Easter Egg Table Runner Sew Along, Part 4: Quilting

Welcome to week four of the Easter Egg Table Runner Sew Along! This is the final week of the sew along and today we’ll be using decorative stitching to add some flair to our easter eggs.

If you are just joining us you can find the pattern posts for the previous weeks below:


Before quilting, you’ll want to baste your table runner top to the batting and backing fabric. I use spray baste but you of course can use pin basting if you prefer that method. Double-sided fusible fleece is another great option for batting if you want to make basting a breeze.


There are so many fun thread options available and you can really go wild by choosing a metallic thread or thread with some sheen to it. I used some silky thread that has a really nice metallic feel. Colorwise you can either coordinate your colors to the parts of the egg you are stitching on top of, or you can choose contrasting thread to pop off of the fabric as a separate design element.

Decorative Stitching

Let the decorative stitch easter egg hunt begin! When I first got my BERNINA 590 E I was really impressed with the large library of decorative stitches. I literally spent a ridiculous amount of time just poking through the folders and trying stitches out on some scrap fabric. I love how you can change the width and length of the stitch to make it smaller, wider, longer and more! I even saved some of my favorite adjustments in my favorites folder for future use.

When choosing stitches for your quilting you might want to look for stitches that coordinate in terms of look and feel. For the example below I found two floral-type stitches that looked nice together and complimented them with a geometric stitch. BERNINA makes it even easier by grouping similarly-themed stitches into the same folder group!

The egg below uses some loopy stitches that I thought paired nicely together. You can use your reverse pattern foot, open embroidery foot, or edgestitch foot while you sew on your decorative stitches. I love the Dual Feed feet for my BERNINA 590 E so I can really have great control of quilting with a foot other than the walking foot!

Sew Along Wrap Up

Thank you SEW much for joining Buttons and me for the easter egg table runner eggs-travaganva! I hope you enjoyed learning a few things and making this spring-inspired table runner. Share your table runners with the hashtags #eastereggtablerunner #WeAllSew and #berninausa. Let us know in your posts what your favorite decorative stitches are! Tag @berninausa and @corinne.sovey so we can admire your work. I hope you and your loved ones have a lovely spring!

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