How to Make a Leather Sunglass Case

Follow along as Erin Hogan-Braker from the 7th Bone Tailoring team teaches you how to make a simple, yet elegant custom sunglass case. This is one of Erin’s staple sewing projects. These quick cases take about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Leather Sunglass Case Videotutorial

Supplies to make a leather sunglass case

  • BERNINA sewing machine, we sewed it on a BERNINA 350 PE
  • Leather needles for home machine, BERNINA brand 90/14, 100/16 recommended
  • Leather roller foot, such as the BERNINA Roller foot #51 foot
  • Fabric scissors
  • Heavyweight topstitch thread, Mettler topstitch #30 recommended
  • Leather scrap about 14″ x 5″

Note: You will size this custom to your glasses. It is always ok to piece together leather (or denim!) scraps to create the size you need.

  • Clover brand jumbo clips
  • Snipers
  • Chalk
  • Sunglasses or reading glasses for pattern reference

Sunglass Case Videotutorial

This sunglass case makes a great gift and are an excellent way to use up valuable leather scraps. The beauty of this design is the slim, durable profile. Standard sunglass cases take up so much room in your backpack or handbag. This chic leather design can withstand the rough and tumble of keys, being dropped or other hazardous objects threatening to scratch delicate glasses.

Video Sunglass Case Videotutorial WeAllSew Blog

Erin used Clover brand jumbo clips and BERNINA’s Roller foot #51 to create this project. An alternate way to stitch leather without a specialized foot is demonstrated in this video, jump right in! Thick denim, corduroy or other heavy fabrics with soft backing will also work for this project.

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