Sewing Room Lighting Tips

Your sewing area is more than just what’s under your needle, it also includes the space around your sewing machine. Good overall lighting in your sewing space can reduce eye strain and fatigue, helping you sew for longer periods of time. Here are our best sewing room lighting tips including an amazing giveaway from our friends at the Daylight Company!

Sewing room lighting tips

A balance of good lighting by your sewing area (like my fellow BERNINA Ambassador Laura McDowell Hopper‘s space above) will help you focus on your task for a longer period of time while avoiding stress to your eyes. You may already be suffering from eye fatigue and not realize it! Straining to see your sewing project without proper light, direct glare from a light bulb in your field of vision, or looking at a focused bright area of light in a dark room for long periods of time can cause symptoms of eye fatigue. These symptoms can include headache, sore neck and shoulders, blurred vision or problems focusing, and even increased difficulty in concentrating on your task.

To avoid problems with eye strain and fatigue, experts suggest a good balance of light in the overall area. This includes good task lighting and an even amount of diffused light in the room where you are working, and can combine natural light with artificial light.

Task Lighting for Sewing

Sewing room lighting tips

Your first step in a well-lit sewing space starts with your sewing machine. If you are sewing with a modern machine, chances are you have bright lights built in above the needle.

Sewing room lighting tips

Check out the B 590 E above, you can see how bright the built-in LED lights around the needle (and beyond!) are, and they give lots of light to the work area under the machine.

Sewing room lighting tips

Also notice the removable work table and free-arm both have a flat surface to reduce glare from the lights. In fact all current BERNINA machines have flat finishes on the direct sewing surface specifically to prevent glare. Make sure your sewing machine lights are all working properly, and get them repaired right away when they need replacing.

In addition, a task light over your sewing machine can light the work area around your machine (for grabbing tools, adjusting whatever you’re sewing, or grabbing a new needle). Working in a dark room with only the lights from your sewing machine can add stress to your eyes as they struggle to adjust to the two different light levels when you look away from your sewing machine.

Sewing space organization tips

I use a Daylight Company Slimline LED table lamp over my sewing machine (pictured above), it’s perfect for task lighting at the sewing machine as it includes a strip of bright LED lights that provides even, bright light. The Slimline clamps on any table surface and is fully adjustable (you can also purchase an additional floor stand for the lamp).

Laura also uses the Slimline light in her space (check out her blog Sonic Stitches where she writes about her sewing space lighting), and you can definitely see the difference extra light around her sewing machine makes in her before/after pictures below.

Sewing room lighting tips

Sewing room lighting tips

Tips for setting up task lighting:

  • Use in any area where you are working with your hands for long periods of time (sewing, at the cutting table, pressing, etc.). The Daylight Company have a fantastic array of task lighting in different shapes and sizes.
  • Prevent glare from highly reflective surfaces. Either adjust the task lamp or move objects to keep glare down. If you wear eye glasses all or part of the time to sew, put them on when adjusting task lighting to make sure there is no direct glare from your glasses.
  • Don’t let bare bulbs shine directly in your field of vision. Adjust the lamp to get the benefits of the light without any part of the bare bulbs shining into your eyes.
  • Keep lamp bases or cords away from your direct work space. You don’t want to reach for a pair of thread snips or a rotary cutter and accidentally knock over your lamp.

General Lighting for Sewing

General lighting includes the overall light in the room where you sew.

Sewing room lighting tips

Experts recommend an even, diffused light in the room to prevent eye strain and fatigue. Eyes won’t constantly try to re-adjust with different light levels when you are looking up from the sewing machine, or performing another quick task in the room (pressing a quick seam, clipping a thread, etc.) if light is evenly distributed. I use a combination of diffused natural daylight from windows, a handful of lamps that reflect off of white ceiling and walls, and task lighting. Overall this gives me plenty of all-around light in the room with a bright light focused on my sewing area.

Sewing studio organization tips


Natural daylight offers one of the best sources of light in a room. Make sure to keep direct sunlight away from your sewing machine and supplies as the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can damage fabric, threads, and even your machine over time.

Tips for setting up diffused lighting:

  • Keep your sewing machine and supplies away from direct sunlight. You can choose a window treatment that will block the direct light and still give a nice diffused light to the room (like semi-transparent sheers, shades, or frosted window stickers).
  • If you have light fixtures in the ceiling, change out clear bulbs or directed floodlights with soft, frosted light bulbs. Make all the light bulbs in the ceiling fixtures the same type of bulb, wattage, and lumen rating.
  • If you don’t have a ceiling fixture you can add tall lamps or wall mounted fixtures that point directly at the ceiling to reflect the light down into the room. White ceilings can help increase the amount of ambient light in the room, too.

Daylight Slimline Lamp Giveaway!

Sewing room lighting tips

Thank you to all who entered the contest, which closed on August 14th 2018! Keep your eyes open for more contests to come here at WeAllSew.

One lucky WeAllSew fan will win this amazing Slimline Table Lamp from our friends at the Daylight Company with a value of $190.00! All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question,

What kind of lighting do you use when you sew?

The the giveaway is open through Tuesday, August 14th at 11:59 PM CST. The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by August 14, 2018 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

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909 comments on “Sewing Room Lighting Tips”

  • I have overhead lighting from a fan/light combination. In addition, my machine is set up with a window for natural light in the daytime. I also use a tabletop LED lamp behind my machine, though it would probably be better in front.

      • The lighting on my Bernina machine is excellent and I have an Ott-light behind my left shoulder at the machine. Lighting in the room is adequate in the daytime thanks to large windows, but at night the meager track lighting just doesn’t do the job. It barely reaches cutting table and leaves the ironing board in near darkness. A textured ceiling seems to absorb a lot of the light rather than spread it. It seemed OK 30 years ago, but older eyes seem to need all the light they can get!

      • I would love to own this slim light ?. I’ve seen it at a quilt shop and it’s amazing. Thank you for this generous giveaway. I currently use my bernina sewing machine light and a Stella light by my machine.

    • In addition to the light on my 790, I have natural light from a window next to my sewing table during the day. When I need it, I have ceiling track mounted lights focused on my sewing area but they get hot and I still need brighter focused light.

    • I use two Oslo lights which still are not enough but I’m just setting up a sewing room that hopefully I won’t have to put up, pack away, put up…I would love that light I also have a small light that I have attached 3X to the end of my sewing machine and I can bend the head of the light directly at the needle…Would also love that sewing machine…my dream someday.

    • I use a combination of lights- all the light I can get, especially when free motion quilting! I have an Ottlite and a free standing led light, as well as the light on my Bernina. It would be nice to not take so much space to get good light!

    • I have horrible light in my sewing room, I of course have the light on my bernina and then a small desk lamp and a light in the middle of my ceiling that has a frosted shade on it, so it doesn’t give off much light.

    • I have a combination of different lights in my sewing room, natural, lamps, overhead and machine lights. I do need a good light for my commercial machine.

    • I use overhead lighting, natural lighting and an ott light. I primarily sew on my 25 year old Bernina 1130 and embroider on my Bernina 730. It seems I never have enough light for my machine sewing projects, embroidery, needlepoint and other hand sewing. I would love to try the Slimline Table Lamp.

    • I recently rearranged my sewing room. My sewing machine is in front of the wi Dow which provides great indirect light. It also allows me to see the outside while sewing. I have a ceiling fan with overhead light which is at my back so does not provide a lot of light. I do have a Ott light on a stand which is great to move where needed. Would love one of the giveaway lights to use over my machine and/or cutting table. Thanks for all the tips!

    • I have great LED lighting on my machine, have too much natural light from two windows and I use a floor Ott Light that I can wheel around the room. There is a weak light on the ceiling fan but other than that the lighting in my sewing room is terrible.

    • I have overhead lighting with” natural spectrum” and a moveable lamp nearby, plus light from outside during the day. The long bar light looks as if it would be very useful and not in my way.

    • I had a house fire and lost everything and I mean everything! After getting the necessary things I am now working on replacing the things that are important to me. I have adequate lighting for the day but at night I also use a LED lamp that I move from cutting to machine. I also have three chairs instead of one with wheels; this way I make myself stand up when I have to move from one station in the room to another one.

    • I have an Ott floor lamp , a ceiling light which isn’t very bright . I have a window close by for daylight and my 830 machine lighting which is wonderful for sewing and embroidery .Would love the Slimline table lamp , looks like it would work great and I could keep the floorlamp at my work table .

    • I use a small extended light along with being near a window. It would be nice to have a longer light. My machine light is also good to help with the job.

    • I have an overhead light and natural window lighting. However, I could definitely use the improved lighting this Slimline table lamp would provide!

    • I have 3 zones of overhead lighting as well as natural light from 2 windows. I also have a daylight floorlamp next to a chair for relaxing hand sewing.

    • For evening sewing, I have led strip lighting on the harp of my Bernina 440, plus two sets of track lights on the walls of my sewing room. On a sunny day, I use the led lights on the machine and the natural light from two windows.
      I’ve tried task lights but I find that they clutter up the workspace around my machine.

    • I use overhead lighting and my sewing machine is positioned in front of a window. After dark this is very inadequate. I would love one of these new lights.

    • I’m pretty spoiled at home. I have 3 can-ceiling lights that cover my workspace. I could really use the slimline table lamp for workshops and retreats where there never seems to be enough lighting where I need it.

    • I have a ceiling fan/light, daylight, a double gooseneck tsk light over my machine. An older 3 bulb floor lamp to my right and a little back for additional lighting My cutting table has an ott light over it which I usually have on for overall lighting

    • I have a regular bedroom ceiling light and two table lamps on my sewing table. I love how much light this lamp provides and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the sewing surface! I am always struggling with a low light problem.

    • I sew in a room where the light on my machine is the only artificial light I have. I have windows in the room and they help, but limit my sewing time to day light hours.

    • My machine is by a south facing window Ahmad I love the location except when the sun is lower in the sky and it causes a glare. I have shade but after ready this article may put a glaze on my window to diffuse the light without blocking the outside view. I supplement the natural light with an Ott light. Would love to upgrade my lighting.

    • I have a center overhead light and a swing-arm lamp next to my sewing table which is front of a window. I try to do most of my sewing during the day. The sun only shines directly onto the machine for a very short time in the early morning.

    • I have ceiling light and Ott light on sewing cabinet Also small bendable light attached to machine. Seems I need more light as I get older. Thanks.

    • I replaced my pole lamp lights with Ottlite bulbs and I sew next to a wall of windows. It’s awesome during the day but I think your Slimline Table Lamp would be a fabulous addition! Especially as the days get shorter and more lighting is needed!

    • I’ve been looking at this light just out of my affordability right now.. I also have no light other than what’s on my machine .. I’m sewing in front of window for now.?

