Topstitching “Envelope” Quilts

Wallhangings seem to have been on my radar lately so I thought I would share a great tip with you when it comes to topstitching them. The wallhangings I’ve made have been done envelope style where you leaving an opening to flip the fabrics right sides out and topstitch the opening closed. Patchwork Foot with Guide #57D makes this method super simple! It has a guide on the side so keeping an accurate ¼” was very easy to achieve. It also has awesome markings for accurately starting and stopping ¼” from the edge. Each side of Patchwork Foot with Guide #57 (and regular Patchwork Foot #37) have three marks – the center mark lines up perfectly with your needle, and marks to the front and rear that are ¼” from the needle, making stopping and starting sew easy!

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