Celebrate National Craft Month + Giveaway!

March is National Craft Month, and we’re celebrating by sharing our best crafting projects from WeAllSew! From crafting a necklace or a bracelet, decorating your home, or even creating a gift for a friend, these are our favorite things to craft with a sewing machine. As a bonus, we’ve got a fun crafting-themed prize package for you, scroll to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter!

Jewelry to Craft With Your Sewing Machine

This modern necklace features bright colors and geometric shapes from the 1980’s. Learn how to make this DIY Geometric Vinyl Necklace designed by Nicole Stevenson here at WeAllSew.


Do you have scraps of ribbons and trims in your crafting stash? Use them with some bright threads and fun stitches to make simple Lace Ribbon Cuff bracelets with this tutorial.

Use your embroidery machine along with this free, downloadable design to create a pretty Butterfly Necklace In-The-Hoop designed by Sue O’Very.

These little leather bracelets are so simple to make, you’ll want to create a whole batch! Use decorative threads and stitches to Sew Leather Bracelets with this tutorial at WeAllSew.

monogram necklace

Make a personalized gift with a monogrammed wooden necklace! Use your embroidery machine or create hand stitches with a large needle and embroidery floss. Learn how with the Monogrammed Necklaces on Wood tutorial here.

Home Decor to Craft With Your Sewing Machine


Make a hanging basket to display plants on your porch or in your home. Follow along with the Canvas Plant Hanging Basket tutorial at WeAllSew to make your own.


Re-purpose worn out or vintage linens into handy doorstops, paperweights for your desktop, or pattern weights for sewing. Learn How to Make Weights from Vintage Linens with this how-to.

If you’ve got some cotton rope and pretty threads, you’re half way to creating these fun to make rope bowls! Find out exactly how to create your own Rope Bowl here.


Create a fun garland featuring bright fabric shapes and decorative stitches to brighten any dull corner of your home. Learn how to Create a Daring Garland here at WeAllSew.

These hot handle or pot lid grabbers are simple to make and add a pop of color to your kitchen. Visit the Circle Potholder tutorial here to learn how to make your own.

Gifts to Craft With Your Sewing Machine

DIY Embroidered Notecards

Use your sewing machine (or even hand stitches) to craft one-of-a-kind note cards for family and friends. Find out How to Create Embroidered Note Cards in this tutorial here at WeAllSew.

DIY Shrink Plastic Sewing Pins

Did you play with shrink plastic as a kid? You can use shrink plastic to create your own buttons, custom pin heads, and sewing charms that make perfect gifts! Click over to the Shrink Plastic Sewing Notions post to find out more.

Make sweet personalized gift tags, labels, and cards by combining stamps, paper, bits of trim and fabric scraps. Learn How to Use Stamp Sets for Sewing Projects here.

Mini Scissors Case Tutorial

This mini scissors case is stitched together quickly with a few scraps of fabric and a bit of batting, and holds a small pair of scissors or thread snips along with a place to stick needles and pins. Get the free pattern to make the Mini Scissors Case with Needle Minder here.

Kids Stuff to Craft With Your Sewing Machine

DIY Lunch Money Wallet Bologna Sandwich

Does your kid need to keep track of lunch money? Here’s a fun zippered pouch that looks like lunch! Get the DIY Lunch Money Wallet here from WeAllSew.

DIY Embroidered Merit Badge

Reward your kids with custom-made patches to celebrate special accomplishments. Find out how to make Embroidered Merit Patches here.

DIY Sprinkle Donut Pillow

How sweet (literally!) is this fun donut pillow! Made with cozy fleece and colorful pompom sprinkles, it’s definitely going to be a favorite for any kid. Get the DIY Donut Pillow tutorial here.

snack mat tutorial from WeAllSew

Make snack time fun with this unique little place mat, complete with a pocket for utensils. Add your own special message, a name, or a monogram with stitches. Find the You Are Loved Snack Mat tutorial here at WeAllSew.

