The Sunrise Quilts

Sunrise Baby Quilt FEATURE

I’ve been sewing for a long time, and have stitched together a lot of different projects from garments and wearable art to accessories and stuffed toys – but never really gave quilting a try. In fact, if you had asked me a few years ago if I made quilts my answer would have been, “Quilts? Are you crazy, I am not a quilter!”

But in the past several years I have seen all the bright colors, bold geometric shapes and ad-lib piecing styles of the modern quilting movement, and the more I saw the more I was falling in love with quilting. So, I finally caved in and joined the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild two years ago! Since joining the CMQG I’ve made a handful of quilts, learning more about piecing and quilting with each one.

My two most recent quilts were experiments with using solid colors, piecing, cutting and re-piecing, and remind me of a colorful sky at sunrise (which is why I call them sunrise quilts). And I am very excited to announce that my first sunrise quilt was accepted into the QuiltCon quilt show which opens in just a few days! If you are planning on visiting QuiltCon this year, keep an eye out for me and my Sunrise quilt. 

My second sunrise-inspired quilt is sized for wee-ones, and is properly named the Sunrise Baby Quilt. If you’d like to learn a bit about the technique I used to make the “sun-rays” in both of these quilts, or even stitch up a Sunrise Baby Quilt of your very own, you are in luck! 

Get ready for…….

The Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along!

Check in with us on February 26th to get all the details, and join us each Tuesday after that to follow along with our step-by-steps to create your very own Sunrise Baby Quilt! We’ll be sharing some quilting tips and tricks along the way as well as the technique used to make the pretty radiating sun-rays in this quilt. We’ll wrap up our sew-along with an opportunity to share your finished Sunrise Baby Quilts for a chance to win a little prize!

I hope you enjoy the project, and I can’t wait to see your finished quilts!


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  1. wildyam

    Wow, what a stunning baby quilt… lovely bright colors. Can’t wait to see the sew-along on the 26th!

  2. momsantoni

    Can’t wait until Feb 26 to begin this sew a long quilt . Just know this will be our new grand daughter’s favorite quilt ! Have a couple questions – will reminders be sent out for the Tuesday sew along sessions? Can the fabric requirements be obtained now or do we need to wait until Feb 26? thank you js

    • WeAllSew

      Sorry, we won’t be sending reminders, but we’ll post a new step every Tuesday. The step-by-step sew-along begins next week with materials and tips on fabric selection. Don’t worry – you’ll have a whole week before the next step! Jo

  3. brook

    Excited to try the quilt along. Really like your design. Do I need to sign up?

    • WeAllSew

      Glad you’ll be joining us! No need to sign up; just visit us every Tuesday for the next part of our quilting trip :-) Jo

  4. bess44

    Just joined today. On Feb 26, is there a link on the main page? Is there a specific time we should tune in? Thanks for the help – I’m excited to learn more!

    • WeAllSew

      We’re nearly ready to get started! Check in Tuesday for the first leg of our Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along! Jo

  5. broganjd

    It is Tuesday and I don’t see anything new? Am I not looking in the correct place?

    • WeAllSew

      Hold on… we’ll have it posted soon! Jo

  6. newfdog22

    the natives are getting restless LOL

  7. denisejudy

    I must be a native!! I want to go into town and purchase my material. Any idea when we will see the posting??

  8. newfdog22

    Me too. I want to go shopping.I love color and it is so gloomy here in Virginia and cold.

  9. newfdog22

    any posting yet?

  10. denisejudy

    I have a question, it’s probably my error but I am hoping you can clarify. In the instructions it says to purchase 1/2 yards of fabric, in the cutting instructions it says to cut your 1/4 yard fabric. So do we buy 1/2 yards or 1/4 yards?

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