six tips for sewing pleather

6 Tips for Sewing Pleather

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It’s all about pleather! I love designing handbags, and I’ve developed my own techniques for using pleather to sew leather straps. You can make them, too! Here are some tips that will give you the confidence to tackle sewing pleather with ease!!

Little Mod Bag by Erika Mulvenna for WeAllSew #diy #sew #free project

DIY Little Mod Bag

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The simplest shapes often make the strongest impression. This bag epitomizes the marriage of form and function. Practical on the inside, fashion accessory on the outside. You won’t want to be seen without one. Beautiful in its simplicity… and simply beautiful!

Zippered Bags by Nina McVeigh #sew #diy

Great Little Zippered Pouches

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I made these great zippered pouches using a pattern from Atkinson Designs called “Bridget’s Bagettes.” They will make great Christmas gifts for the grandkids with personalized little gifts inside. I can even coordinate the fabric with the gift!