String of Pennants - sew triangles into a strip of double folded bias tape

String of Pennants Tutorial

Fast and easy to stitch together, this colorful string of pennants is sure to bring smiles to any celebration (birthday, holiday, or any special occasion). Visit the String of Pennants tutorial here to find the free pattern and instructions.

National Craft Month Giveaway!

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to WeAllSew fan @loboquilter, our National Craft Month Giveaway winner! Thanks to all who entered.

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win this fun package featuring BERNINA red craft notions and accessories! You could win one Stash N Store red and white craft organizer, one pair of Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Curved Scissor snips, one Zirkel magnetic red pincushion, and one handy BERNINA tote bag to stash your crafting supplies!

Stash N Store Organizer

Perfect Curved Scissors

Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion




All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “How do you incorporate sewing with crafts?” The the giveaway is open through Friday, March 8.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog by Friday, March 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

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215 comments on “Celebrate National Craft Month + Giveaway!”

  • Christmas gifts included framed embroidery designs, also pot holders, leather luggage tags and decorated kitchen towels. Rope bowels are scattered around my house as catchalls for just about everything. Coordinating threads with room decor makes them settle in nicely.

    • I usually make Christmas gifts. This year I made microwave bowl holders and embroidered booklike covers containing silver jewelry cleaning cloths.

    • I love to make stocking stuffers or have on hand hostess gifts that are always seemed to be welcomed. I try to match item to each persons personality.

    • How do I incorporate sewing with crafting? For me, there is no crafting without sewing. I love using my Bernina machines and look for craft projects that allow me to use different machine feet and techniques. I find a lot of fun projects right here on We All Sew.

    • I was “crafting” before I owned a sewing machine. Now my projects are much more fun and more creative. My Bernina machine has so many options that I can do so much more with beautiful results!

  • I incorporate sewing into crafts by making my crafts on my awesome Bernina 880 plus that can make lots and lots of different crafts! (as gifts for my friends and family)

  • I incorporate sewing with crafts with my Cricut machine. I use it to make precision-cut materials with leather, vinyl and fabric to sew on my Bernina. I’ve also made greeting cards with my Cricut then used my Bernina to sew a decorative border around the card’s edges!

  • sewing crafts are the only kind I do! I’ve made a few of the rope bowls and everybody loves them and uses them, from bread bowls to key holders. I’ve also made the string of pennants for a St. Patrick’s day party. That canvas plant holder will be next on my list!

  • I incorporate sewing into crafts by making doll clothes, hair accessories, aprons, and bibs. I enjoy sewing as a break from knitting, which I also enjoy!

  • When taking a break on a large project I find it relaxing to complete a small craft project in between;. such as making a mug rug or pillow.

  • craft – an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill;
    sewing – the act or work of one who sews;something sewn or to be sewn.

    I piece quilts and do FMQ. This is how I incorporate sewing with crafts.

  • I sew bags, quilts, pillows, tablerunners, wall hangings, do machine embroidery, art quilts, landscapes. You name it, I will try it, love to keep my Berninas humming.

  • Because I so LOVE my 830, I use it everyday for anything I think up (or find here) to make! Although I’ve only had my machine for 8 months, it has become my most used and valued possession. I’ll be taking in in for maintenance in a couple weeks (while I’m on vacation), and admit that I will miss her terribly! Already, I can’t wait to come back from vacation.

  • I incorporate sewing in my crafting by sewing on greeting cards. Sometimes it is just a matter of stitching the “inside paper” to the outside card stock, but I’ve also sewn fabric pieces to create a picture on the front of a card stock greeting card.

  • I am one of 4 of us that teach at our local Bernina store. I totally appreciate WeAllSew as I am always on the lookout for new ideas to teach at Bernina club. I save the ones I think will work well for the hour or so that we have to demonstrate our craft and I am not the only one that uses the ideas here for our presentations. Thank you!

