DIY Lined Mittens

Mary Carney from 7th Bone Tailoring will walk you through this fast and easy way to make custom mittens from your favorite old sweaters. You can substitute a sweater for any knit fabric or garment with generous stretch and soft hand feel. Mary uses a scrap of wool to line her mittens adding true warmth. This is a great way to up-cycle any knits in your closet that may be damaged beyond repair.

DIY Lined Mitten Tutorial

Materials to create lined DIY Mittens

  • Old sweater or knit shirt
  • Wool or fleece fabric for lining (1/4 yard)
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • BERNINA Knit or universal needles
  • Mettler polyester thread
  • BERNINA sewing machine, we sew on a BERNINA 350 PE
  • Iron

Mary uses a scrap of wool to line her mittens adding true warmth.

This video is for beginning sewists and up looking to gain some speed. This quick project can be made in ten minutes or less! Please leave comments for which types of sweaters work best!

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3 comments on “DIY Lined Mittens”

  • I loved how quick and easy your mittens went together. I’ve made mittens out of sweaters, but I haunt the second hand stores for old wool sweaters, which I throw in a hot water wash to felt them slightly. They still have some stretch in the ribbing, but they don’t shrink when they dry out after being wet with snow. I also use light weight fleece fabric for the linings so the wool doesn’t irritate my skin.

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