Sewing With Appliqué Foot #23

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

When sewing appliqué shapes with a narrow zigzag stitch, it’s important to have a clear view of where the needle is forming the stitches.

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

BERNINA Appliqué Foot #23 is the perfect tool to help you stitch a precise, narrow zigzag during appliqué.

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

Foot #23 has a simple design that allows for smooth feeding when sewing dense stitches, and can also be used for sewing mini-piping or couching with ribbon or cording – it’s so much more than just an appliqué tool!

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

Looking at the sole of foot #23, you can see the cutout that allows for the formation of dense zigzag or satin stitches. This channel is also what makes this foot perfect for couching with narrow ribbons or other cording.

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

The crystal clear sole of foot #23 gives you a perfect view of your stitch field, allowing you to easily follow outlines, curves, and corners with appliqué.

Watch in this video to see how smoothly foot #23 glides over appliqué shapes using a tight zigzag stitch.

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

Tips for Sewing with BERNINA Appliqué Foot #23:

  • When using Appliqué foot #23, be sure to insert the zigzag needle plate on your machine.
  • There are multiple stitches you can use with machine appliqué, but the most common is a narrow, tight zigzag stitch. Always use a scrap piece of fabric to check your zigzag stitch before beginning to sew on an appliqué. Look for a stitch that is just wide enough to cover the edge of the shape, with a stitch length small enough to form a nice satin stitch without forming too much bulk in the stitch.
  • Secure your appliqué shapes in place before sewing. You can use fabric glue, a light coating of temporary spray adhesive, or iron-on fusible webbing.
  • If you are planning to appliqué on one layer of fabric, use a stabilizer (such as a tear-away stabilizer) to help prevent tunneling or puckering of the fabric during stitching.

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