Fantastical Designs Coloring Book Give-Away

Enjoy this excerpt of Paula Nadelstern’s Fantastical Designs Coloring book and join the give-away.

On Thanksgiving last year, my older brother told the whole crowd that as a little kid, I was always coloring. He added, with a little smile, that I hummed while I colored. I didn’t grow up to have a musical bone in my body but I’m still coloring, focusing mostly on designing color filled quilts and fabrics.

Coloring Book Give-Away

I’m also a true Patternista, hard-wired to look for patterns everywhere. It’s almost a divine moment in a creative life when it all comes together so neatly. Having a coloring book of my fabric patterns seems like kismet. I hope colorists of all ages will enjoy the juncture of pattern and color as much as I always have.

Fantastical Designs Coloring book by Paula Nadelstern

Why are adult coloring books trending nowadays? Maybe, in our busy lives, there is something soothing and satisfying about a structured activity that offers choice. Facing a blank page can be daunting. Also, it’s not like a crossword puzzle; there is nothing to solve.

Fantastical Designs Coloring book by P Nadelstern

An enlarged version of the current book, FANTASTICAL DESIGNS, will be available mid-January 2016, titled OPULENT BAZAAR by C&T Publishing.

Paula Nadelstern has A Gift For You!

One Fantastical Designs Coloring Book will soon belong to one awesome WeAllSew fan. All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question:

Why would you use a coloring book?

A winner will be chosen at random on January 22, 2016 and announced the following week!

Good luck!


Congratulations to our WeAllSew reader “lbaldridge”, the winner of the Fantastical Designs Coloring Book! Enjoy!

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75 comments on “Fantastical Designs Coloring Book Give-Away”

    • Thee coloring designs would be perfect for quilting lines in squares or whole cloth besides being a stress released as one colors. I just took one and quilted it to make a potholder. Very cool

    • Coloring has taken on a whole new meaning as adult coloring books are becoming more available. I would love to color in Paula’s new book because it is new and refreshing designs. I color because it allows my brain time to relax using colors to distract me from stress. Like quilting…it is difficult to worry about anything but sewing straight. I love an excuse to buy more crayons and pencils!

    • Paula N. is one of my 2 favorite designers. I love her quilt works. Something designed by her to color would be fantastic. Coloring is relaxing. I also need to see color combinations in front of me before I do a project.

    • These would be wonderful when using Design Works or Applique. There are just so many possibilities to be had. From wall art to clothing this can have many functions with the right imaginations, dreams, and as always “think outside those constricting boxes!”

  • I use a coloring book to just relax and enjoy some quiet time with myself. Sometimes a mom really, really, REALLY needs that! My son (6 years old) seems to think it’s a very boring and tedious task, so I would like for him to see that it is the complete opposite! I think it would be great therapy for him too once he realizes his old mom is enjoying it so much with these very special designs! I already love your fabric designs, and use them whenever I feel inspired to be creative! I really enjoyed your SixtyThirty class last year in Wichita! Thank you Paula!

  • I would use the coloring book to practice the loops and curves I need to use in free motion quilting. I can also see all kinds of designs I could use in the pages of this book. Fun to color and study!

  • I love coloring books – first they are RELAXING! iI is fun to color – and you get to use your imagination and try variations on color and patterns!! Love Paula’s work – her designs are so inspiring!

  • I LOVE absolutely coloring books.
    My kids would get mad when I would take them & finish their pages before they had the chance to when they were little. Of course I didn’t realize how relaxing it was ?
    I use color has a form of therapy of sorts. With chronic pain condition sometimes that’s the only release that I have.
    As a former river stamper it was also a great way of learning different techniques as well.
    One can never really outgrown coloring can they?
    AmS 1/19/16

  • I would use a coloring book to focus. I don’t think we see all of the points of a picture or project unless we actually focus on it. With the fast-paced life most of us have, we some how lose that ability unless we practice it. So, although restful, coloring brings back to art of focus. And, that’s a good thing! Thank you!

  • As a child I enjoyed the beautiful colors and patterns in a kaleidoscop as well as coloring in the lines with unexpected combinations. As an adult I still admire patterns whether in architecture or fabric. I might not actually color in this book, but just enjoy looking at it repeatedly or trying to find some free motion patterns I could sew.

  • I haven’t tried one of these adult coloring books yet, but I’d love to! I think it would be great for stress relief. It’s also something I could do with my grand daughter.

