Whimsy Houses Quilt

How to Make a Whimsy House Art Quilt

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Have fun making this free-flowing whimsy house art quilt that teaches a little bit about design, color selection, and free-motion machine quilting.

DIY Winter Flower Hair Ties

How to Make Winter Flower Hair Ties

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These cute hair ties can be made in any combination of colors and textures. Made out of felt, they are easy to sew. Can’t use a hair tie? Transform one into a brooch for your lapel!

Little Mod Bag by Erika Mulvenna for WeAllSew #diy #sew #free project #weallsew.com

DIY Little Mod Bag

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The simplest shapes often make the strongest impression. This bag epitomizes the marriage of form and function. Practical on the inside, fashion accessory on the outside. You won’t want to be seen without one. Beautiful in its simplicity… and simply beautiful!

3-d habitat flower 315x214px feature

Free-Standing 3-D Habitat Flower

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Everyone loves the Habitat Quilt featured with the Habitat Embroidery Collection, but using the Large Flower design with Texture Magic opens up all sorts of creative possibilities!

Wine Tote with Kanzashi Flowers feature

Wine Tote with Kanzashi Flowers

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Beautiful Kanzashi flowers are easy to make using templates, and they’re perfect for embellishing other projects.