Quick Holiday Gifts to Stitch + Giveaway!

Are you looking for a quick sewing project to whip up as a last-minute holiday gift? We’ve gathered together our best quick project tutorials just for you! And as an extra bonus, we’re giving you the chance to win a fabulous, fun sewing package at the end of the post. Happy sewing for the holidays!

DIY Blanket Scarf

Give the cozy gift of warmth with a handmade yet so simple to sew blanket scarf. Use a soft flannel fabric in favorite colors to make a DIY Blanket Scarf with this tutorial.

Desktop Hand Warmers Tutorial

These oversized hand warmers not only work well by your desktop, but work great in large winter pockets! They sew up so quickly you can make a set for yourself, and a set as a gift. Learn how to make these Hand Warmers here at WeAllSew.

Whip up a quick protective carrying case for an iPad, and add a personal touch with a monogram. Find out How to Sew a Wool iPad Case here.

Cell Phone Caddy Tutorial

Do you know someone who is constantly searching for their phone cord? This clever handmade holder makes a great gift, and can hang from a hook, a doorknob, or from the cord while it’s plugged in to a wall. Learn how to make a Cell Phone Caddy here.

Tidy Tray

These little fabric trays are so handy, so simple, and so fun to make! The final size of your fabric tray depends on the size of the squares you cut. Learn how to make a set of Tidy Trays here at WeAllSew.

Everyone who bakes could use an extra hand or two in the kitchen, and these double-oven mitts make a great gift. Find the Double Oven Mitt tutorial here.

Curvy Coaster tutorial - quilt

Don’t let the curves fool you, these modern looking coasters are simple to make! Create a matched set, personalize with favorite fabrics, or add a monogram to create a fun gift. Learn how to make Curvy Coasters in this tutorial.

These sweet, circular potholders can be used as trivets, potholders and to brighten up any kitchen. It’s very simple and a fast project so you can finish in a evening and it’s a perfect gift too! Click here to find the Circle Potholder how-to.

Waterproof Travel Kit Bag - lifestyle

Got a friend or family member who’s always on the go? Make a quick and easy travel bag with a waterproof lining to hold toiletries on the road! Learn how to make a Waterproof Travel Kit Bag here at WeAllSew.

DIY eye pillow

Another good gift for travelers is a relaxing aromatherapy eye pillow, perfect for melting away jet lag. Find the full tutorial for the DIY Eye Pillow here.

Wash and Wear Applique Bag

One more for the road! What traveler wouldn’t love a handy, handmade laundry bag for storing dirty clothes in a suitcase while on the go? This tutorial includes a free, downloadable pattern to create the washer applique, click here for the Laundry Bag Tutorial.

Personalized Fabric Gift Tag

Want to add a quick handmade touch to a gift? Find out how to make a Personalized Gift Tag, just the thing to give your gift that special, handmade touch.

Pojagi continue piecing

Pojagi piecing

Try a sustainable approach to gift wrap with pojagi pieced cloth, an historic Korean textile art form of patchwork. See how you can create a pojagi cloth with your sewing machine in this tutorial.

You can create beautiful, unique, and stylish reusable wraps for gifts this holiday season in minutes using your overlocker. Click here to find the Big Bow Reusable Gift Wrap tutorial, and to find out which stitches work best for finishing the edges, tricks for turning tubes without a bodkin, and how to serge crisp square corners without touching the presser foot.

Danish Star Tutorial at WeAllSew

These fun to fold fabric stars make fun gifts to decorate for the holidays, or look fabulous on top of a gift! Learn how to make a batch of Fabric Danish Star Ornaments here at WeAllSew.

Holiday Giveaway!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win this fun prize package including one Reverse-A-Rule triangle ruler, one pair of Tula Pink Hardware Duckbill Applique 6 inch scissors, and one set of 3 BERNINA clearn zippered project bags!


All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question,

“What is your favorite last-minute gift for holiday giving?”

The the giveaway is open through Wednesday, December 19th, 2018.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog by December 19, 2018 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

215 thoughts on “Quick Holiday Gifts to Stitch + Giveaway!

  1. My favorite last-minute gift for holiday giving is now the little trays now that I know how to make them. We are a family of gamers, so the guys like the trays to keep their tokens, dice and what-nots in as well.

    1. I like to give embroidered towels for the kitchen, usually wrapped around a bottle of wine. They have sayings related to the holiday or general wishes. They can be done ahead in neutral colors so they go with anyone’s decor.

    2. It seems like every year I have last minute gifts to give and so I tuck a gift card into a small handmade zippered pouch. I make a bunch to have on hand for last minute gifts.

    3. For a last-minute gift, I like to make/give the bowl hot pads – I have recently been giving sets of 3 – for small, medium and large bowls/dishes – everyone seems to love them.

  2. Great question. I’m looking forward to reading all the responses and hopefully coming up with some new ideas. For me, I lean to create machine embroidered dish towels or ITH zipper bags as last minute gifts. Today I’m making ITH Hot Pad Mitts hoping that they will also be easy & fast (I just need to figure them out first). LOL!

