BERNINA L 890 Garment Sew Along with Grainline Studio, Part 4: Cutting

Our patterns are ready and it’s time to cut! On Day 4 of the L 890 Airy Top & Comfy Dress Garment Sew Along, I’ll be walking you through my best practices for cutting all three garments in this series. We’ll start with fabric prep, move into cutting your woven Airy Top followed by the Knit Airy top. Lastly, we’ll cut out our Comfy Dress and then all of our prep is over and the sewing can begin!

In the video, we discuss the cutting layouts for each pattern and fabric, but I’m including them here as well for easy reference. You’ll notice that the pattern layout is the same for the Airy Top whether you’re using 45 or 54-inch wide fabric, while with the Comfy Dress the layout does depend on the width of the fabric.

Woven Airy Top Layout – 45 – 54″ Wide Fabric Layout


Knit Airy Top Layout – 45 – 54″ Wide Fabric Layout

Pattern cutting

Comfy Dress Layout – 45″ Wide Fabric Layout

Comfy Dress Layout – 54″ Wide Fabric Layout

So press your fabric, get out your shears, and let’s tackle cutting out our garments! After this we’re going to start the fun part – sewing! So much of sewing is prep work, but while it may seem like a pain, it’s what sets us up for an enjoyable sewing experience and a great fitting garment!


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BERNINA L 890 Garment Sew Along with Grainline Studio

17 thoughts on “BERNINA L 890 Garment Sew Along with Grainline Studio, Part 4: Cutting

    1. They really make things easy! That said, the internet 100% makes sewing knits sound much much harder than it is. Give it a go on your sewing machine and if you like it head to your local shop and try out some overlockers! Obviously I like the L890 best 😉 but understand it’s not in everyone’s price range. Any machines from the Bernina / Bernette range are amazing, I’ve sewn on most of them!

  1. Hi saw some things I would love to try with some guidance had a serger years ago and got disappointed that the store promised a class and didn’t deliver They said if you have a problem bring it in and we will help then they closed the store
    I am a do it to learn so sometimes the internet doesn’t if I really can’t see what is being done
    thanks for the entry

    1. Unfortunately sometimes shops close, I doubt they did it on purpose, though it does still make things hard for you. If it was a Bernina machine you can probably reach out and find another shop that has the machine mastery classes.

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