One-Hour Wonder – Upcycled Swing Coat

I wanted something new to wear to an event, so I took a trip to our local thrift shop and found a beautiful fuchsia designer woven silk swing coat. But what to wear it with it?

To make it blend with a pair of black trousers and blouse I decided to add a quick stencil design using my BERNINA Cutwork Tool & Software. Fonts easily create crisp vector graphics that turn into CutWork in just one click.  (For alternate instructions, scroll to the end of the post.)

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own One-Hour Wonder:

  • Thrift store jacket (or check the back of your closet!)
  • 4 piece of freezer paper large enough to hoop
  • Black DeColourant or textile paint
  • Sponge brush
  • BERNINA CutWork Tool and Software
  • CutWork-compatible embroidery machine
  • Graphic font

Send the design to the machine and set up the CutWork Tool.

Hoop multiple layers of freezer paper and go! The CutWork Tool easily cuts through eight layers, making quick and easy iron-on stencils.

Use an iron to temporarily fuse the stencils to the garment, then use a sponge brush to apply Black DeColourant or textile paint.


Instructions for creating stencils without the CutWork Tool and Software:

  • Select a design from a graphic font and enlarge it to the desired size. This can be done in a graphics program, or by pasting the character into a Word DOC and increasing the font size.
  • Trace the design onto freezer paper and carefully cut it out using a craft knife.
  • Repeat, creating four stencils.



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