Peace, Love, and Joy

I have never been what most people think of as a traditionalist, especially where the holidays are concerned. I don’t have bright red and green adorning my halls, and pine and holly items are a rare find on my cul de sac. What I do love is teal and red, great lettering, and simple clean lines… whoops, I forgot to mentions, cute little birds. I am also running out of time to finish projects so I have to look for easier ones that can be done mostly in the embroidery hoop; thank goodness for my BERNINA 830 E and the fantastic space in the Jumbo hoop.

I took to my computer first to design the trilogy: Peace, Love, and Joy. I used simple letter kerning, manipulation, and pattern run items to create my pieces. The best part was incorporating my new Chirpy Bird designs. I used straight lines as placement and stitching lines for a fabric strip and selvedge edge “nest.”  I saved the designs on a stick and loaded them onto my machine.

In a couple of hours I had completed three small wall hangings. Very easy since they were wrapped around pre-made 10” canvases. There was no quilting, no binding, and no sleeve to make. Voila! I am one step closer to being ready for the holidays.

4 thoughts on “Peace, Love, and Joy

  1. I love these wall hangings and would like to recreate them for my sewing room. Please share the font information because for me , that is what makes each plaque.

    1. Sorry, Gayle doesn’t remember which fonts she started with. She manipulated them so much they don’t look at all like the originals! Amanda Whitlatch recommends as a reputable site for downloadable fonts; you might find something similar there, or even something you like better 🙂 Jo

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