WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans: 67,000 Likes!

We’ve just surpassed 67,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page! We quickly reached our goal of 67,000 fans, and as a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating, we are hosting another special giveaway.

If you are already a fan of BERNINA USA on Facebook, then you know that we’ve pledged to host a giveaway with a chance to win fun prizes like goody-bags, sewing books and even fabrics right here each and every time we gain another 1,000 likes through the end of 2013! Join in the fun by clicking over to our fan page, Like us, and be sure to keep your eyes open for our next giveaway. 

Our prize to celebrate hitting the mark of 67,000 likes is a copy of the book, Simply Modern Christmas: Fresh Quilting Patterns for the Holidays!  You’ll love these crisp, eye-catching quilts rooted in tradition but with a refreshingly updated style. In a departure from her much-admired floral patterns, Cindy Lammon demonstrates her range with pretty pieced quilts, stockings, a tree skirt, and much more–all composed of simple shapes. To enter the random drawing for a chance to win, simply respond to the question below with a comment to this blog post. (The contest is open for comments through tomorrow, December 11, at 12:00 midnight Central Time. We’ll announce the winner right here at WeAllSew.com next week, so stay tuned and good luck to you!)

Our question for the giveaway is:

How do you squeeze time into your busy holiday schedule for sewing?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog within 24 hours after blog post posting by December 11, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be announced about one week after contest ends, and will have 48 hours to contact us at WeAllSew@berninausa.com  to claim the prize. Keep checking back here starting next week!

Having trouble logging in? Try logging out, closing your browser and waiting a few minutes before trying again. Still having trouble? Send us a message at WeAllSew@berninausa.com.

Congratulations to our giveaway winner, WeAllSew fan justatadfried2! We hope you enjoy your copy of Simply Modern Christmas!

59 thoughts on “WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans: 67,000 Likes!

  1. I always have a sewing project going..and it doesnt hurt that my sewing machine is in the family room so when I have a spare moment I can work on a couple projects while watching tv.. or while there is a pie in the oven 🙂

  2. If I have 20-30 minutes free I try to sit down and sew. You’d be amazed at how much you can get done in a short time. You have to stay organized and know you can do this projects with this much time and maybe another with another amount of time. I worked this way when my children were small and just continued over the years. Sewing is my refuge so sometimes I have to just make time.

  3. The only way I get any sewing done before Christmas is to sew late at night before I go to bed. There is too much other stuff going on to sew earlier in the day. :0)

  4. Don’t have to squeeze time in any longer, no kids at home and my own sewing room, so I can now sew whenever I want. Such as pleasure on my 10 year old Bernina.

  5. As with Elaine Hamilton above I don’t have children at home anymore and hubby is deployed so I can sew whenever. I’ve enjoyed making table runners, placemats, and quilted ornaments as gifts for Christmas.

  6. With company and all the things from our guest room covering my machine, I can’t get anything done. But, after the holidays, I’m going to go like gang busters! My goal for the new year is to sew every day!

  7. My husband is retired and I’m sort of retired. No kids at home, no responsibilities, except to ourselves, so I sew whenever I want, morning, noon or nighttime. Of course I do stop to make sure he’s fed on time. Love my Bernina 780 and can’t wait until the longarms come out!

  8. I sew while working on the computer and in between the projects my hubby needs me for and when he is gone to work in the evenings I have time to sew….sometimes I get distracted and other times I am up late but I must sew….it is good for my disposition….:)

  9. I go to machine after doing the dinner dishes. Normally, I sew during the day. But at this time of year another hour or two of sewing instead of TV makes a big difference.

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