  • In truth, I have no interest in coloring books generally but a Paula Nadelstern Fantastical Designs Coloring book is a dream. Sadly, I will never be able to quilt like Paula but coloring in her quilts is the closest I’ll come and would be very satisfying and stimulating!

  • I would use your books to relax and keep my brain exercised at the same time! I love coloring…I’ve been coloring since I was a little girl! Coloring helps clear your mind, build and maintains fine motor skills, and helps build creativity and color sense. Your books are truly inspiring!

  • I colored constantly as a child. And now that I have a granddaughter, I suggest that we color whenever we visit her in Virginia. But that is usually once or twice a year. My husband noticed my love of coloring and the peace it gave me. He bought me a great book and two sets of pencils and notices when I am under stress for any reason I am sitting at the dining room table deep into my coloring. He sees a slight smile on my face and watches as I sit and decide what color to use next. He tells me he sees me relax and let the stress flow away. He wishes the adult coloring had become popular long ago when I was dealing with many stressful issues, but is glad he found it now. He loves how happy it makes me.

  • being with my grandchildren, sitting down and coloring would be a great way to spend a cold snowy day together! we could play with our imagination and colors!

  • To de stress from the constant tension that is part of being a trial lawyer
    Coloring uses the other side of my brain
    And revives and inspires me in wonderful ways with the colors and creativity without thinking about the design per se

  • I breast feed and need something to keep my mind occupied so I don’t go nuts sitting a lot and can’t get a minute to do anything. It would be nice to do something ‘artistic’ with my free hand. The designs look so much fun to color in! I would need some gorgeous markers and crayons.

  • relax at the end of a workday but mostly because i love bold color and i want to see what inspires me and apply that to my fabric choices, usually for a quilt. Most recently i am fascinated with the idea of Mandala’s, tattoos, morroccan tiles, persian rugs, and art deco translated to fabric. I am looking to color books for inspiration. I definitely see that in your designs.

  • I love the color because it allows the creativity to come out of you in a safe environment, a controlled one, a free one, and it allows you to let out your inner child some.

    It’s distresses me after a particularly trying day, I feel that it lowers my blood pressure, I feel that it allows me to think through situations that may be troubling me, and, it also allows me to think of cool patterns or color choices for my upcoming fabric projects.

  • I work in our local bookstore and amazed at how fast our adult coloring books fly out the door! If I were to win this coloring book, I would rejoin the many adults who are again learning to relax and enjoy the time spent on color . . . lots and lots of color. One of my favorite coloring activities as a child was to scribble out a page and then to color in all the various spaces in wonderful shades of many colors.

  • I do find coloring relaxing but more importantly I find that I learn what different colors go together and have a tendency to expand my horizons in the piecing of my quilts after I have spent time coloring. Also, as a longarm machine quilter it helps me to “let go” of tradition and try new ideas in machine quilting. Once you have spent time following a line in coloring it makes it easier to duplicate that line or idea in machine quilting. I really hope I win a coloring book and get to continue to expand my horizons. Your designs are amazing and so creative, I just look at them and drool.

  • Sometimes after a rough day at work I just can’t get into a creative grove. Coloring allows me to be creative with help from the artist of the coloring books assistance.

  • Truth be told I cannot draw worth a flip and I enjoy coloring! I sew a lot, plus other crafty things but sometimes it is nice to just color! Hope I win would love the designs.

  • Good morning! I would use this coloring book to be creative in short bursts of time. I would take this with me as I wait between appointments, while watching TV, during breaks at work, and just to de-stress after a frustrating day!

  • I don’t have time for coloring anymore, but I would love to give it to my daughter. She has little children, and she colors to relieve stress. lisajcowell(at)cs(dot)com

  • It’s nice to see geometrics play out. Even without color.
    But I use them to practice with my use of color. I need more work in that area to take my quilts to the next step.
    I am a very traditional quilter and this would stretch me to try new things.

  • I find coloring to be very relaxing and as an added bonus, I don’t even think about smoking while so engaged. I have found that the colored gel pens give the best depth of color and they come in many varieties. Steampunk Fashions coloring book is my current favorite.

  • I would love to colour in one of Paula’s books. The designs are amazing. Such a good idea for quilters to get inspiration from! Thank Paula. Hope to see you back in the UK soon too.

  • I would enjoy being free to add all of my favorite colors and watching black and white morph into something beautiful with as little thought as possible.

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