Guess Who Just Got Her PaintWork Software?

Guess who just got her PaintWork Software? Me! Tried it out on a little project.  The design is one that comes with the software. It is so cool!  🙂  Mary


PaintWork is part of BERNINA’s new DesignWorks Software Suite. It works with your embroidery machine, but instead of stitching with a needle it draws with a marker. Just attach the pen holder, insert a marker, and go!

Mary Beck (The Sewing Room, Tucson, AZ) is a regular contributor to and has been published in BERNINA’s Through the Needle ONLINE magazine. Her posts for WeAllSew include Sensational Flowers! and BERNINA Buttons on Our Bags.

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2 comments on “Guess Who Just Got Her PaintWork Software?”

  • MB I do not remember how to combine colors in PaintWork. My Christmas Card on PaintWorks needs to go from 9 colors to 5 colors. Will you be able to help me do this? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello!

      Deactivate auto sequence and then click and drag the paint trays so that the like colors are next to one another. Be sure to use “Slow Redraw” to make sure that the new sequence does not change the outcome of the design. Sometimes colors are repeated and overlapped on top of another color. Re-sequencing can change that outcome, so it is always good to check.

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