Sock Monkeys… and MORE Sock Monkeys!

Peggy Johnson, Sew Creative, Peoria, IL wrote to tell me about the wine glasses she’s etching with sock monkey faces. How cool is that?! She’s using the technique John Thornton wrote about in Issue #6 of Through the Needle ONLINE magazine. Peggy designed and cut the stencils using her BERNINA CutWork Software and Accessory, then used etching cream to transfer the design to the glass.

As Peggy says, she’s “a sucker for sock monkeys. I always make monkey wine covers this time of year, and the etched glasses will be great.” Here are a few of her other sock monkey creations:

Pink sock monkey and basket, a baby gift for a relative.

Sock monkeys taken to Switzerland for gifts, along with a book on the history of sock monkeys, since they originate in Rockford, Illinois.

Sock monkey tree.

Sock monkey bottle covers. “I used beer bread kit bottles instead of wine bottles for these covers, and added the Monkey Bread recipe, which is very easy to make. Mine is the only store I know of that carries the small socks!”

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