Valentine’s Hearts Mobile

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection and where people exchange candy, cards, flowers for their special someone. In my case I decided to sew an heart mobile.
This cute project is ideal to use as a baby mobile, or hang it anywhere in the house. If you want to give a different gift for Valentine’s Day enjoy this quick and simple project.

For this mobile, I wanted to use the Art Gallery Fabrics, Nuncia collection since the colors are so vibrant, filled with love and affection.

Materials to Make a Heart Mobile


Fabrics Used:

Fabric A, ¼ yd.: NUC-11983 -Just More Red
Fabric B, FQ : NUC-21984 -The Right Path
Fabric C, ¼ yd.: NUC-21981- Pretty Eyes Sweet
Fabric D, F8: NUC-21982- Paisleys Forever Rosa
Fabric E, F8: NUC-11988- Buenos Aires Sud
Fabric F, F8: NUC-21987- Always Do Good Amor






Let’s get sewing!

Take Fabric A, facing right side up, and with Pattern 1 trace two hearts using water soluble pen. Take Template 2 and trace four heart shapes.

Place a piece of batting fabric below Fabric A, wrong side down. Secure with pins.

I wanted to quilt something different for this project, so I decided to use the practical stitch #4 which looks like a gentle curving zigzag. Trace lines at a 1″ distance from each other, and start quilting using the Reverse pattern foot #1D.


Cut out your heart pieces.

Repeat the same for Fabric C. Trace the heart shape and quilt. For these hearts, I decided to change my quilting and used the ornamental stitches, #680.

Mark the lines as a guide for your quilting.


Using Pattern 2 cut the heart pieces for Fabrics B, D, E and F. For these pieces I decided not to quilt them, but you are more than welcome to do so.

Place each piece right sides facing, pin and start sewing at a ¼” seam allowance leaving about 2″ of opening on one side.


Turn the piece inside out, press and insert pillow stuffing.

Repeat for all the heart pieces and once you filled all the hearts, pin the openings in order to keep the stuffing in its place.

Hand stitch the opening or machine stitch. This time I hand stitched the opening for each piece.

Assembling the Mobile

To create the mobile, take two Bamboo Dowel rods and join them in a X position. Wrap around a couple of times until you feel it tight and firm.

Now, take an embroidery needle and the pearl cotton thread and insert it from the bottom of Fabric C heart, making it all the way to the middle top of the heart.


Make a small knot at the bottom of the heart and continue to thread the second heart.

Continue the same steps for the rest of the hearts and play around with the assorted pompoms.

Once you finish, create a long loop on the center of the mobile so you can hang it and enjoy your Valentine’s mobile project!

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