Holiday Fabric Boxes

You can whip up a bunch of these holiday gift boxes in no time at all. Filled with candy or homemade cookies they make a great holiday gift.

Holiday Fabric Boxes

Supplies needed to create holiday fabric boxes

  • Timtex —one piece 9″ x 18″
  • Fabric for the outside of the box—one piece 9″ x 18″
  • Fabric for the inside of the box—one piece 9″ x 18″
  • Mistyfuse
  • Sewing machine, I sew on a BERNINA 750 QE
  • I used my favorite foot for this project, the BERNINA Reverse pattern foot # 34D

Step 1

Apply a layer of Mistyfuse to each side of the Timtex. On one side fuse your outside fabric and on the other fuse your lining fabric.

Step 2

Cut the following pieces from the Timtex:

  • For the box bottom cut
  • Five pieces 4″ x 4″

Holiday Fabric Boxes - preparing the fabric

For the box top cut

  • One piece 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″
  • Four pieces 4 1/4″ x 1″

Step 3

Set your machine up for a zigzag stitch. I set my machine with a .45 length and 4.0 width.

Holiday Fabric Boxes - zigzag stitch

Zigzag stitch all the way around the edge of each piece. When I do this, I stitch so that the needle falls just to the outside edge of the piece so that the thread sort of wraps around the edge.

Holiday Fabric Boxes - zigzag stitching around the fabric squares

I always stitch around twice because I like the way it looks but you can stitch once if you prefer.

Video Tip On How to Stitch the Edge of the Box

Step 4

Once you have finished stitching all the edges it’s time to assemble the box. To assemble the box bottom, you’ll want to lay out your 4″ x 4″ pieces in this configuration:

Holiday Fabric Boxes - laying out the four pieces

Set your machine up for a wider zigzag stitch. I set mine with a .45 length and 6.0 width on my BERNINA 7 Series sewing machine.

Holiday Fabric Boxes - zigzag stitch setting to assemble the box

To attach each piece together about the edges of each side piece against the one you have chosen for the bottom and run a line of zigzag stitching down along the edge catching both edges of each piece.

Holiday Fabric Boxes - zigzag stitch between the pannels

The top of the box is assembled in the same way.

Now all that’s left to do is flip up the edges of both the sides of the box base and the lid and whipstitch them closed by hand.

Holiday Fabric Boxes - Bottom

Holiday Fabric Boxes - Lid

Alternatively if you didn’t want to hand stitch them together you can just pin the box together and run a bead of hot glue or fabric glue along the seams on the inside of the box.

Now you just need to fill the box with some holiday goodies! Enjoy!

Our December 9 Gift For You

Today’s gift is a BERNINA red mason jar travel mug to one awesome WeAllSew fan. All you have to do is post a comment below answering the following question:

What would you fill the fabric boxes with?

A winner will be chosen at random on December 10, 2015 and announced later this week!

Good luck!17 days until Christmas

Congratulations to our WeAllSew reader “kkh0911”, the winner of the December 9 gift. Enjoy!


112 thoughts on “Holiday Fabric Boxes

  1. What wouldn’t I keep in those boxes?! Home organization to the max! I’d start in my sewing room and make perfectly sized boxes for all my scissors 🙂

    1. Lots of things would go into boxes like this: home made cookies, candies, Party mix, and more! Sewing notions, such as seam bindings, laces, elastic, etc.

    2. I would fill this box and a few more with small presents such as gift cards, homemade mittens or socks and give them out. A wonderful gift idea. This way I can spread the joy of the season.

  2. I am going to fill the boxes with gifts that are unique to the recepient…..such as homemade chocolates for my friend who thinks chocolate is to die for, cookies for my Cookie Monster friend, sewing notions for my quilting friend, gourmet coffee for my coffee friend, and assorted teas for my “it’s always a good time for tea” friend.
    I am excited to get started on the boxes thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I think I would put a bag of Christmas cookies in each one & then the recipient has a nice box in which to store knick-knacks or a special ornament.

  4. The list of possible things to put into these boxes is endless. However, my granddaughter and I have a long standing “Christmas contest” to disguise the gifting back- and- forth of a bag of confetti she made and gave to me for Christmas, when she was a little girl. Now, married and an attorney, we still continue his tradition.This year is my turn to “re-gift it back to her and one of these home-made beautiful boxes will carry on this tradition of love.

