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Deer Quilt Sew-Along with LUKE Haynes – Week Three

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Week Three of our Deer Quilt Sew-Along with LUKE Haynes – get ready to quilt!

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A Modern Heirloom Wall Quilt by Bernadette Day

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Use some of the most popular heirloom sewing techniques for this beautiful project. The center features twin-needle pintucks, wing-needle stitching, and decorative stitches. Rouched mini-piping, free-motion quilting, puffed border, and a scalloped appliqué border finish off this delightful creation!

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Through the Needle ONLINE, Issue #19

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Through the Needle ONLINE, Issue #19, is full of simple-to-sew projects, all perfect for holiday decorating and gift-giving.

Feb 2013 Just Sew It webinar - Do You Doodle? #diy #sew #webinar #weallsew

Do You Doodle?

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Do you doodle? The topic of the Just SEW It webinar on February 14, doodle stitching is an easy way to learn the basics of free-motion sewing. Join us as we doodle around with several projects you can make with this light, fresh, stitching detail.

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Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting

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We’re sharing our top five tips to more successful free-motion quilting!

Meet the Expert: Kay Hickman  #diy  #sewing

Meet the Experts: Kay Hickman

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Meet Kay Hickman, educator and trainer for BERNINA of America, Inc. Her blog posts include “Blooming” Chrysanthemums, Fuse & Fleece, Sterling Monogram “Love” Pillow, and Sweatshirts “with Decorations.” Kay lives in Edmond, OK, near Oklahoma City.

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Easter Bunny Table Topper

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Here comes the Easter Bunny, with a basket of stitch-embellished eggs! Amanda from Amanda Murphy Design takes you through all the steps for making her fabulous Easter Table Topper.

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Paintstik T-Shirt Upcycle

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How do you breathe new life into a t-shirt that’s been around the block a few times? Start with paintsitcks, yarn, a little painter or artist tape and a #43 couching foot!

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Book Signing at BERNINA World of Sewing

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One of our customers, Bethany Pease, has written her very first book! Modern Quilting Designs contains over 90 free-motion quilting designs. Be inspired to step out of stippling and take your machine quilting to the next level!

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Free-Motion Couching

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If you’re not familiar with the fabulous Free-Motion Couching Foot #43, this accessory provides a way to free-motion stitch while simultaneously attaching a cord. This gives great dimension to any project.