Sew to Serve Newborns in Need

There are many organizations that need sewists just like you and me to help newborn babies. It’s easy to take just a little bit of fabric to make a quilt, blanket, or items for a layette.

We’ve put together a list of organizations that need your help to sew to serve babies in need nationally and in your own community. Luckily most of these organizations include links to free project instructions and tutorial for needed items. So if you’re not sure where to start to sew to serve newborns, these sites can be a place to help you get inspired.

This list isn’t an all-inclusive one, but consists of links that we’ve found over the past few years. If you want to help newborns locally but don’t see an organization listed here near you, we suggest contacting local hospitals that have a neonatal intensive care unit to see if they need or accept handmade donations. If you have an organization near you dedicated to serving newborns with handmade donations, and the organization has a dedicated website, please share it with us in a comment.  


National Organizations

These organizations collect donations and serve newborns on a national level.  Click to visit Newborns In Need, Carewear, Project Angel Kisses and Project Linus.

Regional Organizations

These organizations help newborns in a specific city, county, or state. Visit each organization’s individual website to learn more about the handmade donations that are needed, what exactly to make, and who to contact.


Holy Needles

Sewing for Babies


Angels 4 Preemies


Every Child Counts

Pathways To Spirit


Tiny Stitches


Miracles Happen


Bundles of Love

New Hampshire

Baby Threads of New Hampshire


Touching Little Lives

South Dakota

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation


Blue Bonnet Babies


Babies In Need

West Virginia

God’s Tiny Angels


Creative Caring Hearts


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