  5. What would I fill the fabric boxes with? If I was giving them away to a fellow crafter…threads, zippers and other crafting notions. They would be the PERFECT size 🙂

  6. These are great! I would be sure to make one with Christmas fabric to give to my husband Jim filled with his favorite Christmas Cherry Cordials candy. He would be so surprised cause I have always just wrapped them in their regular box & he always knows what he is opening! He would be surprised!

  7. Each box would be specialized for each recipient. My daughter, sachet, lingerie and a small bottle of relaxing oil. My daughter in law-bangles for her bracelet collection, Now for the boys=my fisherman- spinner, hooks and weights, my reader- would be book marks and a snack. The grandchildren the size is perfect for those little, quick block sets for the new Star Wars. Now for me- a box to keep my ornaments that I am making from Day one (I am on the bells). My stash of Christmas fabric is disappearing……….

  8. I would fill these boxes with some homemade gifts I am making this year. I can’t give away much more than that. Never know who might see my comment. 😉

  9. I make chocolate bark every Christmas, these boxes will make the perfect container to give the bark away in. I am planning on making several for friends and family.

  10. I think they would make great gift boxes because they could be passed along from gift giver to gift giver. You can make them to fit those odd sized gifts.

  11. Oh what fun! I can see my friends enjoy some cookies or candy. My sewing friends would see sewing notions in them. A what fun for my grandchild to find MONEY inside.

  12. I love this idea. Good for all kinds of things. And also, easy to adapt to larger sizes. Thanks so much. I like the idea of baking homemade and putting in a box homemade. Coasters too would work.

  13. What a great idea. I would use some boxes to organize my fat quarters by seasons. These boxes would be great to put threads, scissors, small rulers, etc. for a beginner sewer too.

  14. This is such a neat project! I would do a lot with these. We have games that would fit nicely
    In these boxes, also, fun to put sewing notions in like buttons. I have gifts this year that would be a great fit. The boxes themselves I personally would love as a gift. Thanks so much for the project idea

  15. That depends on who’s getting the box. It could be an assortment of sewing tools for a beginning sewist, a special home made goodie (well wrapped!), a piece of jewelry.

  16. Another great idea from y’all! I would fill one box with bandaids and cotton balls and q-tips for the bathroom, and one with sewing notions, threads, needles, buttons, zipper repair pieces, fuseable hem tape, iron on patches, and tiny scissors for my daughter’s desk- she is always looking for sewing tools to fix an office outfit mishap in a hurry! I cannot wait to try to make these!

  17. I would fill my beautiful fabric boxes with vintage lace and tools that I collect. They would look so wonderful in these boxes. Thank you for the directions.

  18. These would be perfect for sweet treats, nuts, hot cocoa mixes or anything that is good to give at Christmas. Why give just the gift when you can make the box a gift too.

  19. These directions are so complete and I really want to sew these. I have some gift cards to put in them along with a small trinket and candies. Red hots for SIL, sour gummy worms for one grand, chocolates for another. I’m excited!

  20. Love the boxes there’s so many things you could use them for.
    I would make one for my great niece and fill it with crayons, scissors and other
    art supplies for a kid.
    They would be great for free standing lace ornaments.
    Great directions. Thanks Happy Holiday’s

  21. I think they would be perfect for the rug mug/coasters or some of the handmade ornaments that I have made following the instructions from We All Sew.

  22. There would be all kinds of things that I would put in one of these boxes! Candies, quilting supplies, pictures, a Christmas ornament, coasters, candy canes, napkins….

  23. I would fill them with Hannukah gelt (chocolate coins) or sewing or knitting supplies. I have made a fabric box in a different format (it has an attached lid which opens) to hold an etrog. I used heavy Fast-2-fuse for it which is a Timtex type product with fusible web on both sides.

  24. I would like to make out of Valentine fabric and fill with Hershey kisses and birthday fabric and fill with candy or fill with special small gift for a special birthday gift.

  25. What would I fill these cute fabrics boxes with? Everything and anything. They can be made with any fabric. Right now I’m remembering some upholstery fabric that would make some very attractive boxes for holding special jewelry pieces

  26. I will put clover clips in one for my best friend. I will put a pretty note pad and a small pen for another friend. Some fingernail polish and other nail grooming items for my sister, some shopkins for my granddaughter (made from shopkins fabrics of course), Teenaged Mutant Ninja turtle “stuff” in one for my grandson (made from TMN turtlefabric also) and for my husband, his favorite candy! They are soooo cute and handy!!!

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