    • I have the new Bernina 590 and love its lighting! Also use several Ott lights throughout my sewing room. Love the look of this slimline light♥️

    • I use the light from my Bernina 440QE and also an LED light on the left side to light up my area. I have macular degeneration so I use as much light as I can get to brighten my area.

    • I have the daylight slim light and love it. I have three sewing machines set up in my sewing room and would like to have this light at each of my sewing stations.

    • I suppose I use task lighting since I have a lamp next to me. But it is certainly inadequate and I would love to win the giveaway. But even without the win, thanks for the information. It’s very helpful.

    • I have a ceiling light with to 60 watt bulbs. The fixture is 80 plus years old. I have a table light with another 60 watt bulb. The light on my sewing machine and an additional led light attached to my sewing machine, besides sunlight from the west.

    • I have a ceiling light and fan behind me and an Ott floor lamp which is too far from my machine to help much but can’t be moved closer. I really think the slimline light would be perfect.

    • My sewing room is small and has one ceiling light. My sewing machine sits facing the one window of the room. My sewing machine is a Singer, Model 247, which has its own light. I have an additional light attached to the machine table: this light can be adjusted to reach over the sewing machine. And for more light, I have a small standing light that I place in the best spot relative to the sewing machine, in order to have even greater light on my work as I sew.

    • I have great lighting on my B790 Bernina and an overhead Ott light I have had for years. I have nice lighting, but this light you are featuring looks amazing!
      I would love to win this light!

    • A floor craft lamp and the light from my Bernina. I am near a window, fine in the summer. I have some overhead lights but they are not near the machine.

    • The LED light on my Bernina 880 is great, but not enough. I have natural light during the day, plus a ceiling fan light. At night I have a small OTT light I move around to get more light where I need it. This light would be an awesome addition to my space!

    • I have a ceiling light and the LED light on my sewing machine and an OTT light. I keep trying to find the perfect addition to enhance my lighting problems. At night it is hard to get enough light.

    • I have just replaced an LED light with an Ottlite and now know where to place the light. I have several windows for daylight and a floor lamp and ceiling light near by. My Bernina 750QE also has great lighting.

    • I have natural light from a window covered with sheers to diffuse the light, the minimal lighting on my mach8ne and have an older led ott light that seems to,cause a little glare in my eyes. It probably needs lowered. My ironing table has no lighting and when I use it my back is to the light and it is a dark little corner! Hard to press at night, not so bad during the day. Would love one of the daytime slim lights, I have seen them at shops,and at quilt shows and have dreamed of owning one someday.

    • Wow…excited to see this & read recommendations & comments. Currently looking for better sewing light in my newly acquired sewing room. I only have window & cfl table lamp (plus sewing machine light) and really need the lighting improved.

    • I have 3 lights stuck on my machine, Bernina 1130. I also had my machine lights hard wired because the switch keeps going out. I have a couple of task lights sitting around and an overhead light.

    • I have a overhead light which is diffuse lighting. I brought in another floor lamp but its not enough. I saw this post and thought it was the best thing. I notice since im older my eyes changing and straining. I need to upgrade my lighting to this slimline over my lovely Bernina and look into a bulb/ lamp at the stitching foot area !! Thanks so much. If i dont win, i would like to purchase one.

    • After her passing, I was the lucky recipient of my mother’s bedside LED reading lamp of which I cherish as a reminder of her when I sit down to sew. It is a direct over-my-machine light that’s perfect for day or evening sewing. I also have outside natural light through a floor length window to the side of my machine. It’s great for keeping up with the neighbor’s animals antics, mail deliveries, and school bus pickups too. I’d love to be the recipient of this Slimline Table Lamp! Thank you for the giveaway!

    • Our overhead LED lights in our RV the “ Rollin Bobbin” isn’t very bright when sewing just a little window that’s in front of my desk where my Bernina sits while I sew. Extra lighting would be lovely to have to sew into the late evening.

    • I also have overhead fan/light combo. Also an second ceiling light where I cut and iron. at my machine I have the machine light as well as an adjustable lamp with a daylight bulb in it pointing at the needle area from behind the machine. love the daylight bulb. the room has light gray paint with a white ceiling. I just changed from a blonde table to a fairly dark sewing cabinet. this lowered my machine by about 4 inches, which my shoulders are grateful for. I have a swivel chair on rollers. I iron every seam, so am up and down many times. This is MY room, and I make changes as the need arises, which is not really very often.

    • I have my older Bernina machine set up by a window, and I use an adjustable arm floor lamp. My eyesight isn’t as sharp as it used to be, and I know the importance of good lighting, especially for close work. This gives me thought to reconsider how to better light my work area.

    • I have two fluorescent ceiling lights and I currently use two Ott Lites on both sides of my sewing cabinet but could use all of the light possible for my problematic eyes.

    • I have a desk light behind my Bernina 780 , a floor lamp that reflects light down from the white ceiling, and a large window for natural lighting . Could really use a light for my cutting table though. Thanks

    • The special light looks great!
      That would be a great asset in my sewing area.
      My current lighting is not the best.
      I will have to find a good source.

      Maya, I am a Swiss Miss by birth!

    • I use an overhead fluorescent lighting fixture but sometimes have to use a table lamp as well. My machine only illuminates to the left of the needle, so anything to the right is too dark to see. 🙁

  • For machine sewing, along with the machine light and overhead lighting, I have a small desk lamp. It’s not perfect, but definitely helps.

    For hand sewing I often use a tiny reading lamp to put ‘spotlight’ on my work.

    The slimline lamp looks great and the directionality of the light seems like it would be very helpful.

  • I have 2 OttLites, as that is what is available locally, strategically located around my sewing machine. Living in Alaska with all the dark winter days, it makes it very hard to see. This light looks amazing and appears to take up very little space and places an amazing amount of light on your project. I’m going to have to check it out.

  • This Daylight Slimline Lamp would be perfect for my sewing room! I have a wonderful large window to light up my daytime sewing, but after the sun goes down, the overhead lighting is so poor. I love that this takes up very little space on the table and overhead. Fingers crossed here!

  • Very informative article! I use a Daylight magnifying lamp with a circular bulb over my work area and machine. My Bernina has LEDs which add brightness over the sewing area, but it’s helpful to have additional bright diffused light overhead.

  • When I purchased my first Bernina my sister gave me a lighting strip that she had found online. It’s wonderful! It sticks right to your machine so you have light right where you are sewing. This task light would be perfect for my side table.

  • I only use natural lighting. I haven’t found the perfect lamp to purchase for my area, but would love to give this Slimline lamp a try so I can sew on dreary days and evenings!!

  • I have two sizes of Ott lights, one that is larger (but not as large as the light featured above) that is a floor lamp and I can move to near the sewing machine or raise to be high enough to help me at the ironing board. The smaller Ott light is a table lamp that was billed as a student desk lamp. I tote it to the cutting board to help with task lighting. Since my room as a central ceiling fan/light combo, it seems my head casts a shadow over any work surface at night when there isn’t light coming from the windows. I’ve thought about an LED headlamp to help but haven’t tried it!

  • Right now I use a regular lamp beside my B765. It does help, but after a while, my eyes feel strained. I sew almost every day and many hours a day, so this give away is amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Two OLD lamps and sunlight. It’s ok in the winter but in the summer, the vines cover the patio and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see well

  • I have good lighting from my Bernina and ceiling lights but am interested in the lighting described here for added light by my machine and also where I often do my hand sewing. I loved this post! Thank you!

  • I use an Ott lite floor lamp in addition to the overhead light in the room. It’s not ideal, but I find I need the extra lighting. Would love to try the Slimline shown in the blog!

  • I have 2 large windows in my sewing room that lets in natural sunlight, but I also have 3 daylight bulbs placed in my ceiling fixture when lighting is low. My sewing machine also has lighting for the needle and arm area.

  • In my sewing room I have a ceiling fan/light. I have a small light lamp behind my machine , that I use to see my sewing more clearly. It gives me very little room behind my machine space.

  • I use the lighting on my machine, but have been looking at lighting to add. I lost the eyesight in my right eye and tea need additional lighting to keep up with my sewing.

  • I have a couple of LED lights with adjustable settings around my Sewing Machine and a couple of florescent lamps around my ironing board & cutting table. I really need lots of light around me when sewing.

  • I have a floating shelf over my desk and I have shelf mounted lighting underneath the shelf; however, I still find it insufficient for tasks under the needle.

  • I love this lighting!!! Right now I use a combination of every old lamp I’ve ever had and it is a great big jumbled mess! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Thanks a bunch for the chance to win this awesome Slimline Table Lamp! ☺ Currently, I use four OttLite floor lamps around my sewing machine in the basement. Thank you “sew” much! ☺

    • I have an ceiling light which have five lights. Then 2 Ott lights that I direct over my sewing area. My I added a line of lights to my sewing machine too. I need to update my lightin. Recently diagnosed with cataracts so I need better lighting.
      Thank you for considering me. I would love to be the winner of the light. Thank you.?Kathy patterson [email protected]

  • That’s so awesome! I have trouble sewing in the evening as I am getting on in age. I have been using Ottlite lighting but it isn’t effective as I would like it.

  • I currently use an Ott Lamp in my
    Sewing space. However at a recent retreat I saw this light and fell in love. It’s a bit out of my price range but would love one!! So I hope I win this contest and am able to have one. I have your light box and love it!!

  • I use an ott light with flexible neck, right beside my Bernina. Her name is Nina, one of my favorite characters on General Hospital, lol. The machine, not the light. The light helps, but is not great.

  • Most of my lighting is from a floor lamp and general overhead lighting, but I do have a small LED light purchased from IKEA a few years ago that is bendable so I can focus on a specific area around my sewing machine. The Slimline Table lamp would definitely be a big improvement! Thanks for the informative post!

  • I use an OTT light that I have had for years. I even have the original bulbs…however the lamp itself might need some new life! I love the look of the Slimline! Thanks for the give away!

  • I currently use the excellent led lighting provided by my 770QEE and an adjustable table lamp by Ott. It is sufficient but I’d love to try this Slimline model from your company! Hoping I win so I can continue to produce my quilt products for my customers without ruining my own eyesight!

  • I have an old floor lamp – plus I have three large windows that are good for sewing in the morning. I don’t sew much at night anymore – too hard on these old eyes – so a new lamp would be very welcome !!

  • I use a lamp when I sew. Would be great to win this lightning contest. Looks wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win. Looking forward to reading your post.

  • I use additional daylight type of lights around my machine. It would be really nice if in future updates of our machines, daylight LED’s were included in the upgrades to minimize the additional lighting needed.

