Hawaiian Appliqué Quilt – Suzanne Jarvis

Suzanne Jarvis shares her awesome Hawaiian appliqué quilt!

My daughter goes to Hawaii often with her job and every time she brings me back a few fat quarters. I ended up with a drawer full of them! I’ve made a few small projects with them, but when I saw Amanda’s Hawaiian Appliqué CutWork Lesson on the BERNINA USA site, I thought, “What a perfect project for those fat quarters.”

Once I started cutting them out, I couldn’t stop! It was hard to find a background fabric that wouldn’t distract from the Hawaiian prints, so I picked a charcoal marble by Moda. They seemed to go well together.

I just finished quilting it with QuiltMotion software and my BERNINA 820. I wanted the quilt to fit either a queen or king bed, so I used 9 blocks across and 9 blocks down. I don’t think I’ll do that again. It was wider than the quilting area of the frame, so I had to turn it and do half at a time. I understand Grace is coming out with a 2 foot extension to the frame; that will help with large quilts. Mine was 107” square. Next time I’ll make 9 blocks across and 8 blocks down, so it will fit on the quilting frame and I won’t have to turn the quilt to do the borders.

I can’t wait to do other cutwork designs – I have so many ideas! Why didn’t I start this hobby years ago?


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2 comments on “Hawaiian Appliqué Quilt – Suzanne Jarvis”

  • Your quilt is absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I’m curious though if you used monofilament thread since the stitching doesn’t appear to be very noticeable. If so, do you have any tips for using it? I continue to find it hard to use on my Bernina 830. Thanks for sharing!

    • I used light gray polyester thread. It does show but overpowering. The background fabric is charcoal gray marble by moda. Keep working at your 830, you’ll love it. It’s a wonderful machine. I do hope you have a good technician. I live in Va and my Bernina dealer is in Pa. The Va tech is terrible, so I have to make the trip a couple times a year. My dealer can help me over the phone. He’s great. And will help anyone if you are interested in talking to him. Let me know if I can help you, we are all in this together and learn from each other. I am new at all of this and I too have a lot to learn. Thanks for the kind words about my quilt, Sue

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