Felt Appliqué Basket and Book Giveaway

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

I recently made a fun fabric basket using wool appliqué with a design from Minki Kim’s new book, Zakka Wool Appliqué: 60+ Sweetly Stitched Designs. I’m sharing some tips for working with appliqué patterns, the free tutorial to make this basket, and at the bottom of the post you can enter for a chance to win your own copy of Zakka Wool Appliqué from Minki Kim!

Materials to Make an Appliqué Fabric Basket

  • Wool felt scraps
  • One scrap of solid color cotton fabric for base of appliqué (see basket tutorial below for fabric requirements)
  • Fusible webbing
  • Pencil
  • Clear tape
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Find the free basket tutorial from Minki Kim here (I left the handle off of my basket)
  • Copy of Minki Kim’s Zakka Wool Appliqué (or use your appliqué pattern of choice)
  • Sewing machine (I use a BERNINA 570 QE)
  • Open embroidery foot #20

Minki’s new book includes lots of sweet patterns and project ideas, and I immediately loved the “Cat Says hi” design, featuring a cute cat wearing a little sweater. Here’s how I created the cute cat appliqué with wool.

I copy the appliqué pattern to white copy paper to trace the pattern. I’m using one piece of cotton woven fabric for the base of the appliqué design.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

When I need to trace, I use an ultra slim light box from The Daylight Company.  If you don’t have a light box you can use a window to trace your design. I use clear tape to hold the pattern in place while I am tracing to keep the layers from shifting.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

First I trace the outline of the appliqué shape very lightly directly on the base fabric. This will help align the pieces in a later step. Once the pattern outline is traced on the base fabric, I can trace the appliqué shapes on the paper side of the fusible webbing. I decide that the cat will stand alone without the little “hi” speech bubble.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

Because the paper side of the fusible webbing will become the back of the shapes, the pattern will need to be REVERSED (or flipped-over) before you trace. I flip the pattern over and use the clear tape to secure it to the light table.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

I trace the shapes on the paper side of the fusible webbing in batches corresponding to the colors of felt.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

Once I’ve traced the shapes, I follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fusing the paper backed webbing to the WRONG side of the felt. Then I can carefully cut out each shape.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

I arrange the shapes carefully on the base fabric following the outline I traced. I use the pattern to help me put little shapes in the right place. Use a pressing cloth to do the final pressing in place to help keep those little tiny pieces from shifting around.

Now I’m ready to add all the stitching details to my appliqué with the sewing machine. I use Open embroidery foot #20 for these steps because the foot gives me a clear view of exactly where I am placing the stitches on the shapes.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

I use a very narrow zigzag stitch to secure the shapes in place, stitch width 1.5 and stitch length 1. I use coordinating thread colors for each shape to help hide the stitches.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

To add the details to the cat’s paws and face, I use black thread with a very short straight stitch, and sew the lines. I am stitching as I go, but you can gently trace the lines with a fabric marking pencil first (just be sure to test first with the felt to make sure the marks won’t be permanent).

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

To add some fun details to the cat’s sweater, I pick a fun decorative stitch from the machine. This is decorative stitch 142 in my B 570 QE. I stitch one motif using the Pattern Begin/End feature. This feature allows you to stitch just one of the decorative motifs perfectly! Find out more about this feature with this tutorial to use Pattern Begin and End from WeAllSew.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

I finish off the sweater with a triple stitch at the top and bottom of the single stitched motif.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

To create the basket, I use Minki Kim’s basket tutorial linked in the Materials section above, leaving out the addition of the basket handle to create a handy fabric bin.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

I sewed the cotton fabric piece with the appliqué cat to squares of half-triangle patchwork. I used all vintage fabrics from my stash, created the HST’s to finish at a little larger than 2″ x 2″, sewed them together with the appliqué cat, and then cut the entire piece of patchwork to the correct size to make the basket. You can create any type of patchwork or combination of fabrics for the outside of your basket! Just follow all the directions in the tutorial to finish the project once you’ve created the outside.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

It’s a great size to use as a scrap basket next to your sewing machine.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

Or to hold a handful of sewing patterns, balls of yarn, fat quarter bundles, or other craft supplies.

Felt Appliqué Tips from WeAllSew

And the bin even works well to catch and hold your four footed furry friends favorite toys!

Zakka Wool Appliqué Book Giveaway

The giveaway is now closed, thanks to our WeAllSew fans who entered. Congratulations to the winner of one copy of Minki Kim’s new book, Zakka Wool Appliqué WeAllSew fan @scooter!