  • I have typical ceiling fan lighting, and then I recently bought these giant adjustable vintage warehouse style floor lamps from Ikea where I put daylight bulbs. I have been posting more project photos on Instagram and lighting really is key! I have a wonderful window that gets amazing natural light, so when i do get to sneak some sewing in during the day, it’s so uplifting

  • I have a table lamp and a floor lamp and a window. Sure would be nice to eliminate the table lamp shade, which impedes my ability to manipulate large pieces of fabric. Mahalo.

  • My sewing room is in our spare bedroom in the basement. The lighting is not great, but I use my ceiling light, two table lights, and one desk light. Would love to win that light, so cool!

  • I use the light on my sewing machine, open the curtains for the day light, then turn on my kitchen light since it shine bright over the area where I sew. As you can tell, I hardly ever sew at night

  • I don’t have a designated sewing room so I sew in my living room but have to wait till my kids go to bed so it’s dark. I turn on all the lights I can and sometimes use one of my husband’s headlamps haha.

  • I love the look of the Slimline LED Table lamp. It would be a wonderful improvement to my ceiling light and old ott light I’m using.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this great lamp.

  • I feel lucky to have south and west facing windows in my sewing room, so during the day there is ample light. I have a overhead light in the room, but I don’t like it! I have 2 lamps, but would love more light in my sewing area. Thanks for the chance to win a Slimline Daylight lamp!

  • Would love to have the Daylight Slimline Table Lamp , it looks like just what I need for my sewing room. I struggle with having enough light in my sewing room. Have a task light but still can’t see very good, especially when I get up late at night and sew. This would be amazing to have in my sewing room. I like that it does not take up a lot of room, as my sewing room is not very big. Thanks for coming up with such a great product.

  • I use Ott lights over my machine as well as an overhead light. I like Slim light as it looks to focus the lighting in a more direct way than what I am using.

  • I just moved and the lighting is terrible in my new sewing room. I am searching for a way to help me see better when I sew. Thank you for this article.

  • My sewing room has very good natural light from two large windows. Plus I have 4 recessed lights with LEDs in them. I also have an Ott light floor lamp and the great light that comes with my B790. Is it enough? Well, my aging eyes say “no”!

  • That is a beautiful lamp. I am currently using a high intensity lamp but it is very localized. I’m sure that lamp would light up my whole work area.

  • For sewing, the bright lights on my 740 are sufficient for me. However, when I quilt, I need a much brighter task light. I have one I drag all around the house!

  • I don’t have a dedicated sewing space, so I sew in our family room. The overhead light has nice bright daylight LED bulbs in the ceiling fan, and there is a swing arm lamp with a cheap fluorescent bulb near the area where I set up my table. That bulb needs an upgrade, but I never remember until I’m eyeball deep in a project!

  • I use an Ott light, an old floor lamp that reflects off the ceiling, and the ceiling fan lights, such as they are.
    This new light looks Wonderful!! Under my machines (all Berninas), there is plenty of light for the sewing area, but I often need more light in front of the machine. This would fit the spot… but I think i may need two!! or more 😉

  • I use a clamp on OTT Lite which is quite old and I am currently having trouble finding a replacement bulb. This looks very similar and am quite interested in purching this item.

  • I actually use three different lights, a floor lamp that shines on the front of my machine, a clamp lamp that is on the right hand side and pointed at the back of my machine and an LED lamp that is one the left side. Even with all these lamps, I still wish I had better lighting!

  • My current lighting is two inexpensive articulating lamps from Ikea. Still never enough for these aging eyes! Thanks for the chance to win this beauty. My old 1031 doesn’t have LED lighting.

  • I have two three bulb track lighting fixtures that I purchased special daylight type bulbs for. They are great for overall lighting. My machine has a decent light in it but sometimes I feel like I need more.

  • I have two ott lights and the overhead lights (which don’t help much). My mother sewed a lot; however, she didn’t sew much at night. When I asked her why, she replied that she couldn’t see well enough to sew at night. As a child, I didn’t understand that. I thought that that was why they made lamps! As an adult following in her footsteps, I KNOW now why she didn’t sew much at night!! What a wonderful opportunity to try the Daylight table lamp! Thank you!

  • I use a three bulb floor lamp that I bought at walmart ($30ish). Each bulb is on a flexible stem that can move independantly. One bulb is directed at my machine, and the other is directed at my cutting station. The third stem still needs a bulb..? otherwise it’s limited natural light and dim overhead recessed lights.

  • I have my Bernina machine light, a nearby Southern exposure window with blinds, an overhead ceiling light with a white glass shade, and an OttLight table lamp nearby. I like the idea of the Daylight Company Slimline lamp as shown here. It would deliver quality lighting just where I need it.

  • Love the design and look of this lamp. So sleek and modern. I currently use overhead lighting, lamps on tables around the room and an old cluncky Ott floor lamp parked close to the sewing table that tips over easily. The older I get the more light I need to see well even in the daytime. Love the look of the floor model to–it would be great for reading.

  • I have an Ott floor lamp in addition to the light on my machine. The Ott floor lamp sits off to the back side of my machine. I love the way this one gives light to the the project as you are sewing, in front of the needle. Looks awesome!

  • I have two stand lamps – one by my machine and ironing board and one near the cutting table. And a light that clamps to my sewing table, but gets in the way. I’ve been considering a Slimline for a while. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • At age 72, my eyes tire quickly. I have lots of natural light in my sewing room but use a small LED lamp at my cutting area. Not perfect as it creates a glare. The Daylight task lamp looks like it would be perfect as it appears to diffuse the lighting. It would be perfect at my cutting table. Been sewing since I was 10…not sure I have ever had perfect lighting but it has never stopped my love for sewing.

    • I use a Stella Edge clamp lamp on the front left side of my machine. It only lights the needle area rather than overhead the entire machine area. I also have an Ott floor lamp on the right side but there are dark places in various spaces of my sewing table.

  • Mostly just the sewing machine light. I was given a floor stand Ott light, which is wonderful, but is large, heavy and doesn’t always fit where I need to be to sew. This light would be great for taking to retreats also! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I currently use a table lamp as a light source to supplement the light on my machine. Definitely not good enough light when I see late in the evenings.

  • I have halogen tract lighting in my sewing room. It’s fine in the winter, but in the summer it gives off a lot of heat! I have to say, I was amused to see your cat sitting on your ironing table…..that is a favorite place for my white Maine Coon, he thinks it was put there just for him!

  • I parked my sewing machine on a table right in front of a south facing window. It has blinds that I adjust as the sun’s position changes. Unfortunately, this does nothing for nighttime sewing ~ so my sewing time is kind of limited. Makes me love long summer days!

  • I have several clip on lights on my table and led sewing light strip on my machine. Love the daylight lamp/and bulbs…they make all the difference!!!

  • Currently I sew with the light from my sewing machine. I have a floor Daylight Lamp over my cutting table. There is a window close to my sewing machine which is helpful when the sun is out. The ceiling fixture provides very dull lighting. I’ve got a ceiling fan with GREAT lights sitting on the floor … have yet to install it. As winter approaches I know I’ll need to do something about the lights. I’d love to win the table clamped Daylight Lamp!

  • I have overhead fluorescent lighting and an Ottlight on a stand. My machine is by a window and that helps a lot during the day. I’ve been looking at your light for a while. I just can’t afford one right now.

  • I use a combination of lights and lamps. They include an ott light, overhead light and floor lamps. This light looks amazing. I’d love to have one.

  • I use the overhead light in my sewing room. It’s not very efficient as it is behind me and I cast a shadow over everything I sew. I use the light on my sewing machine and my daughter’s old “hello Kitty” lamp to counter the shadows. It’s not the best lighting but it has to do for now.?

  • I also have the lights on my machine and a ceiling light for the room. I have old ott lights near on dreary days. Love when I have natural light from outside. Love these lights! Thanks for the tips

  • The lights on my Bernina, the overhead room light and an Ott light. I’m noticing as I get older, I really need more, better lighting ……

  • I love the new light to help illuminate the work area. I use the LED attachment on my Bernina and an Otto light on the side to keep my workspace bright. Thanks for offering this give away.

  • Currently using the ceiling dome light with an ott light desk light, Works for now but these aging eyes are aware that I might need something a bit brighter!

  • I seem to keep layering lights around my sewing area, most recently adding an adjustable task light to swivel between the sewing machine and serger just like me. I have a floor stand Ott light with a magnifying lense that with effort can be positioned where needed. What I like about the offered lamp is how sleek it is, leaving room to get my head (and aging eyes) in closer to the work!

  • I have my sewing machine in front of a window for natural daylight. This works great most of the time, but I seem to need additional lighting near my cutting and ironing areas. Thanks for the chance to win this great light. I love sewing on my Bernina and always look forward to reading this blog.

  • I have overheard led’s and a free standing Ott light. I would love love to have your slimline LED light. That was a very informative article on lighting. Thank you.

  • My 880 has great lighting. However, I also have four large fluorescent 36″ light fixtures installed in the ceiling in a square configuration around the ceiling fan, which also has lights. My machine faces a large window facing west. When I need to see close-up, I have a free-standing lighted magnifying 8″-diameter lens. Having the Daylight Slimline Table Lamp would certainly complete the circle of light around my sewing area…I hope I win!

  • I have a desk lamo placed to the left side of my machine. This slimline directly overhead would be a plus, especially as age brings on vision changes.

  • I have a 730Arista . If I need additional lighting I currently have desktop Ottlite. It’s okay but the giveaway light would be awesome and enhance my sewing center. I love my Bernina.

  • I am going to be moving into our 5th wheel for a couple of years so it’s going to be the light from my Bernina Artista 630 and my window at the dining table bench thing lol. Even at home all I had was my machine light and natural window light. Very informative article, thank you. This light looks simply amazing!

  • I have overhead lighting on half the room, a window that provides natural light and my Bernina 880 with its great lights. I still need to use a pole lamp and a small flip up led light for hand sewing.

  • I find myself on the look out for better lighting in my home. Even in bright sun coming in the window along with overhead lighting I need more than the onboard lights of my B380 and 1300mdc. I like the profile of this light — will be looking for one.

  • When I’m sewing or embroidering I use the built-in light from my sewing machine, I also have the swing task light by OTTLight. But recently the light from the lamp has started “flickering” I think that is going to fail at any moment. Would be a very much appreciated gift if I were to win this awesome light for my sewing room. I hope I win! Thanks.

  • I have a ceiling fan with four daylight LED bulbs, 2 floor lamps, a small table lamp and the excellent lights on my machine. Better lighting is always desirable and this system looks great.

  • Right now I use overhead lights (recessed over sewing table and a ceiling/fan light) as well as my machine light. I have a small task light also but it never seems to be in the right place so I get a lot of shadows which make sewing frustrating at times!