  • I enjoy using my sewing and quilting skills to make pot holders for myself and friends. I use fabric and Insulbrite scraps from finished projects.

  • I use sewing in my crafting everyday. From quilting, sewing clothes, to making sewing cards for my 3 year old great granddaughter. Sewing pieces of jewelry. Sewing as as a form of teaching math!!! I grew up learning to sew at my great aunt’s knee.

  • I sew many fabric books using my bernina sewing machine for my daughter who is a teacher who specializes in autistic children. Because the books are made out of fabric the children can hold and touch them and when they get dirty they can be thrown into the wash machine and have lasted over 10 years. Having the bernina has allowed me to add embellishments that I was never able to do with other machines

  • I am making fidget quilts for dementia patients which includes a quilted lap mat with buttons, ribbons, Velcro, etc., sewn on to keep fingers busy. This puts my crafting and sewing together happily!

  • I have many small pieces of left over odds and ends from quilt projects. I am saving up enough to Modpodge on a small box with a lid to hold small sewint items. Just sounds fun.

  • I incorporate sewing into most of my fabric crafts. During Christmas last year, i made mug rugs for the first time. This year, however, I wanna use the ribbon to remake/reanimate an ornament curtain I made but with ruffles and quilted “origami” fabric ornaments. I have a 9+ months to make it work lol

  • I sew covers for appliances, seat cushions, pillows, pot holders, scarves, hats, musical instrument cases, doll clothes, and whatever I can for myself and for gifts.

  • Some crafts are hand sewn. I am super excited about some of the things I just saw on this blog though that I can use my machine to make.

  • One of my favorite ways to incorporate sewing into crafts is to make my own greeting cards. I cut out shapes from fabric and sew them onto cardstock in a free-motion stitch. Fabric adds so much color and fun to cards and the stitching adds tons of detail! duchick at gmail dot com

  • I am teaching my 8 year old daughter sewing. Her first project to get comfortable with the machine was fabric book marks. We embellished with lace and ribbon.

  • For me sewing is a craft, it is a hobby. It’s a way I can express myself, relax, & destress. I can be creative. My favorite project was making bags for family members & personalizing it with needle felting.

  • For my new friends and neighbors I embroidered on towels as a Christmas gift. The towels were wrapped in clear plastic bags and I used red miniature rick rack for the tie ribbon. I made approximately 15 to give away. They were well received. My next project will be Easter bunnies.

  • I used DesignWorks to digitize and stitch out downloaded vector drawings to make color-in patches to glue (or hook and loop dots ) to decorate tumblers. My daughter’s friends will color and attach the patches to make a customized tumbler as an activity at her upcoming 10th birthday party.

  • I am learning how to use my Bernina sewing/embroidery machine to make so many different crafts. Currently learning making quilt labels and other in-the-hoop projects. Lots of fun!

  • As a child I would incorporate sewing into every craft I could imagine: collages, cards, gift wrap, treat bags, paper folders/file pockets, covers for binders and books (some sewn onto the book). I continue to find a place for sewing in most crafting, even if it’s just sewing containers for my crafting supplies.

  • I Love to sew anything that can be stitched. i rarely make something more than once., so I am always on the lookout for ways to use my sewing tools. Often i use sewing to craft a new item to keep on old thing in use, Such as a motorcycle sidecar’s seat that had been hosting pollywogs, just wip up a new one, after constructing the base out of plywood and foam. Or matching bulletin board cover –with embroidered names to match the new curtains i just made….so many ways!

  • I hand sew spots onto my mushroom needle minders that I make. Another way that I incorporate sewing with my crafts is by adding embroidery stitching to jeans and repairing holes.

  • I do a lot of hand needlework, but absolutely need my Bernina to get a nice finish to ornments, smalls, huswifes, and more. I have also gotten into sewing pillowcases, tote bags, and other, more intricate bags. I love my Bernina! It makes it easier to do all these things and add extra touches to them!

