silly goose fleece pillow 315x214px

“Silly Goose” Fleece Pillow

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I love making these pillows. All of my grandkids have some for their bedrooms and they love to cuddle up with them. For this pillow I used two pieces of fleece and embroidered one with a design from OESD’s “Words of Whimsy” embroidery collection #12292.

sew expo 2012 teaser 315x214px

Join us at Sew Expo in Puyallup, March 1-4

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Join us at this year’s Sewing & Stitchery Expo, March 1-4! Sew Expo is the largest consumer sewing show in the USA and features a huge vendor floor, numerous demonstrations, and six free-style shows every day. It also features several hands-on sewing seminars by BERNINA educators and experts. We hope to see you there!

shower cap 315x214 feature

DIY Shower Cap with Optional Ribbon Rosette

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It’s no secret that you love to sing in the shower…and now you can do it in fabulous style. A bit of rip stop nylon and polyester chiffon will set the stage for an over-the-top, yet practical accessory. You can sing your heart out secure in the knowledge that your hair will emerge impeccable!

tshirt-on-830 315x214px feature

Freearm Embroidery Made Easy

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I love adding embroidery, appliqué and embellishments to inexpensive ready-made t-shirts for my daughters. However, small garments can be challenging unless you have a built-in freearm or a Freearm Embroidery Attachment.


The BERNINA WeAllSew Challenge Begins!

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Upcycle your wedding gown or bridesmaid dress and enter for a chance to win a $1,000 BERNINA Gift Certificate plus a chance to be featured on!

paula topstitch quilt 500 px wide

Topstitching “Envelope” Quilts

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Wallhangings seem to have been on my radar lately so I thought I would share a great tip with you when it comes to topstitching them. Patchwork Foot with Guide #57D makes this method super simple!

debbi leather jacket 315x214px feature

A Project Worth Waiting For — My Leather Jacket

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Sometimes it is rewarding to just take your time and work on a project that can’t be done in a day, such as this leather jacket. Thank goodness BERNINA has special presser feet that are great for sewing on leather!

DIY Upcycled Ring Bearer's Pillow

How to Sew an Upcycled Ring Bearer’s Pillow

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Create a beautiful yet simple Ring Bearer’s Pillow using upcycled fabrics from your family heirloom garments or thrift store finds.


Hawaiian Appliqué Quilt – Suzanne Jarvis

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My daughter goes to Hawaii often with her job and every time she brings me back a few fat quarters. I ended up with a drawer full of them! When I saw Amanda’s Hawaiian Appliqué quilt project on the BERNINA USA site, I thought, “What a perfect project for those fat quarters.”

DanaMadeIt Potholders

Make New Hotpads from Old

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Dana from Made has a fabulous idea for taking plain old hotpads and spicing them up by cutting them into a new shape and adding fresh bias tape trim,