  • Machine lighting is great for work area. My machine is in front of a window allowing for natural daylight. More lighting is needed for sewing beyond daylight hours. This sounds like the perfect solution.

  • I currently have an overhead LED light in my basement sewing room. The only other light I have is on my machine. I have been looking for a light that doesn’t take up a lot of space that will make my sewing area brighter.

  • The one thing you don’t discuss is the Kelvin rating on light bulbs. Old incandescent light bulbs throw the yellowish light. 5000-6000K is a bright white light. I much prefer the white light for working. The light referenced in this article is bright white.

  • I’m beginning my journey into quilting and lighting had not been a “light bulb” in my brain. Now I understand it’s importance. I’m sewing with diffused outdoor light, overhead light and the light on my classic 730 Record. My adventure certainly could use better lighting, and I’m sure any and all of us would appreciate the gift you are offering. Thanks.

  • I love my lighting on my bernina. In addition I like natural light through a window during the day. At night an overhead light with white lights

  • I have natural light from the windows in front of my sewing station. The overhead lighting isn’t great in my sewing room, so I also have some tabletop LED lighting over part of my sewing area. I usually have to turn the closet light on to get enough light when I’m pressing fabric at night.

  • Currently I have an overhead light on my ceiling fan, and also use a small table top Ott-Lite next to my machine. My new Bernina 770QEE has good lights; I also have 2 windows in my sewing room that help more in the early afternoon. However, I think the larger task light that the Slim Line Task Lamp offers a better concentrated light that I am looking for instead of my small Ott-Lite!

  • I currently am fortunate that my electrician son installed recessed lighting in my quilting room. However we do a lot of RV’ing and I sew in the motorhome. The lighting there is very poor and the Slimline would be a wonderful addition to my RV quilting!!

  • I have overhead fan lighting, the lighting from my 770 and a small Ott light. When needed I will use a floor lamp that is somewhat adjustable. The slim light looks awesome!

  • I recently purchased a Bernina 590 as a retirement gift to myself! I love the LED lighting on the machine, but the only overhead light is in the middle of the room, so my sewing project is constantly in my shadow. I didn’t realize that I had inadequate lighting until I read this blog! Now I will figure out how to light my entire workspace, and maybe eliminate my squinting headaches!!

  • I have track lightning and a bright white ceiling. Near my machine I have an older task light that has fluorescent tubes. I’d love to replace it with the Daylight slimline!

  • I’m thankful to be able to have my machine set up in front of a window. National light works best for me. I use an overhead lamp for nighttime sewing; but it’s not sufficient for dark colors. I just tried out one of these lamps at a recent quilt show and am very impressed. Hope to add one to my sewing room soon.

  • I am working on the layout of my sewing room right now. This article reminds me to pay attention to the lighting. Right now I sew at the dining room table and that is simply not enough light.

  • My sewing space has large windows, which are great for daytime work. For evening work, there are two overhead lights behind where I sit. They both manage to cast shadows on my work space, so I try to stick with daylight sewing hours. The Slimline Table Lamp would be a positive addition to the space!

  • I have very good overhead lights in the ceiling and the excellent light from my Bernina 770. The Slimline light would be a great addition to my workspace. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • I have overhead lighting that is basically useless. I can never sew in the evenings. During the day I use a table top Ott light and a floor stand Ott light. I’ve seen this lamp and would love to add one to my sewing room. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • I have overhead lighting in the basement where my studio is. Could really use more lighting down there. Thanks for the chance to win this great light!

  • What type of lighting do I use? Anything I can get! I live in Alaska so our available light in the winter is limited. I am constantly turning on every overhead light I can (depending on where I am at) and using whatever portable lights are available.

  • I use my spare bedroom as my sewing room but don’t have windows so I use an overhead light right over my sewing machine. I also have a bright LED lamp that I position over my serger so I have very bright light to see.

  • I have an overhead ceiling fan with light, set up by the window with a lamp behind my sewing machine. I am using my aunt’s Bernina Artista 180. I need better lighting and after reading the article I will need to move my sewing machine.

  • I have the light from my Bernina, and then I have some little spot lights from Ikea directly above my machine. I would love extra lightning! I’ve been looking at Ott lights but haven’t made the plunge yet.

  • Along with my can lights and all they can give, I open my blinds and use as much daylight as I can get. Better lighting would be appreciated!!

  • My sewing room has horrible light! I have a ceiling fan with 3-60 watt bulbs behind me. The window light is through sheers but behind me. I use a table lamp on the desk where I sew. Still, I am in the shadows and eye fatigue gets to me faster than any other issue while working on projects. I love the design of this lamp!

  • I have great light on my Bernina but also have an Oslo light by my machine. I just redid my sewing room so am in need of two new lights at my cutting table. Pick me….please, please, please:)

  • I have my machine on an old desk in the kitchen corner, next to a window looking out on the patio. Daylight is the only other light I use. I don’t sew much at night as the lighting is not great. There is an overhead on the other side of the room that I turn on full blast, but it isn’t enough to make me sew a marathon at night, just the necessities. It is too hard on the eyes.

  • I have a SlimLine attached to my table for my B880+ and would like to have one for my B580 table too. My work table has a floor goose neck lamp. A SlimLine would be nice attached to my table for my Q20 long arm.

  • My current lamp cramps onto my sewing machine cabinet. It is clamped close to the middle but behind the sewing machine. It is a dual lamp with a circle bulb and a regular bullb. It does put out a bit of heat even with the newer bulbs. The one shown in this description looks like it doesn’t create a lot of heat. That would be ideal.

  • I have a single incandescent bulb on my older Bernina, but there are a few LED undercabinet lights near my machine which light the surrounding area. I use a small LED Ottlite to light the area around my serger.

  • In addition to the light on my Bernina, I use a combination of natural light from my window, an overhead light, and a couple table lamps that eat up my work space around my machine.

  • I use a Ott desk light plus the ceiling fan lights. The more lightening the better when quilting/pressing. My machine adds additional lightening….

  • In addition to the light on my Bernina, I have ceiling can lights. Since I have a vaulted ceiling in my sewing room, the ceiling lights are quite a distance from my machine. My work area is also located near windows, so I have good light during the day.

  • I have overhead lighting, LED on my 590 and a table Otte lamp plus a window for the rare daytime sewing. This light looks like it provides great lighting.

  • I try to use natural light as much as I can but the Pacific Northwest is not the brightest light during the dreary winter months. The lighting on my 570 is usually sufficient otherwise it’s an led overhead on a dimmer for me!

  • Light on Bernina Aurora 440 QE, as well as Windows nearby for natural light during the day. At night, difficult begins , especially with dark fabric and accompanying dark thread.

    A Daylight Light would be super and make things so much easier and enjoyable.

    Thank you very much!


  • I use a cheap lamp from Ikea along with what is built into my Janome. I’m 63 and good lighting becomes more and more important to my sewing accuracy. I have Ott lights placed around my sewing room also.

  • That wouild make a nice accessory for my Q-20! But would likely be used more for my other machines, and for handwork at night. Love the design!

  • I currently use a ceiling light, OTTlite and a small desk lamp when sewing with my sewing machine. I recently saw one of your lights all set up and it was fantastic!

  • I have can lights in my ceiling and a daylight slimline on my quilting table. I also have another LED light that sometimes works on the opposite side of my table. I say sometimes because it has a short in it and I desperately need to replace.

  • I have track LED lighting in the ceiling of my studio and lots of task lighting at my cutting table, big board and sewing machines. I need lots of good light. I occasionally use the bendable LED light on the side of my machine for tiny piecing.

  • I have a floor Ott light but because of where it needs be, I don’t get very good lighting. I do have an overhead light bar on the wall above my design wall. Gives nice light but not where I’d like it to be, closer to my machine. My machine is a B560 and the light is fine, just not perfect. This new one would be perfect.

  • I have a energy efficient light in the ceiling fan and a south bare window. Very helpful article and I will make changes in the sewing room. Now I understand why my eyes bother me when I sew. Would be wonderful to have such a nice light to sew by.

  • I bought a new Bernina last December and have been trying all sorts of new projects since then including quilting, embroidery and sewing the perfect T. The machine is great. Thanks for the tips on lighting. The light featured in your article looks wonderful.

  • I have a small sewing room with my Bernina 710 on a long table. I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate lighting. With a small clamp light and one large window it just doesn’t get the job done. Would love this light.

  • I use the overhead ceiling fan light, the light on my sewing machine, and a floor light. This light looks great!! It looks like it would really illuminate well. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful light.

  • I sew need this light in my sewing room. I don’t know where to find a retailer to purchase one so if I will problem solved! Thank you for the chance, my Bernina will thank you too!

  • I use my dining room table to sew on. Lots of natural light from windows during the day, but now I avoid sewing at night, because I cannot see well with just the chandelier light over the top of the table. of course night time is when I have the most time to sew! I have glaucoma and I have night blindness and cannot drive at night, since my eyes don’t dilate well, so maybe this light would be a big Blessing.

  • I have some spotlights, ceiling fan lights and 2 OTT lights I move around as needed. My 740 has pretty good light alone, but my servers not so much. I like the idea of an LED slim light that clamps to the table!

  • As I’ve gotten older, I find I need more light. I have a newer machine so the lighting on that is great but I also have task lighting at the sewing machine, the cutting table, the serger. I do need something more at the ironing station – I’m going to check out the Daylight Co. to see what the offer. You certainly make their lighting sound fabulous.

    • I would love to try a new light for my sewing room! I have an old light that has a circular bulb that is no longer available. My Bernina 930 is still working well so I welcome a new light for my work for the Linus project!

  • There is never enough light. I have a floor lamp natural light from 3 large windows, overhead recessed lights and an Ottlite. The LED lights on my Bernina are wonderful and depending on the time of day or night I use one or all .Lighting has sure evolved since I started sewing 50+ years ago. 😉

  • Thank you for this informative article! Since I retired, I have been in my sewing room about six hours a day and my migraines have returned. I have 2 windows for light along with an overhead lamp and a few little lamps scattered around. But I’m thinking better lighting could solve my problem.

  • In my sewing area & computer area I have 6 overhead LED recessed can lights plus a freestanding Ottlite & a large window for daylight sewing. I use the freestanding light more for night sewing, but I sometimes find this difficult to adjust to provide the needed light for piecing small quilt projects.

  • I have wonderful natural light but that’s only during the day! I have sufficient overhead lights but I could use this lamp for sewing late into the night.