  • For me, sewing is crafting. I make quilts,(large, small, and tiny), zipper pouches (wallets, with pockets, boxy, and flat) holiday items (Xmas stockings, gift bags, pillowcases (for decor and for trick or treating), tote bags, and “I Spy” quilts of my own design. The sewing part is my therapy; the finishing part is for gift giving.

  • I incorporate sewing with crafts by creating something with purpose from inspiration. The inspiration may be from color, texture or the desire to develop an idea into something tangable.

  • I am always looking at how I can sew a gift, as I try to gift “handmade”. If it has a string or fabric, trying to sew it is the challenge.

  • I’m a thrift crafter. I reuse fabric and accessories to create art, and housewares. I adopted a Bernina 830 last year. It’s been a great addition to my house hold!

  • This is a new area for me! My family is still in shock from the embroidery machine Christmas cards! Best advice I received before starting this adventure was to run a practice piece. After looking at a drawer filling up with practice pieces, I found that I can dissect the samples and apply them to real uses. Patches, fobs, embellishments, wall hangings, mobiles, artsy additions to any or everything, jewelry, napkin rings, drink placeholders…lots of samples!

  • Dear WeAllSew Crew,

    I am thrilled to now be a part of the Bernina family. I stumbled on a Bernina 1230 at an estate sale and bought it since my Brother just wasn’t cutting it with quilting placemats. Wow, like going from riding a bike to driving a Lamborghini! Now I have a 770QE AE and I am in heaven! I am learning the 770 with help from classes and enjoying it very much.

    I just learned how to use the embroidery module and I had a dull needle so I thought, hmmm, why not try to make gorgeous greeting cards with embroidery and voila, worked like a charm especially with the gorgeous metallic threads. (So, save your dull needles and use them to create cards.) I also work with crystal beads and found that sewing a little touch of “bling” with crystal beads on EVERYTHING makes it so much fun. Everything from lampshades, to clothing, to hats. Only your imagination can hold you back.

    Thank you,
    Shelly Adams

  • I enjoy your your website for all the wonder information you share and creative ideas/patterns. My joy comes from creating fabric gifts/cards for family and friends, clothing, quilts, bags, and home Dec items such as table runners, wall hangings, placemats and pot holders. By trying new ideas and techniques it keeps my sewing interesting, fresh, challenging.
    I appreciate all you site does to give me fresh ideas and educate me regarding new ways to use all the Bernina feet. Thank you!

  • The grands and I drew some pictures that we are turning into wall hangings. . .we’ve used embroidery, collage, paint, crayons. . .well, we are having fun. They can’t wait to quilt their creations with my 790 Bernina!!! (I can’t wait either!!!)

  • I love to make gifts for my family and friends. I’ve made many little zipper purses – and my favorites were a little travel bag with a Parisian material for someone leaving for Paris, and two special pencil cases for my grand-daughters – one with a variety of cats, and the other with beautiful horses dancing across the bag. Equally fun are themed pillow cases. I also made a little felted owl which sits on my bookshelf.

  • I make pillowcases as gifts & just because I see a cute print that reminds me of someone, so I surprise him/her w/ a pillowcase (children love those kinds of surprises!)

  • I do a lot of quilting and am always looking for great ideas these news letters are great for that. I try to do some hand work mixed with machine work and always try different mediums paint, placemats rope etc

  • I use sewing, crocheting and knitting with my granddaughter. We also do paper art. This gives us a great time together as we learn and make mistakes along the way. She has learned that mistakes are how we learn.

  • I make zipper pouches to store craft supplies. The pouches are embellished with decorative stitches and use many of the theme printed fabrics available

  • Wall hangings, jewelry, doll house quilts & etc, pillows, applique and ornaments are some of the ways I combine crafts with sewing ☘️?✂️??

  • I love to make journals using composition books and making covers out of fabric. I use the special stitches on my sewing machine and bright threads to decorate the covers.

