My Quilt is on QUILTY!

This past crispy-cold Chicago winter I was approached by the magnanimous Mary Fons about sharing one of my quilts with the Quilty crowd. Quilty offers inspiration and enlightenment to the next generation of quilters through the internet (and in print). As Mary describs it on the Quilty website, “Finally, a home for rookie quilters.” You can find videos for virtually every quilting tip and technique at Quilty – it’s like everything you always wanted to know about quilting but were afraid to ask!

So, of course I was totally excited about the experience! I brought my very first modern quilt to share, I made it for my tiny tot Fidget and it has a very special story. The final product is a wonderful episode of the regular Quilty feature, “This is My Quilt!” It was a really great experience, not to mention a total blast to meet Mary and chat with her on the set of Quilty. The episode is posted free at, so you can see it right now!

  Click here to see Quilty episode 304, This is My Quilt with Special Guest Erika Mulvenna

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