DIY Eye Pillow

Hello there WeAllSew friends! I’m Lydi from Lydi Out Loud and I’m so excited to be sharing my sewing journey with you! I’m a longtime crafter but newbie sewist (I just got my first sewing machine, a bernette 38 at the end of last year!) and I’m loving that I can make the projects I always get in my mind but couldn’t do because I didn’t sew happen!

I got a Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillow as a gift many years ago and I absolutely loved it! They can be placed in the fridge for an energizing pick-me-up (great for puffy eyes, too!) or microwaved for a spa-like experience (great for tension headaches, too!)

DIY eye pillow

DIY Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Materials to Make DIY Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

  • 1 ½ cup regular rice (not quick-cooking or microwave rice)
  • Essential oil
  • Eye pillow pattern
  • ¼ yard fabric (cotton or flannel work well)
  • Thread
  • basic sewing supplies: scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, seam ripper

Instructions How to Make DIY Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Step 1

Pour rice into a wide bowl. Add 3 – 5 drops of essential oil in the scent of your choice to the rice and stir well to distribute the oil through all of the rice. I used Lavender essential oil because it’s so calming and relaxing. Pour rice onto wax paper in a thin layer to allow it to dry for a few hours so that you don’t end up with oil spots on your aromatherapy eye pillow.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-adding essential oil to the rice fillingStep 2

Double fabric with pattern facing inside and press. You will line the pattern up to the top of the fabric at the fold. Download pattern. Print and cut pattern. Pin pattern to fabric with the long straight edge lined up to the fold and cut around pattern.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow- pin pattern to fabric

cut-out eye pillow pattern

Step 3

Remove pattern and pin around the exposed edges. Don’t pin (or sew) about 1”  from the top of one of the sides of the aromatherapy eye pillow to allow for filling later.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-pin the edges of the eye pillow pattern

Step 4

Sew around edges ¼” in.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-sew around the edges

Step 5

Cut fabric at corners to avoid bulk and puckering.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-cut corners

Step 6

Turn eye pillow right-side out and push out corners with your finger. Fold in the edges of the open spot in and press eye pillow.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-turn eye pillow pattern right side out

Step 7

Pour rice into the aromatherapy eye pillow using a funnel or measuring cup.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-Pour rice into the aromatherapy eye pillow

Step 8

Place 2 pins vertically at the open seam.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-mark the opening

Step 9

Use a clip to keep the rice at the end so it doesn’t interfere with sewing. Sew along the entire side at ⅛” in, removing the pins as you approach them on the sewing machine. Repeat on the opposite side of the eye pillow.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow-use a clip to keep rice out of the way

Now your aromatherapy eye pillow is ready to enjoy! Microwave in 1 minute intervals for a warm aromatherapy eye pillow and pop it in the fridge for a few hours for an invigorating experience.

aromatherapy-eye-pillow - finished

Difficulty level: Beginner

Time to Complete: 30 minutes



13 thoughts on “DIY Eye Pillow

    1. The clip is used mainly by hairdressers to hold hair back when parted hair needs to be held back. They are called duckbill clips. You can find them at Sallys Beauty Supply.

  1. Nice little project. Like most of the other comments, I would like to find out about the clip used in the project. I have searched the web but can’t find anything like it. Please provide the information!!

  2. Will definitely make this. You can also use flaxseed instead of rice. It never loses its ability to be heated up, because there is oil inside the seed. I buy mine from Amazon.

  3. For those asking about the clip – it looks like one that holds hair out of way. I use them all the time when I’m straightening my hair. They are used in hair salons as well. Get the metal ones though – the plastic ones just slip and slide and I find the spring in them are not wound enough to make a tight grip.

  4. Just made two of these, one for me, one as a gift. Couldn’t find the right kind of hair clip used in the picture, and hair clips are curved anyway. So used chopsticks and a rubber band for a similar function and it worked great! (Wish I could share photos.)

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