  • I like to sew the many stitches that I have on my sewing machine on the Artist Trading Cards and Fabric ScrapPostcards that I like to make. I

  • I love to see everything and have 3 machines set up old 730 record 440 and 830 I make quilts and doll clothes potholder place mats yo-yo clowns frog bean bags
    I use my scan and cut help create different items from jewlery to yo-yo animals bracelets and fixing a cup holder to make it easy to put your hand done on the couch, a hanging bean bag pillow to help my husband be comfortable in the car.
    You name it I try it lol I love to sew just finished a quilt clothes and pillows from Missouri star and then made extra clothes and a bag. So much fun

  • I like to make things for my grandchildren, clothes, crafts, etc. Also repair thier clothes, they know if they get a hole or rip in something, nanna will make it better.

  • Since sewing is a craft, I automatically sew and craft together. When I take a break from some other form of crafting, I like to add a few “crumbs” to my paper-pieced squares to use for assorted sewn crafts. I’m thinking the next thing with these crumb blocks will be a bag to carry crafts.

  • Since a craft is making something using your hands, I knit a blanket, then sewed fleece to the other side for my granddaughter. Love combining different mediums when making handmade items.

  • I love to make little bags for people. My favorite is a little bag I made with a braided handle decorated in horse fabric for my sister and brother to keep in their pickup trucks for their sunflower seeds! LOL. They do horse therapy and riding for children in our town and they both love sunflower seeds! I love to make an assortment of bags for all my craft loves (knitting, crochet, sewing, traveling, etc)

  • I have used my Bernina to sew fabric shapes onto blank greeting cards. I’ve also tried free motion embroidery, but that still needs lots of practice.

  • I incorporate sewing with crafts in so many wonderful was so I can keep my creativity flowing. I use my “good ol’ Bernita 180, easy carry Bernina 530 and my newest family member – my Bernina 770 to create personalized embroidered bag, kitchen accessories, quilts, baby projects, luggage tags, rugs, wall hangings and rope bowls and bags! The projects are endless when looking to We All Sew for inspiration! I hope to pass along my passion for sewing AND crafting to a grandchild someday. 🙂

  • I’ve made placements, table runners, snap bags (using the metal measuring tape as closure) and many other gifts for friends and relatives. It’s fun to think of new ways to use fabric and thread!

  • I have been making wool Christmas ornaments every year for family members. I am addicted to these! Also I have made pot holders and table runners among other things. After looking through the above ideas. I want to make some necklaces (especially one like the first one shown … love it!) and bracelets in the future. Thanks for these great ideas!

  • If I can’t make it with my trusty almost 10 year old Bernina 440 QE sewing machine and my faithful almost 20 year old Bernina 1100DA Serger, I can’t do it. I make quilts, bags, wall hangings, clothes, potholders….
    I would love to have your notions and accessories holder in my sewing room.
    BTW – both machines are running like new.

  • I make a love of stuffed toys for my grandson which I guess would qualify for sewing and crafts. Though everything I use my sewing machine for is a craft to me.

  • This week, I decided to create a quilting design board by covering a painter’s canvas with a light solid-colored flannel. Because the canvas will be stretched on a frame, I will be able to easily hang my design board on a wall with something as simple as a nail.

  • I love sewing and crafting. My grandmother taught me when I was eight how to hand sew my own Barbie clothes – it is how I learned to use a pattern. I haven’t stopped sewing since. It keeps me sane. I like to bind books and often incorporate machine sewing into the pages and on the covers. You can sew almost anything!

  • I like making table runners, pillows, quilts, pin cushions, tote bags, and embroidered T shirts. I help my granddaughters to make doll clothes and doll quilts.

  • I use fabric crafts from the 1970s and 1980s (painted and embroidered clothing and home goods) to incorporate into pillows and tote bags. Each item is one of a kind.

  • I find that I use my machine as much for crafting projects as I do for sewing. I have made several of the rope baskets this past year for presents for my friends. I will try the card making next.

