24 Days of Gifts from WeAllSew

It’s the final count-down . . . only 4 days till Christmas!! Just kidding 😉 The holiday is still more than three weeks away, so there is (probably) no need to panic. Yet.

At WeAllSew we’re celebrating the “season of giving” by delivering small gifts to 24 of our loyal fans during the days leading up to Christmas, ending with a BERNINA backpack filled with goodies on December 25. Visit our blog each day  to answer the holiday-related question. We’ll pick a name at random from each day’s comments.

Today’s Question

When do you start preparing for the winter holidays? 


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Winner: Congratulations to yngldy

156 thoughts on “24 Days of Gifts from WeAllSew

    1. Always wait til the last minute!! Creates frenzy, but adds to the holiday excitement. Here in SR we have carolers on the streets, so very festive while shopping.

  1. I start buying gifts during October or November and planning out any of my handmade gifts at that time too. Then I am not stressed during December and can enjoy time with family and friends.

  2. The day after Thanksgiving, I get the tree and pull the decorations from the attic! All shopping is done within the first week of December. Then I relax and enjoy!

  3. I start getting ready for Christmas the day after Halloween. I don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving but I am making lists of gifts to buy on November 1st.

  4. I knit/crochet and quilt things all through the year. As Christmas approaches I decide what will be used for gifts, or I will make new things if I get a new idea! Baking any time from beginning of November up ’til Christmas. Christmas decorating after Thanksgiving.

  5. I buy some things the day after Christmas. Make a list of what I have bought and then put it away until November 1st. Then I start serious shopping and decorating.

  6. I’m thinking about the holidays all year long – but refuse to decorate until after Thanksgiving! We usually start decorating the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. I started making the tissue pack pouches from We All Sew day after Thanksgiving, and they are turning out so well that I am cranking them out like elves @The North Pole! I am actually trying to think of people to give these as cute presents/stocking stuffers. :)) So this was just fortuitous. A perfect storm, and I’m in a flurry of sewing.

  8. I try to plan in March or April for the sewing projects I want to complete for the following Christmas. Time flies and if I don’t start early enough it causes too much stress trying to finish everything.

  9. I make 90-95% of the presents I give. So, I start in January (or whenever I finally finish holiday gifts from the year before). I make things all year and stow them in my “Christmas box” to parcel out in December.

  10. I think about holiday gift giving all year long. When I find small unique gifts for personal friends I purchase them and store them away for the Christmas season. Then I procrastinate when it come to wrapping gifts and decorating the house.

  11. Late November. Decorate Christmas tree with homemade ornaments during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! Started making Christmas presents during the summer. Thanks for the giveaways!

  12. I collect stocking stuffers throughout the year as I see things I think my family would enjoy. I also work on quilted and embroidered gifts all year long. Then I start buying gifts about mid-November, and decorating just after Thanksgiving. This way I get to enjoy that Christmas spirit the whole year!

  13. I like working year round on Christmas projects, then I’m not rushed as Christmas approaches and I have plenty/variety of items to chose from. And of course I love Christmas the best!

  14. This year, I actually started early (for me). I had my home decorations out and mostly in place before Thanksgiving. Usually, we wait until Friday, while catching some football games, but we were out of town this year and my dad is having surgery in a week, so it was early or not doing very much decorating this year.

  15. I start shopping and prepping for the next Christmas the day after Christmas. Honestly. I inherited the “tradition” from my mother. Get good sales on Christmas gear, fabric, and start work for the next year. I like to be done with major prep & shopping by the beginning of the Advent.

  16. My gift projects I plan out ahead of time, but my decorations usually don’t get put up until the middle of December. Planning what to do over the holidays usually does not happen until the beginning of December either. Haha.

  17. I start preparations the day after Christmas. Been at it long enough to know it will take me all year
    to prep for the coming year. I’m cutting it close this year already.

  18. I start thinking about Christmas around the beginning of November. I start making mental lists right before Black Friday. I usually start making gifts around that time too and start the Holiday Menu lists too. The panic starts around mid-December when I realize I should be planning during the summer!

  19. This year I have not been as organized as previous years. Busy babysitting GGSons.
    Two months and two years old. I should say young for them
    and 68 “old” for me. lol

  20. I love my Bernina and as a widow and living alone getting a wonderful gift for Christmas would be a blessing. I hope I’m considered. Thank you! Carol

  21. First thing is watch Chevy Chase’s “Christmas Vacation” while cleaning up the sewing room and getting ready to start projects. After that, put on the Christmas music and disappear into my sewing room. Love this time of year.

  22. I start Christmas shopping a few days after Christmas for the next year… I start sewing for Christmas in August or sooner if I can find what I want to make… when hubby has 4 siblings it takes a little time to get it all done

  23. I start preparing the second week in November. That is for Thanksgiving only. After Thanksgiving I then prepare for Christmas. Exciting giveaway. Thank you.

  24. I actually start in Jan or Feb right after Christmas — I like to sew a lot and with lots of children (5 girls) and grandchildren it takes a lot of time.

  25. I started gifts in July! I am so proud of myself. But the tree and decorations go up Dec 1, and then all the last minute things I find that I should make: like wool trivets! thanks

  26. I think about the next year immediately after the current one is over. As I pack up decorations and explore the sales, I make notes for next year. I try not to lose the notes, so I can review them when I need to start on Christmas.
    Every year I plan to start early, but it doesn’t always work out! Life happens and I just do what I can to roll with it! 🙂

  27. Start dreaming big at Daylight savings but prep time has a narrow window once we survive Halloween and then Thanksgiving. Add the mandatory recovery time and gift creating begins about the second week of December.