  • I use the built-in lights that came with my Bernina 770qe. I also attached some led strip lights in the throat area. The overhead lights in my room are 6 LED shop lights that light the entire area. I also have some natural light that comes in the basement window, which I have a half curtain on. It’s pretty but doesn’t block the light. I’ve seen the light you’re featuring and would love to add it to my collection in my new sewing room that was completed in April this year! Thank you.

  • I sew in a loft overlooking my living/dining room. There are 3 skylights along the back of the house, including one in my sewing room. There is lots of daylight due to 4 east facing windows in my sewing room and double height windows in the living room below. There is track lighting above my cutting table and all along the back of my machine table. I recently added 2 more lights to my track, low voltage fixtures with 2′ long bendable arms above my sewing machine and my serger. which helps with task lighting,. I sew a lot of black so great lighting is important. My 740 has great LED lighting but it doesn’t extend past the confines of the machine and I still need to use the small led lights from Ikea. I had hoped to eliminate.

  • I use several OTT lights, an LED light that attaches to my machine, ceiling lighting, natural lighting, and the machine’s built-in light. At my age, 63, I can always use a better light!

  • I have a Ott light, a Stella light, my 740’s lights, and some overhead pot lights. I also have some natural light that comes in. However, I would love to have the Daylight lamp, since it is longer and would cover more area.

  • In our apartmentI have a very strong lamp that has 2 dimmable LED bulbs in them. By my machine, I have an adjustable OTT light. In our cottage, my light is totally wrong….I have an overhead lamp with three bulbs – maybe halogen but it is not very bright. I have an IKEA lamp with an LED bulb by my Bernina (440 QE).

  • I don’t sew very often after dark because the only lighting is a ceiling fan light and pole lamp. During the day, I have great natural light from the 4 windows. I do have an Ott pole lamp in the family room for hand stitching while watching TV.

  • I use a desk lamp that clamps onto the table with a light bulb. It can be moved up and down but this light looks a lot brighter–and probably doesn’t get hot!

  • Your light looks really cool! It looks like it doesn’t take up much space. I have a floor standing Ott Lite and the light on my Bernina 780. There is a window in front of me when I sew but I keep it covered since it gets so hot during the summer–facing West.

  • I love my new Bernina 770 QE’s Led lights on the machine but needed to add light at my cutting table with an Ott light.My overhead light could be better, especially when sewing at night.

  • Just downsized. A mixed blessing as I’m now able to redo my sewing/painting/guestroom combo which is a large room. However, I have only the natural lighting from two windows and the lighting from my wonderful Bernina 790. I would love to be blessed with the new slim line, especially for quilting and embroidery work.

  • I agree – lighting is very important to sewing, and Natural Light is the best. When I built my sewing room, I put in four fluorescent fixtures (each holding 4 bulbs) and put 4′ Ott light bulbs in them. In the years since, other manufacturers have put out other natural light bulbs, which I have used. In addition I have lots of windows for natural light during the day.

    In addition, I have an Ott light desk light over each of my sewing machines and sergers.

  • The LED lights on my Bernina are great but I do need additional lighting in that area. I currently have an “old-style” Ott light but it falls short of oroviding enough lighting in my work area.

  • I use the great lighting on my B570QE, on a table next to a daylight window. At night, I could certainly use the additional lighting you are highlighting [every pun intended!].

  • I use an Ott lamp and it works fine, but I’m not able to sew later in the day because of the lack of sunlight. This lighting fixture looks like it would give more light to my work surface. Thankyou for the post and giveaway.

  • I use 2 of another brand daylight type of lights and together they still doesn’t work as well as I would like. The light on my 790 is awesome for right under the needle but I would love something that truly provides enough light! I have heard many wonderful things about this light and have been debating purchasing it for a while now. Winning it would be unbelievable!

  • I have my sewing table in front of a large double window with LED lights above it. Cutting table also has LED lighting above. This lamp would be a big help when sewing at night!

  • I never have enough light in my sewing area; I have no natural light. I have a fluorescent strip above my work area and a small IKEA spot light. I really could use this Slimline lamp. Thanks!

  • I combine a ceiling fan light with a couple of lamps on my sewing table on the side of the machine away from me; I just got a combo lamp from Ikea with an adjustable task light and a light that is directed to the ceiling; I also have a task light pointed at my ironing station, and natural light comes in through windows on two walls. I can still use more/better lighting.

  • WOW that looks like an awesome light. I have the light from my new 570QE and natural light from 3 windows (unfortunately behind me). I have the perfect place for this beautiful light! I would love to win it.

  • I use many lamps through out my room, as well as the overhead lights, which are not very bright. I definitely need more task lighting. I would love to have this lamp. I have seen this lamp at various dealers, and they sure put out quite a bit of light.

  • I use a small Ott Lite goose neck lamp. The neck is short so it doesn’t provide light everywhere I want it. Also if I am working on a large item the lamp gets moved with the movement of the project. Both problems would be solved with this lamp.

  • We move often and I always look for a room or sewing space in our new home that has a lot of natural light to supplement the task lighting and overhead lighting in the room. I also like a lighter colored wall color so that colors pop. I generally locate my main sewing machine (830) and sewing table by a window to take advantage of natural light.

  • Lighting in my upstairs bedroom, sewing room comes in many ways. My Bernina 440 is set back and facing a large corner window giving me natural light and a view. Overhead I have your average ceiling lights so I rely on a large standing ott light. Also I have a small led fitted on my machine and another small led attached to my table on the back to light from behind (handy for evening sewing). Would love to win this lovely light; thanks for the opportunity.

  • I have three lamps with daylight bulbs on my tables and led lights in my sewing machine as well as a led light strip attached to the bottom. I really lack lighting around the machine. I have an overhead skylight during the day, but that is no help at night. This light looks like an awesome choice. Where can I get one?

  • Most of the time I use natural light and the light from my Bernina 880. In the evenings I use a free standing Halogen behind my machine. The Daylight Slimline Lamp looks like it would be awesome for evening and rainy day sewing.

  • My sewing space has natural lighting from windows next to my sewing table, combined with overhead fluorescent fixtures and the light on my awesome B750QE. The older I get the more light I seem to need. ? The Daylight Company light featured in this article would certainly be a welcome addition to my space.

  • My machine is in front of a bay window…so a main window and two sidelights. then I have a three bulb floor lamp on the left of the sewing cabinet and a floor Ott light that I used to use with my aquarium to grow plants positioned just slightly behind my machine on the right side of the sewing cabinet. Plus I have two ceiling fan/lights in the work room.

  • I use the overhead fan/4-light combination as well as a set of goose-necked incandescent lights that I can move to illuminate the needed area.

  • In addition to the lighting on my machine and the ceiling lighting, I use a ott light which is a floor lamp. I have had for this same lamp for a long time now. But when I am picking thread colors for an embroidery design or for a sewing project. I find it very useful.

  • I have the built in plus extra lights on my 570QE, a floor lamp nearby, and an overhead light. It’s not bad, but as my eyes get older, sometimes it still doesn’t seem like enough.Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful light.

  • I have a combination of lighting, including natural light, recessed ceiling fixtures with daylight LED bulbs and a folding ott light. But I could still use more!

  • I use a combination of natural light from two windows, canned ceiling lights, and the light from my machine. The light from the windows, obviously, only helps during the day. I’m always finding myself in need of more light, especially when cutting and sewing. I quite often quit sewing in the evening because my eyes are too tired to continue. Maybe one of these lights is just what I need. Thanks for posting this helpful information!

  • When we moved in our home; my husband had all the lights in my sewing room changed to LED. It is fantastic lighting and really never have an issue. My 790 also has great built in LED lighting…so great all the way around.

  • I love my new sewing room, but the lighting is something I struggle with. I have overhead LED lights and use an Ott Light behind my sewing machine but it still doesn’t seem like enough light even though my 830 has wonderful lights on it. I have considered purchasing this light in the past when I saw it at the Daytona Beach AQS quilt show, but didn’t do it. It is quite pricey for me, but I am sure it is worth the cost. I would love to win this one, but if I don’t, I will definitely put it on my Christmas list.

  • Even though I love the lighting on my 770, one can ever have enough light. In addition to my machine lights I used led lights in my ceiling and then I also have an Ott light that I can move around. Would love one of the daylight slimlines.

  • I use built-in light that came with my Bernina 1530. Since it isn’t the best, when I have to sew in the evening, I do strap on a camping headlight and do my best. However at my age, sometimes sewing at night is just not the best idea! would love to have a proper light to quilt with.

  • I have 2 Ott lights on a table behind my sewing table, plus I turn on all the overhead track lights in my sewing loft. I am a firm believer in lots of light to reduce eye strain!

  • I love the lighting on my 830. I have a ceiling fan and light above my workspace. The Daylight Slimline light looks great. I love how the light can twist so you can put the light right where you need it.

  • Currently I use as much light from the windows and doors as possible. I have one overhead light (ceiling fan) for my B580. I do need to add another source and have been looking at a variety of styles and types. How good is the timing on this article and contest?

  • My sewing room has decent lighting with windows and 2 floor lamps. My 635 also generates fair lighting. I have seen these slim lights and OH MY WORD the light they produce!!! They are fantastic. Who wouldn’t love to have one? I know I would!

  • Since my eyesight has diminished due to Macular Degeneration I use a variety of lighting. My Bernina 740 has great needle/bed lighting but I have added a clip-on LED light (to the front of the sewing table), a desk lamp with an adjustable shade focused on the back of the sewing foot and an overhead fan light with four LED spotlights. Thank you for recommending as well as providing solutions for this situation.

  • I sew in our kitchen by a window and we have fluorescent ceiling lights. I also have a floor Ottlite but it is hard to manage in the space I have. This looks like a wonderful solution! Thanks for the chance to play : )

  • I have actually just been looking into getting some lighting for some “sewing room,” which is actually my dining area in my eat-in kitchen. Of course, my lighting is the hanging fixture over my dining table which is at my back while sewing. I definitely need more light most of the time, especially since my eyesight seems to be getting worse all of the time. This light looks like it would really help me.

  • I have a stand-alone Ott Light which I love but I wish when I invested the money I would have got the one that attaches to my table! The stand-alone is awkward when trying to place it in just the right place! It isn’t the best fit! But extra kites are always good!!!

  • I have a ceiling/fan light combination and recessed led lighting. Some sunlight comes in from windows but my sewing room is on the dark side of the house.

  • I just bought a Bernina 570QE from Augusta Sewing Center and it is a wonderful machine. I have just set up my machine in a spare bedroom and do not have a ceiling light. I currently use the small ott light and would really be able to improve my lighting with this great light.

    Thank you for posting and good luck to all!

  • I use the light on my Bernina, but also have a small table model Ott-Lite that I set off to the side. The corner floor lamp is added after dark. As I get older, I need more light! Thanks for the give-away for some lucky person.