  • Using machine embroidery to make all kinds of cards is one of my favorite ways to combine crafting and sewing. Repurposing old jeans into rugs, totes, or other items is another way I combine the two.

  • The crafting possibilities are endless. I make soft dolls as well as quilts and gifts for friends & family. Love my 880+ and all it can do!

  • I layer piece of plane fabric with different structure as if it is a little landscape and then I sew grasses, trees , mountain etc. Then I put then in a IKEA frame and have lovely gifts for friends and family. Even for in my one studio and house.

  • I incorporate crafts with sewing in many ways, kitchen towels and potholders for small gifts. I’ve made free standing beautiful flowers and used for a pop of color in the house. I use the drawing tool to make elaborate cards. My Bernina is my happy place!

  • Sewing and crafts go together, especially when I can sew and quilt on my Bernina sewing machine. The leftover fabrics from bigger projects are recycled into baby bibs, napkins, travel wallets, doll clothes with matching accessories, and snack bags.

  • Love to give my existing kitchen towels a makeover by sewing on a scrappy border from leftover fabric scraps.
    Planters for indoors get a face lift too with a fabric cover for hanging or window resting.

  • I am excited about kid crafts theses days as my grands are getting to the age where they can help and appreciate the nuances that my Bernina can afford the craft. When my kids were little we did a lot of things….bags, skirts, doll clothes…no real crafts.

  • I like to make my own window coverings, placemats & napkins. I also quilt, make gifts, art quilts, and much more! My machines are like a part of my family.

  • I have made embroidered purses, blankets, placemats, tree skirts, Christmas ornaments. The list goes on and on! Everything can be turned into a craft!

  • I make a lot of home dec projects with my sewing machines. Tablecloths, placemats. curtains, quilts. The list is endless, so is the joy I get from creating them.

  • Love making table toppers for every holiday as well as wall quilts for the various seasons. In addition, I make items that reflect the season, pumpkins, candy canes, etc.

  • My passion is Quilting. However, family (only) will occasionally ask me to make curtains, placemats, potholders, table runners, etc.
    And at times I have to dig deep inside my soul to create (something?) from an old pair of raggedy pants, old shirt and half yard of Day of the Dead fabric for my brother in law ?. I’m seriously loving this retirement job. ?

  • I’ve sewn my whole life. It’s not something that I incorporate into my crafts or into my life. It IS a part of my life. Quilting, embroidery, making clothing or clothing repair/alterations….and much more. I love all of the fiber arts but sewing was my first learned and my first loved.

  • I like to make wine. When I gift a bottle to a friend it is almost always in a wine cozy of some sort. Some are gift bags; carriers or something insulated. Even embroidered wine glass charms or attached coasters. Since these are normally for my girlfriends, they almost always have cutesy fabric on the outside and a solid inside with a witty or snarky embroidery and remark.

  • Sewing and crafts go hand in hand in my house. One thing I love to do is use colored pencils to create one of a kind fabric to sew with. It could be shading plain fabric, coloring in a black and white print or having the grandkids draw a picture on a piece of fabric and sewing it into a quilt or tote.
    I like inktense pencils best for bold bright colors

  • I’ve made table runners and toppers, embroidered the same, lots of quilts and little bags and too many things to even remember! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  • To me crafts and sewing go hand in hand. I love being creative with potholder, towels, etc. I even make most of my greeting cards. But, I also sewing clothes for myself and lots of tool cases for my husband. I think one of my best invention was a case to put the SUV receiver in, now everything don’t get greasy.

  • I enjoy sewing and embroidering items for gifts for friends and family, especially for my granddaughters who are now learning to sew with Grandma. We make mug rugs, baby bibs, greeting cards, etc. We use all kinds of materials – cloth, paper, ribbon, you name it. It’s fun to be creative.
    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, directions, patterns, etc. You are my go to site to discover things.