Minki Kim Book Giveaway at WeAllSew

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question:

“What is your favorite BERNINA presser foot for appliqué?”

The the giveaway is open through Thursday, August 13.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog by Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

95 thoughts on “Felt Appliqué Basket and Book Giveaway

  1. Darling projects Minki! Since the 20 C foot came with my machine I love that one for appliqué! I also love
    10D but not for appliqué:) Love the pillow too!

  2. I am going to try this. So cute. I do wool applique by hand, but I am going to give this machine option a try. I LOVE my 23 foot. I have owned it for 20 years and it is my favorite. Next up would be a 20.

  3. I like the 5mm 20 foot and use it in conjunction with the 5.5mm throat plate because of the support it gives you when you appliqué your shapes to a background fabric. The 5.5 mm throat plate helps prevent the fabric from sinking into the throat plate needle opening. Love this little project, so cute.

  4. I use the Bernina #20 foot for machine applique and love the selection of stitches my machine has. I absolutely love this little cat basket and thanks for the great instructions.

  5. I like the #20 foot because I can watch the progress on my applique. This kitty pattern is really cute, my Granddaughter is going to love it!

  6. My Bernina 710 is new for me. So I haven’t had a chance to do any embroidery. I love this site for all the great tips, and comments from fellow sewing enthusiasts.

  7. I use my 20C foot for appliqué. I’ve been doing a lot of blanket stitching, and this foot has the visibility that helps me see where I’m going.

  8. My B790 is brand new to me upgrading from my old reliable 120! I have only done hand applique so I am excited for my new journey into embroidery and machine applique! Love the design !

  9. This is like trying to pick my favorite child – an unpleasant task. All of my wool applique has been by hand, but for regular applique, I mostly use the #20 foot; it works great.

  10. I love the 20C that came with my machine. But down the road I do plan to upgrade to the 20D since I really like having the walking attachment connected to help guide everything smoothly.

  11. I must get a foot #20 I think it will make my applique much easier. I really liked the little kitty on the scrap basket I would like to try to make the basket with the applique I imagine the foot comes in a #20C

  12. Baskets and cats are a great fit, a lovely project indeed. The 20D foot is my go to accessory for applique,as well as the 23 foot because I learned to use it first.

  13. My favorite for applique is 39c, but 20D is a close second. Kinda depends on the applique. if it’s fusible applique that just needs to be stitched down, 20D is perfect. But if it’s a bulky type applique, 39C works better for me.

  14. Not sure which foot to use. Did a general inquiry on Applique techniques because I want to start this artform and found this blog. Just purchased my B 770 with embroidery module and super excited to make creative projects for my grand babies and friends!

  15. 9mm width #20C foot or the #23 Clear Applique foot. I will have great-grandbaby projects to sew in the near future. I look forward to some ‘cute’ inspiration for Bernina QEE.

  16. I also use the 20D Foot for applique. I can set the right Toe of the foot on the edge of the Applique, move the needle close to the Foot Toe and sew.

  17. I have a machine that is over 30 years old (Bernina 930), but the embroidery and appliqué feet keep me right up to date on it. My favourite for this kind of job must be the embroidery foot with its excellent visibility range. Love these cute projects.

  18. I’ve been using #9. I am thinking about purchasing a 20 though. love this project too!!!! I use 100% wool sweaters from goodwill. wash them in hot water and cut for my wool. they won’t unravel.

  19. I like to use foot #20 for applique and also, too, for other stitches that require good visibility of the fabric.
    It would be wonderful to have Minki Kim book. She is so talented.
    Thank you for the tutorial and for the opportunity to win the book.

  20. I love the 23 foot I need to have control and see all around. I have the 20D foot my next project I will try this.
    Would enjoy the book to see more projects.

  21. that is SO adorable!!!
    I have only done applique once and I used #39C as it was the only foot that was available. (I let a friend borrow #20 :).

  22. I have been a Bernini sewist for 30+ years. The 20 foot is my go to tool for appliqué though I douse 23 at times also. I could not imagine sewing on anything but Bernini!!!

  23. I have two favorite feet The #20 open foot and the teflon foot. I use the #20 for applique and tight stitchline sewing like a scant 1/4″ , and the teflon for anything requiring an easy glide.
    Love the basket projet, thinking of where I could use it (lots of ideas running through my head).

  24. I like the #20 foot both D and C. They allow the most visibility. Love this basket project and plan on making it for all my sewing friends. The ones that have cats will get this one and the ones that have other pets will get that applique instead.

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