Sew to Serve: Giving Back Through Sewing

Sewists have been helping others ever since needle and thread were first invented. But giving back isn’t always easy, especially when we get bogged down by our busy schedules (and that ever growing “want to sew” list). Sometimes we have the urge to sew for others, but don’t know how to inspire real change.

Sew to Serve, how to give back by sewing

Giving back does not have to require large amounts of time or talent to make an impact. Remember that giving back with your sewing talents doesn’t always have to cause an instantaneous seismic shift; sewing to serve others is a culmination of persistence and passion.

Sew to Serve: how to give back by sewing

To help shine a light on those that need help from the sewing community to give back, we’re launching our new and improved “Sew to Serve” initiative for 2020! Our goal for Sew to Serve is to inspire our BERNINA family and friends to use their passion for sewing to give back to those in need.

Sew to Serve, how to give back by sewing

Join us in our mission to Sew to Serve others this year and share your efforts with us!
• Share your volunteer sewing efforts through your social media, making sure to tag us @berninausa on Facebook and Instagram along with the hashtag #weallsewtoserve.
• Share your Sew to Serve story at our WeAllSew Community section by uploading a few pictures to the “Sew to Serve” section in the drop down menu, and add your story about how you volunteer your sewing talents to help those in need.

We also invite you to share with us any organizations or volunteer opportunities that need help from the sewing community to accomplish their mission, or stories about any individuals who are going above and beyond to Sew to Serve others.

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