  3. I love to sew pillowcases for the kids in my family. And I also made holiday pillowcases for the adults and some friends. They were a big hit and allowed me to use fabric I have a secret passion for (novelty holiday prints) that I don’t think I’d ever use in a quilt or other sewing project!

  4. I love making little zippered pouches as quick gifts! I use them to carry toiletries in my purse and it helps to have one in each purse so that I don’t have to keep moving one around and then forgetting about it when I switch purses!

  5. For last minute gifts, I like to sew up a set of monogrammed coasters or machine applique a set of towels for the kitchen or bathroom. They are unique and always appreciated!

  6. I like to machine embroider dish towels for last minute gifts. They’re quick, easy, and much appreciated. The bernina site has hundreds of beautiful designs.

  7. My go-to fast & easy last minute gift is a Christmas ornament! As simple as a folded fabric one to a personalized embroidered one! Thank you, Susan

  8. my favorite last minute gift – a cozy quillo. I can whip one up in a couple of hours using a print panel fabric with matching fabric for the back and tying it with yarn . I also love making pot holders or pillowcases – both are fast.

  9. I try to keep a few little gifts on hand for those last minute opportunities. Some good ones are a bottle of wine and a block of cheese, or I’ve found some small cast iron skillets with brownie or cookie mixes.

  10. Purse size hand-sanitizer, lotions, pocket tissues. Especially for folks that are traveling, shopping etc. Quick, easy and always appreciated. Put them all in a little hand made or quilted gift bag.

  11. I like making fleece scarves that look like big bibs and have velcro closures in the back so they don’t have to go over your head and mess up your hair. They tuck in to your coat and keep your chest warm.

  12. My favorite last-minutes gifts are pot holders, book covers and kitchen towels. I am making my husband a bag to put the car hitch in so it doesn’t get our carpet grease when he removes it from the SUV.

  13. I love to make zippered pouches of all sizes and shapes. I especially like to make ones that have a clear vinyl side so they can see what they put inside. Fast and easy to do. Making them with cork makes them extra special.

  14. I’m enjoying making the Danish Star ornaments. I’ve made 1 and have 4 more ready to go. I should have started making these sooner. I think they are great for something extra in a package or just on top of the package. Great way to use my Christmas fabric.

  15. I love to give home made gifts – something sewn, if I have time, like a baby blanket or coasters, place mats. But if it is last-minute, I grab a jar of my home made raspberry jam which always seems to please!

  16. I love to sew personalized luggage tags! I use the “Just the Ticket Luggage Tag” pattern by Uniquely Michelle and will either make it out of a fabric that the person likes, like a sports team, or I will also use my Bernina to embroider their initial or monogram to the back side of it.

  17. I create Christmas boxes filled with items related to the person’s hobby or interests. Fabric and threads for a quilter, BBQ seasonings & tools for a BBQ fan, Craft beers and homemade pretzels for a football fan, etc. I have more fun finding things and creating the specialty box than shopping in the mall. Plus, I support small businesses.

  18. My favourite quickly made gifts this year are pouches; quilted tablet pouches and clear pouches with quilted backs for the different people in my life. I get to customize the pouches depending on the person or their hobbies/needs.

  19. Thank you for the chance! My last minute gift ideas usually fall to what I can bake or a quick gift card or online gift certificate….Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for the great ideas 🙂

  20. My favorite last minute gift is a tray of cookies. OK, so it has nothing to do with sewing but people who don’t have time to bake cookies and such or cannot make the ones I do, love to get a tray of cookies to share with visiting friends. Have to go …. time to make the cookies!

  21. What great gift ideas. I stitched up a lot of cell phone caddies for friends and family members that travel, plus a few extras for “requests” and to have for last minute gifts. I hope they like them. I used some pretty loud/wild print scraps. Hopefully they can’t miss or forget them.

  22. I knit dishcloths with cotton yarn in spare time and they are my favorite last-minute gifts. They are soft, absorbent, colorful, and easy to knit. Everyone seems to like them.

  23. The double oven mitt tutorial is the perfect idea to solve my dilemma of what to give my friend who loves to cook! Looks like it will be fast, easy, and she’ll love it!

  24. An infinity scarf, with or without a zipper, is always welcomed and appreciated and a very easy last-minute gift to make for the female gender. For men, a nicely sewen neck scarf always works into a tightly scheduled, last-minute gift as well.

  25. I have made many double oven mitts, and personal embroidered bath towels for my family for Christmas. I have also made embroidered gift bags to put my homemade gifts into. Thank you for many of the ideas for these gifts.

  26. I love making microwavable heating pads with rice for that last minute gift for a unexpected guest at Christmas…….it means I can give them a gift without them feeling left out while as a family we open our gifts.