  • Overhead ceiling light and lighting on my Bernina 765. Natural light during the day but so hard once it gets dark.
    Would love a light like this!

  • I have day lights in the ceiling going down the middle of my sewing room (6 panels with 4 bulbs in each unit. With my Bernina 780 I don’t need more light but if I use my older Bernina 1530 then I use an additional Ott-lite table lamp. It would be nice to have the Daylight Slimline LED light upstairs when I do my hand sewing.
    Thank You.

  • Currently have overhead light that is behind me when I see. Have looked at this lamp to clamp on my cabinet for better direct lighting. Would be great in my sewing room setup

  • I have great natural light – 3 windows and a skylight but at night it’s more challenging to get good lighting. I have an Ott light but it’s a floor lamp and difficult to position at my machine. It works well at my cutting table though. I also have a desk lamp clamped to my sewing table but it’s an old one and gets too hot so I don’t use it much. My machine has great LED lighting but after reading this article, I realize that I should have more surrounding lighting to reduce eye strain on these old eyes!

  • I have huge windows with transoms, southern exposure, and eight ceiling spots. However, the ceilings are ten feet high, so ultimately the light on my sewing machine has to be enough. This article now explained to me why I’ve had such terrible neck, shoulder and head pains. I thought it was “tech neck” but maybe it’s sewing neck!

  • I have overhead lighting. a few table lamps and a finicky OTT light in addition to the buile in lights on my machines.This marvelous lamp would be a huge improvement.

  • I agree, good lighting is very important when sewing. In my sewing room I have over head cam lights as well as task lights near my Bernina 780. My room also has five windows for for an abundance of daylight. One area that needs a little more light is my cutting table. I just move a lamp to that area when needed.
    yoyopattycakes @ hotmail dot com

  • I have a Daylight table light behind my sewing machine and a floor one for my cutting table. They are both about 15 years old. I know how great Daylight lamps are and would love a updated one.

  • I’ve been spoiled by the bright lights of my 560! I really miss them when I am working on one of my other machines. The room I quilt in has excellent natural light during the day. It also has overhead and task lighting. However, it is conventional lighting, not the clear, true light of LED lights. I’d love an adjustable LED lamp.

  • I use LED ceiling lights and the light on my Bernina machine. I would LOVE to have a slimline LED table lamp especially for sewing in the evenings.

  • Would love to have this light for my machine. I bought one for my husband, who has macular degeneration. And he found it very helpful for doing bills, etc. Thanks.

  • I have two windows with natural light, and I have task lighting at each of my piecing, pressing, and cutting stations with daylight bulbs. Also LED lighting on my sewing machine. I want all the light I can get!

  • In addition to the light on my 570QEE, I have an overhead light and a task light that both my daughter and son used when each was in college. Would love to replace that 22 year old light!

  • I have a couple of Ott lights and a clamp on light for my tables but the best light so far for me has been a Bendable light that attaches to my machine. Still, I can always use more light for these aging eyes! Thanks for the give-away.

  • I use a large led track light bar attatched on ceiling above 1630 bernina with a led light place at back of machine shining on needle area. With the machine’s light it is OK but what a big deal it was to get dh to understand the need to see. I tried many so I would be on colud nine if was so blessed!!!!!

  • Currently I only have the lighting on my machine and a floor Ott light, which has to sit behind my machine and doesn’t help much. This lighting would be awesome to be able to sit directly over my machine! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • I have a bright white fluorescent light in the middle of my sewing room ceiling. The walls above my sewing counter are lined with wall cabinets, and I have fluorescent under-cabinet lighting, which provides me with shadow-free illumination no matter where I place my sewing machine and cutting mat. I have an Ott-type light that I move to the living room if I want to do hand-sewing on the couch.

  • All my children have married and left home. We don’t have over night company anymore so I have taken the spare bedroom and made a sewing room. There is a ceiling light but it doesn’t put out good light. I have a crook neck lamp on my sewing table. Making a sewing room has been a slow process – but I will get there. I would be thrilled to have this light to help me put my quilts together. I am a “night owl” so I do a lot of sewing at night when the light is not very good so this would really help. Thank you for an opportunity to win a much needed lamp.

  • I have been sewing on a Bernina 1230 for 25 yrs. It was and still is the best machine I have ever had and I still love sewing on it. It does everything that I want to do with and to garments, quilting and repairing. It was bought as a present to myself when I sold back vacation time to the hospital I worked in, a dream come true. I have a big, fluorescent light over my cutting table and another fluorescent light fixture over my sewing table. I also have two table lamps lighting my needle area. (I have 3 machines on the table, so need light.), I also would love to win the lamp from the Daylight Company. I have been sewing since high school, some 65 yrs and have never won a sewing item no matter how many offers I enter. Maybe this time they will take pity on a old, old sewer!!

  • I have a 560 machine and it has good light but I too am getting older and need some extra help in the lighting area. I have an Ottlite that has a telescoping arm and I use it in addition to my overhead room light. Unfortunately it makes it very hot in my sewing room so I also have a fan that runs. I would be very interested in knowing how this company’s lights brighten the room and if they are “cool” lights. Would definitely be a blessing to win one too 😉
    Thank you for the tips and info!

  • As I’ve gotten older I find I need more and more light to sew and do other craft projects. Consequently, I have 2 large desk lights and a small flexible neck LED light from Ikea that I can shine right on my needle. I need all of these but would love to win this light and maybe I could do away with some of these because they often get in the way! Thank you, Linda

  • Currently I use the lighting on my 880 and an Ott Lite, plus the overhead light in my sewing room. I also have natural lighting. I think this light would be fantastic for machine embroidery as some of the color differences are so subtle it is difficult to see.

  • This light looks awesome! I currently have light from my BERNINA B790 and some daylight. I also use an Ottlite stand light. Lately, at night I find that I need more light than I currently have. It would be wonderful to win this light since it covers the entire surface of the sewing machine.

  • My lighting consist of the overhead lights in the room along with the addition of two lamps on each side to the rear of my machine. This lighting is in addition to that built into my machine. I still have problems seeing all aspects of my sewing. This lamp looks like it would be a terrific addition to my sewing area and make my seeing all of my project so much easier.

  • When I sew I use the lighting on my 830 and have an Ott light beside my machine. I also have a ceiling light that is on so I can see better. The bad part is this light creates heat and after sewing a while I have to take a “cool” break. Then I go again.

  • If I’m sewing during daylight hours, the sunlight fills the room as well as task lighting from two lamps with LED bulbs. If I’m sewing at night an overhead ceiling light is on in addition to a bright, hot old-fashioned fluorescent light as well as the task lighting.

  • I have LED panels down the center of my sewing room, they mimic daylight as I sew in my basement and do not get sunlight at all. I have also added LED light strips under the arms of my machines, they light up the entire underside of the arm uniformly so there are no shadows. For several years I complained this was not enough lighting, but I recently found I had cataracts. I had them taken care of and now there is more than enough lighting to let me stay in my sewing room for hours.

  • I use an Ott light, but, like several others have stated, this lamp looks to be a 1000% better. My eyes aren’t as good as they once were, and this fantastic lamp would really help!

  • I have LED fluorescent like tube lighting over my Bernina 1130 and it makes sewing so much more enjoyable. I wish I had it over all my machines as my sewing room is in my basement which has only a spot of natural light.

  • I have my Bernina positioned in front of my daylight lower level filtered window which faces north so I do not have the glare of the afternoon sun. I also have a small desk lamp to also provide additional light. However, one could also have more as the day wears on, even though the Bernina machines have excellent light just under the arm. The slimline table lamp from the Daylight Company looks like a possible replacement.

  • I do get some natural light from the window, but the overhead light in the room is not as bright as I need. I sew with a BERNINA 440QE that is 13years old and going strong!

  • I have a LED worklight over my sewing table and also over my cutting table. I also have 2 windows right next to my sewing table that let in a good amount of natural light. I also use an Ott light near my sewing table.

  • I have a floor model Ott Light that I use. It only lights part of the area. Having a light that extends over the machine would be fabulous!

  • My room has great windows but lots of heat in the summer (Colorado) as it is upstairs. So I tackle most of my sewing in the morning before it heats up, then use an Ott floor lamp to assist the overhead light the rest of the time. My Bernina 750QE has great light but it is a boon to my sewing success if I can continue to get good light from another source. So the overhead light for the cutting table, and an Ott light to sew and I’m happy in my sewing space. The floor lamp is portable but heavy and I have tried a much smaller LED light but the light is not as good as it could be. The Daylight lamp looks like a good solution!

  • I have 2 LED ceiling light shop fixtures centered, but they are behind me & I get shadows. The lighting on my Berninas does offset the shadows, but this light would really make my world perfect! Also would light my serger area.

  • I enjoy the lighting on my Berninas, Q20, 590 and 830. And have fair overhead room lighting and nice natural light during the day from large windows and sliding doors. I definitely need to improve the room light for evening work.

  • I’ve got a sewing room with high ceilings; lighting is a problem. But I have beautiful windows with great natural light and 2 Ott Lites. The Slimline LED table lamp looks to be a great solution to my lighting problem!

  • My sewing room has a studio ceiling (13.5′) so I don’t get much light from the ceiling fan light. I have a small desk lamp, plus a desktop Ottlite that helps give me light for my 790+. I normally don’t sew at night since I have more natural light during the daytime.

  • I sew using the light on my 830 plus overhead track lighting and a daylight table lamp on my sewing table. When I am fortunate to find sewing time during the day, there is a lot of natural light from two windows and two roof Windows.

  • I do not have a fixed space in my home for sewing because I chase the light around. During the late fall, winter and early spring, when the skies are gray and gloomy in the Pacific Northwest, I settle under a bright array of overhead LED lighting in the dining area. When it is clear skies and beautiful outside, I spread out on as much portable table space I can fit in front of my patio doors. But then, I often don’t get much sewing completed due to gazing outside.

  • Can’t have too much light for sewing! Would love to add this light to my sewing area. My eyes are not what they used to be. Thank you!

  • There is a multiple light solution around my immediate machine/table.
    1) a small magnetic snake LED that snakes underneath my machine so I can turn on as needed to see into my lower Bernina bobbin area when changing it or cleaning it out
    2) an Ottlight floor lamp that arches over the machine/table. This is what needs to be replaced because Im installing new shelves and shortly will no longer fit behind my sewing table ;-(
    3) a small Otttlight desk cone (with snake stem) I can use to augment/turn on if I need to seam rip or special task

    ….so you can see why I need to simplify with something FABULOUS like yours shown. plus it gets expensive to replace the ottlight bulb!

  • i have an under counter light under a shelf above my sewing machine. i also have an over head light in the ceiling fan and a window but i never sew w/o the under counter light.

