How to Sew Leather Bracelets

Buh-Bye Boring Leather!

Leather Bracelets

Create a fashionable leather bracelet to add to your accessory collection.

Leather Bracelet Tutorial Materials

Materials to Sew a Leather Bracelet


Stitch Selection

  • Select decorative stitches that stitch back over the stitch a couple of times to make the stitching more prominent.
  • It is best not to select stitches that stitch close to each other or it may pierce the leather too many times.

Stitch Selection on BERNINA 570 QE

  • Stitch pattern 303 on the BERNINA 570 QE was used in this project.

Decorative Stitch Selection

  • Other stitch pattern suggestions are 301, 305, 308, 702, 709, 711


Attach Foot #52C

  • The BERNINA Zigzag foot with non-stick sole #52C is one of several non-stick feet available. They are designed for stitching on “difficult or sticky” materials such as microfiber fabrics, plastic, vinyl and leather.


BERNINA Zigzag foot with non-stick sole #52C

  • The special coating helps the feet slide over “sticky” materials, letting them move freely under the needle.
  • The Non-Stick Foot #52C is also perfect for stitching 9mm wide stitches on the leather straps for the bracelets.

BERNINA Foot #52

  • Stitch slowly to ensure that when the machine stitches back over a previous part of the stitch it will stitch into the same needle hole.
  • The B 570 DC motor gives great penetration power and has the ability to sew through the thickest of leathers.


Attach the Clasp

  • Select the clasp and slip it over the end of the leather strap.

Leather Bracelets-Stitch Selection

  • If the leather strap is too wide for the clasp use the buttonhole cutter with wooden block to cut the end of the leather the appropriate size.
  • Depending on the type of clasp used, a drop of leather glue may be needed to secure the clasp to the leather

Finished Leather Bracelet



10 thoughts on “How to Sew Leather Bracelets

    1. Depending on the type of decorative stitch you choose a leather needle would work. I found that if I used a leather needle and choose a stitch that would stitch back into the same needle hole several times the needle hole got larger than I wanted. I had no problems with the Cordonnet or Topstitch needle piercing the leather and it gave a good result. When looking for leather straps the ounce of the leather was not available, the strap was purchased according to the width. I found a 10mm wide or wider leather strap worked the best.

  1. Your project is great. I took kraft tex and made a bracelet with an embroidery design from my 880, please try it, it works so great and then used a slash for the end to lace through, so easy and nice. Joann

  2. Could you share a source for the clasp you used? The only one I found at my go-to marketplace Amazon had terrible reviews. Would love to try this, but want to be pleased with the results.

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