Upcycled Leather Barrel Bag Tutorial

Leslie Padoll, on-set tailor and designer of 7th Bone Tailoring shares a great way of how to upcycle a vintage leather jacket into a girl’s barrel bag.

Upcycled Leather Barrel Bag Video Tutorial

Leslie’s projects range from broadcast to commercial advertising. She also does celebrity alterations for red carpet events. Leslie’s biggest passion is to design and make custom motorcycle products. Leslie thought it would be special to show how to upcycle a vintage leather jacket into a leather barrel bag on her BERNINA 1008.

Upcycled Leather Barrel Bag Tutorial

Watch this video to get Leslie’s upcycled leather barrel bag tutorial and learn how to sew a cool girl’s bag out of a vintage leather jacket.

Stay tuned for more alteration secrets from the 7th Bone Tailoring team here on WeAllSew!

6 thoughts on “Upcycled Leather Barrel Bag Tutorial

  1. Great idea! love the bag. I was wondering if you would share your ideas on adding a pocket or two on the inside. Have you lined leather bags? Would love to know how.

  2. Thank you! Loved your ideas. I’ve collected thrift store leather and suede jackets–knowing there was a way to recycle them. . . . this is it! Would love to see more video on the topic of upcycling–especially men’s wool suits.

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