DIY Modernista Tote Bag

How to Make a Modernista Tote Bag

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Travel in style wherever you go with this pretty and practical tote bag, whether you’re boarding a plane, rushing to a meeting, or just heading to the grocery store. Big enough to hold your purse and other essentials without overflowing, this roomy tote bag adds a cheery pop of color to any wardrobe.

DIY Summer Gathering Pouch

How to Make a Summer Gathering Pouch with Stitched Embellishments

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The primitive shape and the wonderful texture of a bark gathering basket were the inspiration for this elaborately embellished bag. Experiment with stitches, use double threads, mix pinks and greens – pull out your stash and play!

DIY Padded iPhone Case

How to Make a Padded Phone Pouch

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Clip this pouch to your hand bag and you’ll have easy access to your phone while you’re out running errands – you can tuck your “to do” list in one of the outside pockets.

DIY Silk Clutch with Bobbin Work Quilting

How to Make a Bobbin Work-Quilted Silk Clutch

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Remember last week’s post on free-motion bobbin work by Teri Lucas? Practice your skills as you create quilted fabric for this lovely silk clutch.

Luggage Tag by Nicole - free tutorial

How to Make a Vinyl Applique Luggage Tag

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Going on a trip? Hate losing your luggage at baggage claim? Make one-of-a-kind labels for your bags following these simple instructions from Nicole Stevenson.

Quilted Passport Clutch by Rachel Howard for WeAllSew #free project #bag #purse #free tutorial #travel #weallsew

Quilted Passport Clutch by Rachel Howard for WeAllSew

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Make a first class reservation for your passport. With plenty of room this clutch makes it easy to keep your travel documents at hand. A perfect canvas for stitch play, this clutch is simple to make for a quick departure.

Travel Bags FEATURE

DIY Weekend Getaway Bags

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If you have a weekend trip planned and need a simple bag for your getaway, why not stitch one up?

boring boots to western purse #sew #upcycle #recycle #up-cycle #country #leather #bag #weallsew #western

From Boring Black Boots to a New Western Purse

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I found these boots on the shelf of a thrift store. They were boring black with black stitching, but the price was right. Now they’re part of a fabulous western-style purse!

Beach Bound Straw Tote by Melissa Mortenson for WeAllSew #sew #tutorial #beach #beading #starfish #bag #easy to sew #beginning sewing project

Beach Bound Straw Tote by Melissa Mortenson for WeAllSew

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Inspired by the warm weather? Can’t wait for summer to arrive? You’ll soon need a tote for all your summer essentials. Using straw fabric and outdoor upholstery makes this bag both fun and practical. Add a beaded starfish to the front to give it just the right amount of sparkle.

Super Simple Envelope Clutch by Handmade Charlotte - Rachel Faucett - for WeAllSew #sew #fashion #accessory #free project #tutorial #bag #purse #tote #weallsew

Super Simple Envelope Clutch by Handmade Charlotte for WeAllSew

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Update your warm weather wardrobe with this super simple but extremely hip clutch. This sweet little purse is a beginner to intermediate project. You’ll be shocked at how fast this sews up. You can go the sweet and subtle route like we did or add a funky pattern.