Lace Appliqué T-shirt Tutorial

Lace Appliqué T-shirt

Lace Appliqué T-shirt – Full Tutorial

Lace Applique

Add some chic to your favorite shirt with lace embroidery appliqués!

Materials to Create the Embroidered Lace

Lace Applique Tutorial-materials

OESD Chic Lace Design








Download your free Chic Lace Design 82018-18

Embroider the Lace Appliqués


To get the most use of the embroidery space on the BERNINA embroidery machine place as many lace designs as you can in your hoop using the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus. I used the BERNINA Maxi Hoop to stitch three designs in one hooping. Send the combined design to your USB stick. For more help, check out the Just Embroider It eBook: Sending Designs to the Embroidery Machine.

Hoop a piece of OESD Aquamesh Stabilizer and thread the embroidery machine with the rayon thread in the top and the bobbin. When stitching lace, you always want to make sure that you are using the same thread in both the top and bobbin.


Embroider the lace designs.

Stitched Lace

When complete you will have three lace pieces embroidered on the washaway stabilizer.

Trim Appliques

Unhoop and cut out around the appliqués. Rinse in warm water to remove the washaway stabilizer and lay flat on a towel to dry. Steam when dry to reshape as needed. Make sure all of the stabilizer is removed before you start with appliqué. 

Appliqué the LaceLace Applique Tutorial-Audition

Lace Applique Tutorial-Audition the Appliqué designs

Lace Applique Tutorial-place the lace designs

Audition the appliqué pieces on your shirt. Arrange them in the position you think suits best.

Lace Applique Tutorial-glue appliqué pieces in place

Lace Applique Tutorial-glue lace designs in place

Lace Applique Tutorial-added glue

Lace Applique Tutorial - adhere the lace designs to the T-shirt

Once you are happy with your placement, pin or glue the appliqué designs in place.

glue in place

When the appliqué designs are placed around a neckline or sleeve use a tailors ham under the garment so the glue doesn’t go through the back of the garment and the curves in the garment stay in position.

Setup the machine to appliqué the pieces on the garment.

Lace Applique Tutorial-machine setup

Select Needle Stop Down to make sure the needle stops in the down position.

Lace Applique Tutorial-Lace Applique Tutorial-machine setup

Select Settings to set Hover Mode. The hover mode is a great feature to use when working with appliqué that includes a lot of twists and turns. This feature is available on the BERNINA 7- and 8-series machines. Hover mode raises the presser foot automatically when the machine stops sewing so you can easily pivot the fabric.

Lace Applique Tutorial-machine set-up

Select the Sewing Settings.

Lace Applique Tutorial-machine set-up

Select Programming Function Buttons.

Lace Applique Tutorial-machine set-up

Select Presser Foot Position with Needle Stop Down and set to the middle position. Close the settings.

Lace Applique Tutorial-machine set-up

Select the Zigzag stitch #2 and adjust as necessary to tack down the lace.

Lace Applique Tutorial

Thread the machine with the monofilament thread in the top and a polyester thread the same color as your garment in the bobbin. This will help keep the stitching nearly invisible when working with appliqué. Attach the Open Embroidery Foot #20D to the machine for a clear view of your stitch area. Detach the slide-on table off of the machine and use the freearm if the space is tight.

Lace Applique Tutorial-attaching the appliqué

Stitch around the appliqué pivoting as you stitch. Make sure the edge of the appliqué is aligned to the inside of the right toe. If you find that the fabric is puckering use a lightweight tearaway stabilizer underneath.

Lace Applique Tutorial-stitching around the appliqué design

Lace Applique Tutorial-attaching the lace to the T-shirt

Lace Applique Tutorial-all done

Stitch around the appliqués until they are completely tacked in place. Press if needed.

Lace Applique Tutorial

Wear your newly embellished shirt with pride!

Lace Applique

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