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“Wool N’ Spools” Needle-Punched Quilt

The fabric for Paula Atwood’s “Wool N’ Spools” creation is reclaimed wool from old skirts, etc. that she took apart and felted in the washer. She cut out the positive/negative shapes and needle-punched them to the woolen base using BERNINA’s Needle Punch Accessory Set. … More

Decorative Trivet

This summer I had the pleasure to co-present a class focusing on several accessories: the Binder Attachment; the Spanish Hemstitch Attachment; the Walking Foot with the new Central Guide Sole; and the Needle Punch Tool. Our project: a decorative trivet featuring a variety of stitching and embellishment techniques. … More

Steampunk Needle-Punched Vest

We’ve all seen machine embroidery, but how about machine stitched needle-punched designs? Carol Nunns combines embroidery and digitized needle-punching to create a uniquely embellished vest featuring OESD’s Steampunk embroidery collection #12378. … More

Fiberella on the BERNINA Rotary Punch Tool

Greetings! I’m Paula Scaffidi from www.fiberella.com. Over the last couple of years I worked with BERNINA International to develop the new BERNINA Rotary Punch Tool #45. BERNINA really did engineer the tool-of-my-Fiberella-dreams and I’m so happy it’s time to share it with you!