide really?

  34. So many likes. Lately the Mimi G make up brush roll ups. My granddaughter and I made 12 of them in one day for her to use as Christmas gifts for her friends.

  35. I have u\enjoyed the Tablet Sleeve and shared it with my friends. It is such an easy gift to make.
    The tooth fairy pillow has been well-received by my Grandkids too.
    I really enjoy the Webinars also. They are very informative and have such nice projects.

  36. Love and follow all the tips and techniques you offer . Also love the feet book. Have 3 Berninas and love them…for about 30 years! Would love the opportunity to enter and win:)

  37. My favorite project is the Memory Pillow by Melissa Mortenson. It’s such a great idea, not only for a dorm room, but for a lot of different occasions. I wish I would have thought about it for my mother’s room at assisted living. I think it would be a great project for all ages.

  38. I love to share easy fun projects on Facebook- Most of my friends are not sewers so I like to share projects I’m working on and I also try to share ones that might inspire friends to give sewing a try!
    My favorite project is the Vintage Dress by Simple Simon & Company – So classic and darling!

  39. I like all the projects, it’s hard to pick one favorite one. At the very least, the various projects spark inspiration to do something slightly different. I guess my favorite is the creativity the projects inspire. Currently, I do not post much on Facebook.

  40. I love quick accessory projects that I will share with my sewing friends, but don’t share on facebook (we are old enough to enjoy getting together regularly instead for sewing time).
    Recently, my favorite post was about the stitches used in sewing the Hippo from Through the Needle. I’m love sewing with decorative stitches on small items and its great to see what patterns look like sewn out. It certainly gave more info than the magazine gave and really enhanced the article.

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