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How to Decode Sewing Machine Needle Packets

130/705 H-J 70/10 What do all those numbers and letters mean? 

You can learn just about everything about a sewing machine needle from the numbers and letters on the packet . . . IF you know how to decode them. Here’s a short directory to help you decipher the labels and know what kind of needles are in each package.

  • 130 refers to the length of the needle shank
  • 705 indicates that the back of the shank is flat; the flat side goes toward the back when the needle is properly inserted
  • H is an abbreviation for “Hohlkehle” – German for “long scarf” – meaning that the design of the needle scarf is improved for zigzag and other stitches in which the needle moves from side to side
  • J (or S or Q of other letter) indicates the type of needle, particularly the type of point. If no letter is indicated, the needle has a Universal point (or points)
    • DRI = Triple (in German, drei = e)
    • E = Embroidery, E ZWI = Double Embroidery
    • J = Jeans (Denim), J ZWI = Double Jeans
    • L, LL, or R = Leather
    • M = Microtex
    • Metafil = Metafil
    • MET = Metallica, MET ZWI = Double Metallica
    • N = Topstitching/Cordonet
    • Q = Quilting
    • S = Stretch, S ZWI = Double Stretch
    • SUK = Fine Ballpoint
    • SES = Medium Ballpoint
    • WING
    • ZWI = Double or Twin (in German, zwei = 2)
    • ZWIHO = Double Wing
  • 70 (or other number from 60 to 120) is the European designation for the diameter of the shaft in hundredths of millimeters; the smaller the number, the narrower the needle
  • 10 (or other number from 6 to 20) is the American label for the size of the shaft; the smaller the number, the narrower the needle

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  1. Awesome guide. I’ve always wondered what all the differences are.

    I’m a big fan of tutorials! I love trying out new things, and it helps me learn the construction process of different things so that I can put ideas into action!

  2. I follow Bernina’s WeAllSew Pinterest board for ideas and projects (which is also my favorite topic). Everyone loves an easy to follow project tutorial. I’d like to see more contests!! 😀

  3. I sometimes go to We All Sew to see what tips/tutorials are available. I am a new sewist and have lots to learn about my Bernina sewing machine. I love information and projects about quilting!

  4. I do frequent your site through my browser via my smartphone 🙂 – I love the quilt alongs! I would love to see some Free Motion Quilting on your domestic machine and straight line quilting tutorials 🙂

  5. Thank you for the tips!!

    Online, facebook, on my iPad and PC

    Tips on how to accomplish sewing/quilting tasks. Anything holiday related. Cover topics that do not depend on you having the latest sewing machine. I have a 440qe

  6. I visit WeAllSew/Bernina on Facebook and Pinterest. Love topics that include machine maintenance and tips/tricks on how to sew different materials. Congrats on reaching 100K likes!

  7. 1. I look at the projects/tutorials from time-to-time, but admittedly I’m primarily interested in apparel sewing and there are not so many of those.
    2. Skills are always a good topic. I would like to see some creative uses of Bernina feet.

  8. Needle packet info was great. I printed it off and put it in the drawer with my collection of needle packets. I love the weallsew blog and have enjoyed the projects posted there. I love gifty type projects as I am always looking for something quick that uses my Bernina 830 features for family and my quilting friends.

  9. I visit WeAllSew / Bernina on Facebook and Pinterest. I also have the WeAllSew app on my android.
    There are so many great topics already. I would like to see more info on the Bernette London model as I bought 3 new machines for my kids ages 8-12.

  10. Congrats on 100,000 likes! I love the quilting tutorials. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford to upgrade to a Bernina with an embroidery module…I’d love to try some of those projects.

  11. I love reading We All Sew mainly through Facebook, but will occasionally read on my computer through the website. I’m always excited when there’s a new post!

    I love posts on using the various feet and accessories for the machines. Those are my favorite. Bernina feet are so versatile, there always something new to learn.

  12. I visit We All Sew using my computer, my iPad and on Facebook too. I love your tutorials the best, both by Bernina staff and outside contributors. Project photos are the best! That is a great article about needles too!

  13. I visit with ya’ll on both facebook and thru my email account. I enjoy getting new ideas and the many tips that are posted. I am always looking for a new and easier way of doing and using things.

  14. I enjoy the tutorials. I learn lots of tips and get good ideas from WeAllSew. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I love it! Congrats on all the support and thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I love reading things in the site and the projects!

    I also love the tutorials. A lot of times are reading it and watching it are two different things. Being a visual learner I really enjoyed the video tutorials.

    Keep up the good work! Congrats!

  16. I really enjoy most all of your topics. I especially appreciate the new info I learn. My main interests are quilting, embroidery and especially the combination of the two. I put into practice the use of new attachments, such as the circle stitching attachment. Thank you thank you!!!

  17. I like to browse the products projects and tutorials. I try to stay up to date especially for things that pertain to my machines. Love all the blog posts!

  18. I get all the posts through my feedly.

    I enjoy the project tutorials and information about ways to use the various machine feet. I also like seeing projects that can be done for charities.

  19. What do I want? Additional info on the unusual feet that are available, and projects using them. Anything that has to do with advance embroidery techniques or ideas for fun things using the embroidery module. I enjoy everything that you make available for us. Thanks

  20. Bernina’s have been my “one and only(s) for over 30 years! I just keep adding to my collection! Would love to have this guide. My main interest in sewing is in garments, especially couture.

  21. I read We All Sew and access the Bernina sight on my smart phone, Nook, my laptop and my pc at work. Love it! I would like to see a few more simple projects and a series on different uses of the presser feet that came as standard accessories with our machines outside of their original purposes. keep up the great work

  22. Through fb and i dont have any one favorite posts. Two things I’d be more interested in seeing is organizing a quilt room and more tips on the 440. Thank you

  23. I visit the We All Sew Facebook page. My favorite posting so far was a tutorial on hems that showed hem gauges made out of Manila folders. I use that in my classes now (I teach sewing). I am also inspired by the creativity of some people making beautiful things out of what would otherwise be discarded, such as selvages.

  24. I too access WeAllSew via FB and the web site. Right now I’m most interested in mastering embroidery on my Bernina ….although I do enjoy seeing all the creative ideas as well!

  25. I am new to WeAllSew, I visit the project page a lot. I would like to see (and maybe there is, I just haven’t found it) tutorials on making button holes and making corners when using binding tape.

  26. I visit we all sew from facebook, my emails, and just to visit it especially when I am looking for a new project to sew… I love my Bernina it sews everything without a hitch. Love Love Love Bernina!!

  27. Had to quit due to eye problems and now my good machine looks like it is shot so have a singer that is basic that is it and it is not working right either. So far have not been able to figure out what is wrong with it plus the local sewing business retired and no phone for them. Would like to sew again at least while I can for as long as it lasts. Have had four eye surgeries an have another one that is needed but eye sight is good enough to sew at least for a little while so would like to go back to making slacks shirts and other decorator things like I used to catch up with the hemming of a pair of uniform pants and sewing up the multitude of seams that are waiting. That is first on the list hate it when a seam opens up and can’t run the sewing machine to fix it. Need to cut off part of a comforter that is to big can’t get it into the washer have to send it to laundromat to do it so that is at least $5.00 plus the dryer fee. Have to get someone to take me with my oxygen rack which is 22 pounds to do that. That is what I would use the machine for first

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