  27. I am hoping that it will be personalized christmas ornaments if I can find the post that had it. I’m pretty sure they used Reverse-A-Rule triangle ruler to cut tree like fabric out that was then machine embroderied with name and 2018. Someone was teaching a child I think and the fabric was striped. but I cannot find post. If I win this ruler and the duckbill scissors I can do great applique too. thanks i love this blog. scarlette

  28. Pot holders are a great last minute gift. Quick to make and everybody needs them! I use old towels and washcloths for batting, so they aren’t so stiff.

  29. The Danish Star Ornament is a total delight to make and the finished product, depending upon the fabric, is the perfect gift for any occasion any time of the year.

  30. I like to make reusable shopping bags for quick gifts. I try to keep some on hand throughout the year. Everyone can use one or two and it’s good for the planet too.

  31. I keep a small collection of mini stuffed animals, fancy chopsticks, drawing supplies, and such on hand in case I need a last minute child’s gift. For adults a favorite last minute gift is champagne or an interesting wine wrapped up festively (in a fabric wrapping if there’s time to do it)!

  32. Lst minte gifts: Love to embroider recipes on dish towels in special script and decorate tops and bottoms with designs appropriate to recipes. For my own homemade Chili Con Carne recipe, I Embrioder red and green chili peppers on edges. Love my Bernina 790

  33. One of my favorites is potholders because even if you don’t cook, you are bound to heat things in the microwave and therefore need potholders. I love the double mitt you are featuring here and will be trying it soon.

  34. My favorite thing to sew is pillow cases. I like to match the fabric motif to the interest of the person receiving the gift, such as a sports theme print, or gardening or animal lovers print or school colors.

  35. A quick little bag to put a trinket in is an easy last minute project. I will be doing some today for books for a few of my Great Nieces and Nephews. Also, a few for bottles of Wine!

  36. Chocolate is my favorite last minute gift !! I like the ideas above and I think I’m going to try a few 🙂
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone !!

  37. Pizzelles! Italian wafer cookies that you bake in a special waffle-type iron. My friends all love them, so I when I need to have something I know they’ll love, Pizzelles are my go-to.

  38. I make Carmel’s. I begin before Thanksgiving and make over a thousand each season. A batch is about 85. After family and friends have been gifted, there are always several bags waiting…..just in case.

  39. A fabric-covered personal journal is quick, easy and inexpensive when you buy journals from the dollar store. I use the same method as putting brown paper bags on textbooks. You can even personalize the cover with initials or a name.

  40. My go-to last minute gifts are either some kind of homemade baked good or snack food, and if I don’t even have time for that I fall back to good old-fashioned cash!! Everybody can use cash!!! 🙂

  41. My favorite last minute gifts are personalized coasters, especially when I am having a number of guests.
    It solves the problem of which glass or cup is mine and keeps me from running out of clean glasses.

  42. One of my home sewn last minute gifts is a microwave cozy bowl, even men like to receive them. Think
    Ill try the coasters and ornaments this year they look so cute.

  43. My favorite last minute gifts to make are bookmarks with an initial embroidered on them and I also like to make tissue covers. The little miniature tissue holders that you can put in your purse. And they can be embroidered also.

  44. What a fun giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂
    My fave last minute gift depends on who it is for. I like to make stuffed critters, pin cushions, pot holders and mug rugs. I keep a few ready…just in case. I also like to embroider towels for a personal gift if there is time, or a small panel baby quilt with the new person’s name embroidered on it.

  45. My favorite last minute gifts are ones that I can quickly embroider to personalize! I will usually whip up a couple zippered bags or if I run across store bought items that I can personalize, I do that! Hand towels are also a quick last minute hostess gift!

  46. For those of us who find winter to be a chilling experience, I sew quick & easy warming bags for those last minute gifts. I’m lucky to have Bernina embroidery software, so I personalize each bag for the recipient. I like to make them at least a foot long and about 6″ wide, seams are reinforced & the bags are partially filled with rice or flax seeds. I also add some essential oils for aroma therapy. These pop into the microwave and are supervised till they’re warm, but not too hot to handle. They are great draped around your shoulders or tucked into bed where cold feet can get toasty. These are also great for cold therapy! Just pop them into the freezer and apply to affected area.

  47. Mt last minute favorite gift is zippered pouches. You can change them in so many different ways to fit the recipient. I just love them and they are so easy and quick!

  48. I like to make hot pads/trivets, made with holiday cotton fabric, sewn with cotton thread, lined with a thermal batting product. I print a little tag informing the recipient how they are made. Therefore, they can trust that the trivet will protect their furniture. My sister said, “The trivets really work.”

  49. My favorite last minute gift is homemade cookies. It’s all Pinterest’s fault! I’ll go looking for one or two interesting cookie recipes and four hours later…… well, you know! So I always have “a few” more cookies than we can possibly eat ourselves.

  50. My favorite homemade gift was my Mom’s bourbon balls all crisp on the outside and gooey in the middle. she always made a cloth box for them. I miss her so.

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