  • I always have leftover fabric from quilting projects which I use to make kitchen items—coasters, placemats and hot pads. I give quilts for special occasions, but I am quick to share kitchen accessories as thank you gifts for favors great and small.

  • I just finished sewing on binding (first time doing it all by machine) on a set of four place mats for my son and his wife–they turned out very well and I also was able to practice some machine quilting as I used different quilting design for each one.

  • When I participate in a white elephant gift exchange, I also like to give everyone a small gift even though I don’t have their name;I’ve given out friendship bracelets and quick fleece scarves the last few years.

  • I always try to give my close friends something handmade as Christmas gifts. Items have included re-usable shopping bags, fancy purses, embroidered kitchen towels, and even neckties for the men. It’s so much fun figuring out what the item will be and then picking colors and fabrics for each person. This year, I think it’s going to be mending kits or small zip-up pouches for traveling.

  • In addition to sewing, I love to Needlepoint. I finish my own needlepoint projects as ornaments or standups. I embroider a message, date and/or my initials on the fabric backing.

  • I enjoy making cards and glasses cases using the selvages of fabric. I have made notebook covers I have embroidered on cards as well. I make many gift bags and use embroidery on towels, shirts, etc. I have made headbands too!

  • I love making little zippered pouches. I’ve made them as gifts and recently made a bunch for a craft sale. This summer my co-leader and I plan to teach some children to make them at our church’s Creative Arts Camp. Should be fun!!!

  • I consider myself a crafty sewer before anything else. I adore my Bernina since it handles the variety of textiles with ease. I like my sewing projects to have a function and that usually results in crafting but with some sewing.

  • Hi,

    I have many crafts that incorporate sewing. One of my favorites is a class project I recently completed. We were assigned to produce a project that represents three worldviews in our field. I chose to align my perception of each worldview with a quilt block. I chose three quilt block designs. I selected fabric with my family and attached muslin to each design before adhering the designs to separate canvas frames. I plan to display my designs in my home after I receive my grade! I am excited as to how beautiful it came out.

  • With 5 various Bernina machines to my name I am never at a loss for an idea on how to make things brighten up my sewing. I love to make totes, purses, zip bags, pillow cases, quilts of all sizes! Baby quilts are my favorites. My family & friends always look forward to my gifts….even the gift wrap !

  • How do you incorporate sewing with crafts?

    I love to craft!
    I have sewn on cards since I began rubber-stamping, I also stitched in my scrapbook pages. I love to re-purpose clothing and do embroidery on jeans and pants that I pick up from thrift stores – love it more when they are on clearance 😉 – Of course quilting and bag making is fun as well. If it isn’t tacked down and will fit under my needle, I will find a way to sew or embroider on it…isn’t that what its made for?!?!

  • I use all my quilting supplies to craft party decorations and dolls for family. Also love to incorporate quilts to establish color scheme for parties.

  • I use fabric and yarn to create gift wrapping, particularly for odd-sized items. I have also made several quilts to give as gifts for special occasions. I have been crocheting and doing cross-stitch and needlepoint for over 35 years, and wanted to branch out.

  • I love sewing and embroidery. I like to quilt so making small projects as gifts is great. Adding a little embroidery to a project with an name or initial makes the gift special!

  • I enjoy creating hand made gifts for my family and friends for special occasions and holidays. I am currently working on in-the-hoop embroidery projects. For myself I enjoy creating jackets with texture, piecing & embroidery.

  • At this time in my life, I sew more for others than myself. It can be anything quilted &/or home decor items, ie, rope bowls, pillows and many items to numerous to list. Anyone can go shopping for a present, but to make the giving more special, there is nothing better than a gift Hand-Made (machine or hand-sewn) with love, as well as understanding what someone really needs/wants to make it special.

  • I love using crafty things in mixed media art quilts. I love to make quilts, wall hangings, and home dec projects. I am always looking around craft stores for things to add to my quilts. So much fun.