  28. I always want to think about it in summer time. But honestly it tends not to be until November as October is is typically filled with Halloween projects.

  29. If I come across something that I think would be perfect as a gift for someone, I buy it no matter what time of year. But I refuse to decorate or listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is over. It seems like we rush through Halloween and Thanksgiving and can’t take the time to enjoy those. Anyway, I panic at the end for the last few items and feel guilty that I didn’t find the perfect gift.

  30. I start decorating the house and the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Then I start shopping: hoping to be done by December 10, so I can then enjoy baking, guests and the joys of my favorite holiday.

  31. With 14 grandchildren, I start in mid January. We all celebrate birthdays and Christmas and I sew, quilt, knit, counted cross stitch, etc. for for all of them. Starting early allows me to develop ideas and finish large projects. Sometimes I have more ideas than occasions, so I hold those off for another year.

  32. I think about it all the time, but I’m a procrastinator, and end up panicking because I’ve run out of time to complete all the neat projects I’ve wanted to do.

  33. I don’t like to start decorating til after Thanksgiving; but I love to start thinking about decorating and gifting for the the next season the day after Christmas!

  34. I start thinking about the holidays the day after my birthday in July. Some years that works out better than others, but I really do have good intentions! ; )

  35. Um, does it count if I think about it in July (i.e. Christmas in July)? I make lists of things my family wants/needs and things I can make before December. Then I don’t start until December!!! 🙂

  36. I start thinking about next Christmas right after the last one. However I do not do too much unless I see something special for someone during the year. Baking/cooking begins in summer using fresh items and then frozen for thanksgiving and Christmas. Sewing is all year!

  37. Shopping is done throughout the year. I collect things on sale and select materials to make some personal items. Decorations go up the first week in December.

  38. I start thinking of sewing projects in July and start sewing in October. I try to start knitting projects in February and hope to have them done by June. Life happens and sometimes I am finishing up projects a week before Christmas because I have to mail everything….

  39. I start preparing for the Holidays In October. Then every year in December I realize that I should be preparing all year round (as I never can get as much done as I think is possible).

  40. This year in September my husband and I went to England for vacation. Of course, I found fabric stores! I decided to buy Christmas fabrics. The things I make with those fabrics will be special to me.

  41. While I’d love to have my name chosen, I do wonder about a blog entry dated December 2, with the following:

    Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog by Sunday, November 30, 11:59 p.m. Central Time.

    In any case, I think about Christmas gifts all year, but typically don’t get much more than stocking stuffers till after our (grown) kids give us their “Wish Lists.” And that’s usually around Thanksgiving.

  42. Gift sewing/shopping is a year long event for me. Keep a list of gift possibilities by recipient name in my phone notepad app so that I can access easily.

  43. I start thinking about it in September and start buying and making gifts in October. Next year I’m going to start earlier so I can make more of my gifts.

  44. We pull out the many boxes of decorations on Black Friday (I won’t go near the stores that day LOL!!!) Years ago a friend told me that she decorates Thanksgiving weekend, which takes the pressure off nearer to Christmas, and is very relaxing to sit down with a cup of tea or glass of wine and unwind while you enjoy your work.

  45. I start when I learn something that I think would make a wonderful gift. I’m brand new to machine embroidery, so when I learned how to do jumbo monograms on sweatshirts, I started making them as Christmas presents for the teens in my family.

  46. Each year I try to start a little earlier since I tend to be a procrastinator. This year my husband and I actually managed to start shopping a week or two before Thanksgiving, but we still have a lot of things left to get and our tree isn’t up yet.

  47. As Christmas approaches, I take an oath to start preparing in January next year. Sometimes that is successful, but mostly I find November the best month to be productive.

  48. We celebrate Christmas all year long. My children are grown and gone, so when I am visiting with them and find something they like, I get it for them and give it to them right away. I start decorating for Christmas as soon as the dishes from our Thanksgiving feast are washed

  49. I start planning my handmade gifts in July, but don’t usually start on them until November. Then I work like mad from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. Every year, I promise myself that I won’t wait so late to begin, but . . . never happens! LOL

  50. I usually start after Thanksgiving. I agree, one holiday at a time. But I try to listen all year long in case anyone says they like something or want something, so I have an idea what to get or make.

  51. I refuse to get ready for one holiday until the previous one is done, so it’s after Thanksgiving for me. Usually I wait until at least December 1.

  52. right after Christmas, with all of the big sales going on in January I keep my eye open for things I know someone wants, needs or just has to have

  53. I am always on the lookout for Christmas sewing ideas. I plan handmade Christmas gifts all year long, and do the sewing when inspired during the year.
    Regardless of how well I plan, I always have a Christmas sewing marathon in December. My husband is glad to see me making Christmas gifts for family and friends. He pitches in by doing some cooking and the vacuuming while I sew. Keeps us both happy and in the Christmas spirit!

  54. January. I know that sounds odd but I come from a BIG family and live on a limited budget. I shop clearance sales in Jan. and all throughout the year. I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by Nov. which is a good thing. When family comes home for Thanksgiving, I can give my children, their spouses and grandchildren their wrapped Christmas gifts. This saves shipping costs as all 5 of my children live out of state – few can make it home for Christmas. My extended family (sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.) hold our holiday celebration the end of October. Once again my gifts are purchased, wrapped for ready for giving.

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