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How to Decode Sewing Machine Needle Packets

130/705 H-J 70/10 What do all those numbers and letters mean? 

You can learn just about everything about a sewing machine needle from the numbers and letters on the packet . . . IF you know how to decode them. Here’s a short directory to help you decipher the labels and know what kind of needles are in each package.

  • 130 refers to the length of the needle shank
  • 705 indicates that the back of the shank is flat; the flat side goes toward the back when the needle is properly inserted
  • H is an abbreviation for “Hohlkehle” – German for “long scarf” – meaning that the design of the needle scarf is improved for zigzag and other stitches in which the needle moves from side to side
  • J (or S or Q of other letter) indicates the type of needle, particularly the type of point. If no letter is indicated, the needle has a Universal point (or points)
    • DRI = Triple (in German, drei = e)
    • E = Embroidery, E ZWI = Double Embroidery
    • J = Jeans (Denim), J ZWI = Double Jeans
    • L, LL, or R = Leather
    • M = Microtex
    • Metafil = Metafil
    • MET = Metallica, MET ZWI = Double Metallica
    • N = Topstitching/Cordonet
    • Q = Quilting
    • S = Stretch, S ZWI = Double Stretch
    • SUK = Fine Ballpoint
    • SES = Medium Ballpoint
    • WING
    • ZWI = Double or Twin (in German, zwei = 2)
    • ZWIHO = Double Wing
  • 70 (or other number from 60 to 120) is the European designation for the diameter of the shaft in hundredths of millimeters; the smaller the number, the narrower the needle
  • 10 (or other number from 6 to 20) is the American label for the size of the shaft; the smaller the number, the narrower the needle
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