  • Most of my crafting is done by sewing and embroidering gifts and items for friends and family. I make purses, in the hoop items, bags, toys for kids, and items for the kitchen and around the house. I’m also a basket weaver so I also make linings for some of my baskets. I love new challenges and projects, in spite of the fact that I have a closet full of UFOs I’m trying to work on.

  • I make burp cloths by using prefolded diapers, and sewing a cute fabric down the center of the diaper–can use a straight stitch or decorative stitches on the side seams!

  • Hand sewing with my granddaughter’s Brownie troop to show them how to sew “sit upons” was great fun recently. And I use hand and machine sewing for mixed media crafts. Sewing seams on knitted sweaters. Sewing bits of fabric onto paper cards and tags.

  • I have sewn Christmas stockings for my 2 children when they were young. When they got married I made stockings for their spouses and now I am making stockings for grandchildren!

  • I like to add embelishments with paint. generally just a little here and there, like stamping a word or adding a bug on a flower. I sew for charity, Quilts Of Valor, Giving Dolls, and project Shoebox. I like making useful items like bags and pouches, who can’t use them. I’m learning to embroider so I can add more bling.

  • I can use the decorative stitches on my Bernina 435 to sew pretty borders and/or separating lines on blank, heavy paper cut to the appropriate size for greeting card envelopes. I can then use calligraphy to write the greeting and sentiment within the stitched borders and lines. Another project that has my interest is making various sized booklets by using a heavy needle (Jeans) and heavy threat to stitch several pieces of paper together down the center fold and then use these as pages in bullet journals, diaries, notebooks, etc. Use a large rotary cutter and mat to trim the edges of the pages even. Use blades that have become too dull for fabric, they still cut through paper like a breeze … and wear a protective glove when cutting as paper does not behave quite like fabric when cutting.

  • I love to add stitching as well as fabrics and trims to my paper crafting and cards. The dimension and texture it adds really steps up my crafting game.

  • Absolutely! I’ve made FSL earrings, covered button earring with a small embroidery design in the center, digitized key ring tags in my bernina software, digitized and felted numerous pincusions, quilted with my embroidery machine, made luggage tags and numerous Christmas stockings from felted wool with embroidery details.

  • I like to craft lots of things. Dog collars, pot holders, decorate kitchen towels, throw pillows, etc. I’m planning on making some fabric boxes soon for my laundry room storage shelves.

  • I love to make key fob, notebook covers, pot holders, jelly roll rugs, rope coiled baskets, & pillows. So many options. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

  • I’ve made denim bags for my crafting friends, and I used my 200E to personalize them. The denim was left over from an embroidered quilt that my husband and I made years ago.

  • I started sewing/quilting eight years ago when my MIL bought me a Bernina and said it was time for me to learn. I haven’t stopped! I make my husband and grandsons jamma pants, my quilting buddy things for her sewing room, etc. There’s ALWAYS some fun project to do!
    Now my I’m teaching my twin grandsons how to sew so when they get out on their own they can do their own sewing, mending or crafting! Sew much fun!!!

  • Sewing is my Craft! I machine sew, embroider, knit and hand sew. I can’t help myself! Currently I’m working on my love of all things QUILTING! I love learning this craft and can’t wait to see where it takes me!

  • In South Africa , a stunning craft was created , using USED tea bags, sun died. You patchwork the squares together , then cover with organza , quilt/cover the seams with one of your favourite pattern stitches . Makes stunning lined carry bags .

    And Applique is another favourite. Every guest that attends Christmas at my home, gets a personalised gift to take home, to remember the day. Last year i did place mats , each with the guest’s name and “Noel 2019” . I would be lost without my Berninas ( I have 3). Xxx

  • If I even have a few minutes I make embellishments to use on Fidget Quilts…one of my guild’s community service projects. Faux chenille squares, prairie points, yo yo’s.

  • I use my Silhouette to cut various designs. Sewing them on my 770QE has been a pleasure. Items from baby toys to quilts, wall hangings and clothing. So many ideas – I will always be busy.

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