Erin Hogan-Braker

Erin was born in small town Menomonie, Wisconsin and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Erin is the owner of two New York City tailoring alteration businesses, Stitched Up and the 7th Bone Tailoring Agency. Stitched Up focuses on individual clients wanting to up-cycle their personal wardrobes. The 7th Bone Tailoring Agency pairs NYC’s top tailoring talent with the world's biggest brands and celebrity icons.

Erin grew up in a BERNINA store. Her mom, Julie Hogan, has been a children’s sewing and machine mastery teacher with Ann Silva’s Bernina in NM for the past 25 years . At this dealership, Erin spent her childhood waiting on mom, playing with notions, and learning the machines. In her teens, Erin was determined to duplicate Britney Spears low-low rise jeans and a love of garment sewing cemented itself. Erin received a B.S. in Apparel Design & Manufacturing from the University of Wisconsin-Stout all while working in a Macy’s alterations department hemming pants under the supervision of Ruth Hubinette. Her tailoring education continued in NYC with on-going apprenticeships with Master Tailor Nelson Arriaga and Master Patternmaker Nicholas Caito. Erin credits these two mentors for shaping her hands with classical mens' tailoring and haute couture sewing.

(photo credit: Nathan Jernigan)

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