2012 Sewing Summit

Hey WeAllSew fans! This is Amy Gutierrez, Director of Marketing for BERNINA, here to share with you my visit to this year’s Sewing Summit. Despite its sophomore year in existence, this was my first trip to the Sewing Summit and *knock on wood* it won’t be my last! The Sewing Summit is held at The Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, where modern sewists connect with like-minded others in a fun and inspiring setting. The retreat attracts about 500 bloggers who come for hands-on workshops, networking events, inspiring speakers, and informative lectures to help advance their sewing and blogging skills. When I walked into the room, I could practically feel the creative energy as it was buzzing and humming all around me, and I thought, “These are definitely my peeps.”

Sewing Summit Day One, October 12, 2012

Today’s journey begins with a class called Handmade Wardrobe presented by Mena Trott of Sew Weekly blog. In a very sincere and transparent way, Mena chronicles her decision on why she decided to sew her own wardrobe as well as share h

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5 comments on “2012 Sewing Summit”

  • I loved meeting you and Olivia in Rachel’s class, it was a treat for me to find out that you were in their with us. Speaking of which, might I say – you are Rach actually look like you could be sisters in that photo!!!

    I know exactly what you are talking about when you say – I found my peeps. I felt the same way. That I was finally among a group of people that understood my interests, shared similar passions, and just got me. That people made great sacrifices to be there, all for the love of sewing. The connections that were made, the friendships that were forged, and the skills and knowledge that was learned are all things that I will take away with me and cherish.

  • Hi Amy — thank you so much for coming to this year’s Sewing Summit & for sharing your experience here at We All Sew. The overwhelming sense of community & the connections that are made at Sewing Summit truly are one of a kind! We will be releasing the dates & more information (including tickets) about Sewing Summit 2013 soon — so we haven’t sold out yet. But like you said, if it’s anything like this year, tickets sell fast!

  • What a fun recap! I would have loved to meet you, Amy (found your post via the recap on Rachel Howard’s blog). 🙂 I also loved Vanessa’s photography session–so helpful! Just a note that the Sewing Summit 2013 is not sold out… that is another conference. http://www.lindsaysews.com

  • Hey Amy! Your recap was so fun to read! You and Olivia are just so sweet and classy and professional and beautiful! It was a real treat to have you come to my class. Your participation was exciting. Thank you so much for the sweet things you said about me on this post. It was a really fun surprise to see my picture with you! Have a wonderful day… Love, Rachel

  • It was wonderful to meet all of you ladies as well! I had a blast and can’t wait to sew/work together. I definitely felt right at home with all of the creative, crazy, multitasking, sewing moms that I met. 🙂

    I keep thinking of the song from Grease “We Go Together”. LOL

    Love you all! Olivia

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