  • I use general room lighting plus the LED lights on my B550 QE. At least it’s better than the single light bulb on my Record 830. Since I’m older my poor eyes need quite a bit more light. I really would like to win a Slimline Table Lamp from the Daylight Company. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • My sewing room has a ceiling fan with LED bulbs and my machine sits in front of a north window. I also have a daylight lamp, similar to an OTT light that sits over my machine.

  • Lighting is SOOOO IMPORTANT and the older we get, the more we need. ;).
    Right now I use a floor lamp, Small OTT light and the light on my machine. The long thin light would be a perfect addition due to its length!
    More light, happier eyes!
    Thank you for having great information for ALL SEWISTS!

  • I have a standing Ott light that does not seem to give me light where I need it. I have also stuck one of those bendable lights on the side of my 770 but it keeps falling off. Other than that I am next to a window and have an overhead light.

  • I know lighting is very important. When I did my sewing area lighting was priority number 1. I have over head, under cabinet led lights which compliment the light on my Bernina 640, One can never have too much light.

  • I have my sewing machine light as well as an overhead LED light but this Daylight Slimline Lamp would be an awesome addition to my sewing room. As I am getting older, I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I have a new sewing room I call my “sewing studio”. Love to spend days just sewing & creating under the new lighting that I had installed by electricians; the ceiling is loaded with LED lights that cover the entire room, no one area is dark, which is a big difference compared to my previous space. I have several Ott lights that I can use in other parts of the home or when on travel, but would love to try out that new light bar. I like fresh light and enjoy “daylight” type lighting with enough lumens to prevent my eyes from getting tired.

  • My 590 has wonderful lighting, which I am most grateful for. Sadly there’s just 1 overhead light in my sewing room which isn’t very good. To compensate, I also use 2 small, task lights to light up the back area behind my machine. Not ideal but it gets the job done. Paring down the 2 lights to one would streamline things and provide a consistent well-lit area instead of one here and one there.

  • I have overhead florescent lights that are terrible! I have tried several different lights with no luck! I’m very interested in this light as I have a long arm, a ten needle along with my sewing/embroidery machine that all need lighting help!

  • I have a 4 light ceiling fan which has 4 LED natural light bulbs (equivalent to 100 Watts each). My husband called it my “solar flare” room. I also have a clunky Ott light floor lamp over my serger. I would love to have this svelt beautiful light over my sewing/serger area.

  • I have an overhead light and a window and try to sew when the sun is shining on that side of the house, and also an old desk lamp from my child’s college days. I could definitely use more light, especially at night.

  • I have an overhead room light and the light from my machine. I would love lighting from Daylight Lighting Company. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • My lighting is currently not adequate. I have my craft room in my bedroom which has no ceiling light. I have a light over the bathroom sink and a lamp beside my bed. My Bernina 780 has a great light for sewing but not beyond. I need something else but have not decided what to do.

  • I currently use the light of the machine alone during the day, but when I need more light I only have the room’s overhead light. For some reason another table lamp way off in the corner helps as well. Boy I sure could use this light!

  • I have a ceiling light with a fan, a floor lamp, a window behind me, and the light on my Bernina 770 QE. I’m excited to learn about the Slimline Table Lamp from the Daylight Company. It would be an elegant and useful addition to my sewing room.

  • My machine sits on a table against a wall with the center room lit by long ceiling fixtures of alternating warm and cool daylight tubes. The table attaching LED light fixture would provide sorely needed task lighting over my machine. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • At the moment in addition to the great lighting on my 830, I have an old “goose-neck” desk lamp with a VERY bright LED bulb. I have replaced all of the ceiling “pot-lights”and the central fan light with the brightest daylight LED bulbs I could find. I’d love this light because it takes up so little space and looks like it provides lots of bright light.

  • I have very large windows on the east and north sides of my sewing space as well as an Ott lamp next to my machine. Also added some strip lighting on the throat of my machine. Works great except when sewing on black – have to bring in even more lighting then.

  • I have a ceiling fan with a light fixture. It has LED bulbs, but it’s only helpful for the center of the room. I would really love to have better lighting at my sewing machine. I’ve tried my husband’s head lamp, but it’s heavy and directional – and it looks funny!

  • I have the light from my 630, a desk lamp, and over head lighting…lighting is always a problem so I move the lamp around the table as needed. Although it never seems to be what I need, I would love a change.

  • When I sew, I use the sewing machine light, a soft white overhead light and a halogen table lamp behind the sewing machine. I have learned a lot from this article and would love to have this wonderful sewing table lamp.

  • My 200 lacks light so I have LED ceiling lights along with 3 additional LED table lites. Still not enough due to the fact they cannot sit close enough to aim directly into the needle sewing area. Just pathetic.
    Is there a way to convert the lighting system to LED? The strip LED lighting systems are too long to attach to the under arm area PLUS they reflect terribly against the silver arm of the machine. Machine is too good to trade and/or replace but sure could use a cure for efficient lighting. thank you for the opportunity to enter the give away.

  • I love the light on my 790 but my house is very dark and I often make make errors in judging fabric colors due to poor lighting in my sewing room. I have an OTT light but it isn’t strong enough

  • My overhead fluorescent lighting gets very warm; this would be a much better choice. My sight is not as good since I have gotten a lot older. Would love to win this light.

  • I use mostly natural light and also an Ott Lite if I need some extra. This looks like a light that would really help since my eyesight isn’t like it used to be.

  • I have my sewing machine built in light and, because we live in a very small inlaw apartment, the only overhead lighting I have (and it’s not directly overhead) is from the dining room chandelier. Sigh

  • The Daylight Slimline Lamp looks like a wonderful lighting solution! I also love the small ‘footprint’ it has; taking up very little of precious sewing room surface! My sewing room has a high ceiling and no overhead light. I use a combination of a floor lamp beside my sewing machine and cutting table (I have to be careful not to trip on the cord) and a desk ‘task’ light behind the sewing machine.

  • I have a floor ott light, Overhead light, another floor light and keep a table led lam on my big board. I even turn them on when its sunny out

  • I could really use this lamp! i only have some track lights overhead, and the ceiling is too high for me to reach up and adjust them. i love that this lamp has a stand you can purchase so you can use it over your machine or for other crafting needs. It’s great that it attaches to your sewing cabinet the way it does, so you don’t lose sewing space to some kind of awkward base. Thanks for the giveaway and i’m crossing my fingers!

  • I have a lovely sewing room that my husband build over my 2 car garage ,I really love it …. I have a small (ott-light and some natural light because of the sky lights in the room but if could use more light by my 780 machine would love your new light

  • I have my sewing center in front of a large picture window. There is a large tree outside so I get filtered natural light in the daytime. After dark or on stormy days, I depend on the light on my Bernina and a stand lamp that has a daylight corrected bulb. I’d love to have a bridge style light!

  • After reading this, I realize how much I need to invest in better lighting! I do have a Bernina(love, love, love it!).
    However, I was using the light from my sewing room, which is horrible! Along with that, just the light from my windows. And, yes, my eyes get so tired! Think it’s definitely time to invest in better lighting!!!

  • Oh my gosh! My two Berninas have awesome lighting, but I have great natural light in my current sewing room! I’m in the process of moving my sewing room into our new walk up attic that is getting a new dormer with lots of windows and space, so doing lots of extra lighting for my new space! Could use that task lighting to hit any of the dark spots that might be in there!

  • I have very bad lighting and I use an Ottlite. I will also use a little battery led light when I need more light. This would be awesome to be able to win this light. No ceiling light in my room and I feel like I am always in the dark.

  • My sewing area has task lighting and I wear a headpiece with a light. Daylight is the best provider of additional lighting. I would love to win another Daylight lighting accessory. Thank you.

  • I’ve got a 710, which gives me better light than my 440QE, but I also have overhead lighting in a ceiling fan plus an Ott Light to the right of my machine for some additional lighting. This light looks like it would be a great addition to my work space.

  • I have A B590 and the light is great but I’m a person who needs a lot of light so I do have a nice window next to the machine, ceiling fan with 4 lights and a Ott-Litet behind the machine. At times I feel I could use more light and this one sounds great.

  • I use flexible gooseneck lamps by my sewing machines. They have bright LED lights and can be clamped wherever necessary. It’s sort of the same principle as the slimlight mentioned above, but I think I could get by with one slimlight rather than two of my type lamps.

    I have a large beauty salon lamp with a magnification window mounted to the wall near my ironing board and cutting table. It can be adjusted to whichever angle and height necessary.

  • Thank you for the article. As I was replacing my halogen bulb, I was thinking I need new desk and floor lamps with LED. My sewing room would not be so HOT! I am immediately replacing all bulbs for soft frosted. I definitely could use that lamp!!

  • This would be awesome in my new sewing room – I’ve taken over the smallest of the bedrooms as my getaway place and space is limited. I have a sewing machine and bookcase on one wall and an embroidery machine on the other and the only light in the room is an off-centered fan with chandelier lights in it.

  • My BERNINA has wonderful lighting and I have an Ott Light behind my chair. However this is the light I want. I can’t
    Really afford one right now so do hope I win this drawing

  • I just moved into a new house. Told the realtor I need a loft for a large sewing room. She came through! But the only light is in a ceiling fan. No good. I have two table Ott lamps but they point upward. Also no good. I’m in the beginning stages of creating sufficient light and these look like amazing lights! I would prefer be the opportunity to win! Thank you!

  • I have a combination of natural light from large windows, recessed ceiling lighting with daylight bulbs, and the light on my Bernina 765. Task lighting would be a great addition for winter afternoons and evenings.

  • I have a Bernina 153QE, which has a florescent light but add a small Ott light on the right side of my machine. During the day the windows add great natural light, but I still need to see more clearly. Your lamps look very helpful the way they are designed. Perfectly positioned over the work area.

  • I have overhead lighting in my dining room and east-facing windows by the table. Bacause of vision problems, i just can’t sew on cloudy days.

  • I’m currently using overhead
    Ighting and an Ott floor lamp. But given my recent purchase of a new Bernina machine, I’m in need of more lighting. This Daylight slimline lamp looks very inviting.

  • I have a ceiling light that is basically useless. I also have a floor Ott light but I have to bend the neck different ways to position it on my sewing machine or work table. I like the design of the slim line light. I’d love to win it!

  • Since the light on my machine isn’t working, I now use a small led light along with the overhead room lighting when it’s dark. During the daytime my machine is in front of a window so I sew without one.

  • Since the light on my machine isn’t working, I now use a small led light along with the overhead room lighting when it’s dark. During the daytime my machine is in front of a window so I sew without one. This lamp would fit the bill!

