Words for a Wedding

Here’s a note from Sara Groff, Ready to Sew BERNINA, Cedar Park, Texas:

I made these ring-bearer pillows for my brother’s wedding. I made the groom’s ring pillow using words his fiancee used to describe him, and the bride’s ring pillow is embroidered with words my brother used to describe the bride-to-be. They are absolutely adorable! My two little boys will be the ring-bearers and each will have a pillow to carry. After the wedding, the pillows will be taken apart and matted and framed for a permanent reminder of the bride and groom’s wedding and vows.

Ring Bearer Pillows by Sara Groff @sewing

The bridal shower was this weekend and the pillows were all the talk. My brother and his future bride were blown away by these and the idea that we would frame them after the wedding.

Ring Bearer Pillows by Sara Groff @sewing

I used Wordle™ (an free online word cloud generator) to create the graphic I used as  guide for arranging the words. I just kept refreshing Wordle™ until I got an arrangement that was pleasing to me. Rather than digitize the Wordle™ file I used a TrueType font to enter the words into BERNINA DesignerPlus Embroidery Software 6. I used the built-in TrueType font Segoe Print set to .40″ or 10 mm and 50% width. The words stitched out beautifully!

Ring Bearer Pillow embroidery layout @sewing
Ring Bearer Pillow by Sara Groff @sewing
Ring Bearer Pillow by Sara Groff @sewing



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4 comments on “Words for a Wedding”

  • Would like to hear more about how to transfer from Wordle to Bernina V6 without having to
    digitize the words. Beautiful work on the pillows! What a wonderful memory you made.

    • I’ll have to check with Sara, but I think she used Wordle just for planning the layout. Then used the built-in alphabets in v6 — plus TrueType fonts from her computer — to create the words, and arranged them in the hoop using her Wordle creation as a guide. Jo

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