Pressing and Ironing Tips, there is a difference!

There is a difference between ironing and pressing. Both have their place in the quilting world and knowing how and when to use them goes a long way toward accurate piecing.

Teri Lucas of Terificcreations shares her pressing and ironing techniques that truly make a difference in your sewing, quilting and embroidery projects.

Pressing Tips - Pressing Tools

It’s important, no necessary, to use the correct heat setting for the fabric.

Pressing and Ironing Tip - Correct Heat Setting

Ironing is a back and forth motion useful for getting wrinkles and creases out of yardage.

Pressing is an up/down motion, perhaps leaving the iron on the cotton for a moment or two. This is useful for setting seams and pressing them in the direction we need them to go.

Pressing Tips - Pressing to one side

It’s often helpful to use a fine mist of distilled water laced with a couple tablespoons of cheap vodka, a product like Best Press or Flatter to help the cotton relax.

Pressing and Ironing Tips - Decrease Wrinkles

When pressing seams for quilt blocks press them so that 1) the seams will nest and 2) the most convenient direction. When the seams nest it reduces bulk and makes it easier later on to quilt.

Pressing Tip - Pressing Seams

Take your time piecing, press well and your seams will match up well. Our garments, tote bags, and quilts are worth taking that time to press well.

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2 comments on “Pressing and Ironing Tips, there is a difference!”

  • Teri here. I put about 3 to 4 tablespoons of really cheap vodka in about a quart of distilled water. The water works well on it’s own, the added vodka helps the fabric relax a bit more so that when I iron the fabric the wrinkles release and when I press seams they set well. This relaxes the fabric naturally, like many of the more chemical based products available on the market and is much less expensive.

    A few drops of essential oil, like lavender or a few drops of vanilla can be added to give it a lovely fragrance.


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