Heart Coin Purse by Professor Pincushion for WeAllSew

Loose change and thing- a-ma-bobs can now be rounded up in this sweet and practical coin purse. Shaped like a heart, it utilizes the technique of reverse applique to give it a unique embellishment with contrasting fabrics. This project is a perfect afternoon craft that makes a great gift.

Follow Professor Pincushion’s complete video tutorial and she’ll show you what supplies are needed, and demonstrate each step so you can easily make this heart purse, too.


For additional creative projects and video tutorials visit www.professorpincushion.com.


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6 comments on “Heart Coin Purse by Professor Pincushion for WeAllSew”

  • I love this adorable Heart Coin Purse! I can’t wait to make it for gifts and one for myself. I also think that the step by step instructions are easy to follow and very easy to understand.

  • I think this is a gorgeous project but wonder if it would benefit from some stiffer as when it has coins or whatever inside with will not be rigid enough.

  • Hmm–I’m in the middle of this project, making 4 of them for friends for Christmas. I’ve watched the video a couple of times and cannot find anywhere that states the seam allowance?? The original basting was for 1/2″ –is that also what should be used for the final stitching??
    One suggestion: when making the small tab for the key hook, instead of making a tube to turn, I cut a piece 4X wider than what I wanted for the finished, tab, folded it in half to create a crease. Then folded in the 2 long sides towards the crease just so they meet. Then fold again on the crease and stitch close to the open edge. No need to turn!

    • Hello flxigrl, you are right, the seam allowance isn’t mentioned in the video! Yes, it does look like the seam allowance for stitching the heart together is 1/2″. Great tip about making the tab!

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