  • I have a light room, as I have skylights and windows all around. I face my machine facing the lake and that has been good enough for me. But, i love these lights and I’m sure they’d make a great addition!

  • I only have the lights on my Bernina 790 which are awesome and a not so awesome single ceiling fixture in the middle of the room, makes it very difficult to see at night so it limits my sewing time I definitely need better lighting!

  • I use good old natural light and a fluorescent light at night. I saw these lights at the Sister’s quilt Show and almost bought one. They look great!

  • I have NO windows in my sewing room since its in the basement. I have overhead light fixtures and a floor lamp that I use to get as much lightening as I can.This LED would not take up floor space a Plus, its LED another Plus.

  • Well, short of hitting myself between the eyes, I have a VERY difficult time sewing black on black. I’m getting cataract surgery this month. Then I’ll know for sure it’s the poor lighting and not my eyes. I REALLY need a lighting solution!

  • I have soft white bulbs in ceiling fixtures and a variety of floor lamps. I use 3 different Ott lights surrounding my desk. I need good light as I have beginning cataracts!

  • I use natural light from a window where I sew, the sewing light on my Bernina is wonderful. Additionally I use an overhead light as well as a floor light with three 100 watt bulbs. ….

  • I have very good overhead lighting, however lighting on my sewing table leaves little to be desired!
    At my age I need all the lighting I can get! The Daylight Slimline Lamp looks like a wonderful lighting solution!

  • I have a very weak overhead light and a clamp task light from IKEA near my serger. This post has really made me think about how insufficiently lit my workspace is and how I might be able to make some improvements.

  • I have a new sewing room and still working on lighting. Overhead lighting not very bright. Use light from sewing machine and during day I open the shades for more lighting.

  • I have my Bernina set up in front of a big double window. No direct light, so just nice and bright. Only single overhead room light for evening sewing but of course have the wonderful LED light on my sewing machine. Really need more light in the evening. I can feel the difference in eye strain once the sun goes down. The before and after pictures you show are amazing. I want one now ?

  • I have track lights on the ceiling that are a natural daylight light. I sew in an unfinished basement with two tiny windows so I need the good lighting. During the day the lighting is sufficient but I need to supplement at night.

  • I use the light on my machine, a floor model Ott Lite and the ceiling light in my sewing room. This lamp would be such an improvement for me! I have vision issues & need all the light I can get.

  • I’ve had my QE570 for about 6 months. It has great lighting at the needle, but I occasionally need more lighting from the back to block shadows. I currently use an Ottlite with the crane neck that I can swivel back and forth between the machine table and cutting table (awkward at best!) I still need better general lighting.

  • My sewing studio is run on solar, powered by a 100w solar panel, two 12vt batteries and an Aims 3000 wt converter. Lovin the free sewing on the machines, but need a small watt energy saving light so I can see what I am sewing. (:
    How do you choose from all these entries?
    When I have a give away, I have my down syndrome son, who cant read, point at a name. Or I use birthdates of my family members to pick a person. I so do not envy what you are going though to pick a name to be a winner. Have a super day. lol lol lol

  • I have decent overhead lighting, and I also use an led desk lamp along with the sewing machine light. The more light the better in my opinion. 🙂

  • WOW! The lighting from that lamp is amazing! My 770Q has great lighting, though it’s not enough. And my husband installed some “daylight” bulbs in my ceiling fan, but they look bluish. Not much natural light coming through the windows as the 2-story house next door is too close and blocks any sunlight from the east. I do need more lights 🙂

  • I have 2 movable lights, 1 on each side of my machine. I also have another light at my work table, and I work next to a window. Can’t forget my #3 magnifying pink glasses, and it is all good!

  • I love the bright light on my Bernina machine! In addition, an Ott-light table lamp stands off to the left of my machine. There is overhead lighting from a fan/light combination and an LED floor lamp reflects light off the ceiling. During the day, light comes in from slider windows that go across the top of two walls. Adding this Slimline table lamp to my sewing room means I could rearrange lamps to provide better light overall!

  • No overhead lighting, but I use an Ott-Lite Craft Plus Floor Lamp to the right of my Bernina 350PE/sewing table. I’m lucky to have an east-facing as well as a south-facing window. The Daylight Slimline Lamp looks fabulous. Beautifully designed, yet so small. It definitely would help those of us with “older” eyes.

  • I have two sewing machines, Bernina 930 and a Bernina 730 on my sewing table. Occasionally, I pull out my 334D serger. I have an overhead fan/light with a daylight bulb, an Ott light that is really too small for my use. Fortunately, I have my machines positioned near a sunny window. All of this is great unless I need to sew at night when the lighting becomes awkward. Good to learn about another source of light!!

  • I use an overhead light and an OTT light behind my shoulder. Looking for another light source, since it still doesn’t seem to be bright enough.

  • I have 4 kinds of lighting when I sew. First, there is the overhead or ceiling light. Then I have a portable Ottlite to the right of my machine. There’s the light that comes on when I turn on my Bernina. And finally, I have a small LED spotlight that is fixed to the left of my machine and shines down on the sewing surface. I sewed with a Daylight Slimline Table Lamp at a quilting retreat last fall and was SO impressed! The lighting was fantastic – and as I get older, good lighting becomes more important.

  • I use every kind of light I can get my hands in because I have very bad eye sight. It starts with the ceiling fan and open window blinds. I then have two lamps next to my sewing machine. I love light! I could really use this exceptional lamp while sewing!

  • The main source for my lighting is my sewing machine. I sew on our dining room table and there is light above me, but it is not as bright as it should probably be. I didn’t realize the importance of lighting until I read this article. Thank you for writing it.

  • I have a fluorescent ceiling light, a desk ott lite for my computer area, two windows in the room and the light on my sewing machine. Since my stroke a year ago I haven’t quilted much and one reason is because I need more light to be able see better what I am doing. It would be absolutely wonderful if I could have task lighting such as this so I wouldn’t have to rip out as much and hopefully be able to quilt a few more years. Thank you so much for this chance to win!

  • I use the light on my Bernina & sometimes a small Ott lamp. During the day there is lots of sun light, but I’m unable to see very well at night due to no overhead lights in my sewing space.

  • I use the sewing machine light plus two true lights over the table and it still does not seem to be enough light. The light offer would clear up some table space for me and offer better lighting for my old lady eyes. I also use a small task light behind the sewing machine that faces the pressure foot and plate.

  • I’m currently relying on natural light to complement the light on my Bernina. I haven’t found the right lighting yet but would love to try this!

  • I have the wonderful lights on my Bernina, but I also have a 6-light overhead fixture. Would love to have this slimline light, but it’s just not in the budget right now.

  • My sewing room has 2ceiling fan/lights for general lighting and my sewing machine has a good light. I augment with an Ottlite but do believe my lighting could be better.

  • I currently use an Ottlite over my 770QEE. My machine sits under a window so sewing during the day is fine but I could use better lighting at night.

  • I have been struggling with lighting for years and it gets worse as I get older. Currently I use a floor lamp that points to the ceiling and has an adjustable light off the side. Many times I turn my Ott Light on from the back of the machine to enhance the lighting from my B750.

  • I currently use a 15 year old Ott light, and it’s on its last legs. I love the design and brightness of the Daylight Company Slimline lamp – it would be a dream to own one.

  • I have an Ecolux strip attached to my Bernina 750 to give me added light at the needle plate. I have a Stella lamp that clamps to my table and gives me light in front of my machine. And I have a Stella table lamp that sheds light on my cutting area. Ceiling fan light as well as recessed can lighting and windows. Just can’t have enough light.

  • When you said that eye fatigue from improper lighting included symptoms of sore shoulders and neck, you got my attention and my interest in getting better lighting. Since I love sewing I have ignored the sore neck and shoulders and continued with my projects. I am very uncomfortable for days and never knew what caused it. I thought I had good light but this light looks much better than what I have. Thanks for the information and the suggestion of the Daylight Slimline table lamp.

  • My lighting is a work in progress. I have some natural daylight. I have an ott table lamp that I haven’t been thrilled with. I’m trying to figure out a better set up

  • During the day the light on my 740 and sunlight is plenty. At night, the ceiling light is on and also my Ott light. I like the look of your lamp. Looks like it puts out good lighting.

  • I am using the overhead light that is on a ceiling fan, the Bernina light on the machine, and I bought a floor lamp Ott light for extra lighting. The floor lamp is always in the way, but I needed more light. I would love to have the slim line light because it appears not to be so bulky.

  • I use my machine’s light and a desk lamp and still have trouble seeing what I’m sewing! This light seems like a perfect solution to being able to see what I’m sewing and would also be great for on the cutting table as it doesn’t seem to take up very much space!

  • Daylight’s Slimline LED Table Lamp looks great. Currently, I use an OttLite Craft Plus Floor Lamp. It is good for ambient light. I need more light near my sewing machine’s bed.

  • I am currently using a floor lamp that I adjust depending on how much light I need. I love the idea of having a daylight table lamp – that would make things so much easier. I will certainly be checking out your Sonic Stitches blog. Thank you, Sheryl

  • I only have fluorescent lighting in my sewing room but this light looks like itvvwoukkd Be a great addition esp when not sewing at home.
    Any extr a lighting would be a big bonus!

  • sewing is done in kitchen table with ceiling fan & light. machine has standard 2 bulb led lighting. good but shadows on projects. the daylight slimline would differently be a great addition

  • I have a lot of natural light in my sewing room – windows and skylights. Plus lots of overhead lighting. I normally don’t sew at night, but when I do, I’ll use a tabletop Ott light if I need more lighting.
    As my eyes get older, I notice I need more lighting when I sew (along with a good pair of reading glasses). This lamp would be very helpful.

  • I use lamp that take shade off of at moment.

    The Daylight Slimline Lamp looks like would be great improvement. From what I’m using at moment.
    Thank you for offering something like this!

  • I use the following: Overhead light, floor lamp with both up and down lights, desk lamp, sewing machine lights (two), and sunlight (when I can get it!). And I still don’t think I have enough light!

  • Whoever wins the Daylight Slimline Lamp will LOVE IT!

    My husband had raved about LED lights. Thinking of the cheap flashlight LEDs, I was skeptical until he installed small diameter ceiling tubes in the garage. We decided to use the same in our new sewing studio which was the living/dining room in our second home.

    In addition to the lighting built into our newest workhorse machines (including an 880 Plus and a 700), we installed 26 4′ long Hyperikon T5 Integrated LED lights. We wired them as two daisy chained groups, each controlled with a light switch. They are 5000K, which is truly like daylight. Wow, are we happy with these lights!

    One group targets the sewing work areas (garage workbenches), while the other targets the 4′ x 8′ cutting table my husband made, but they also light up all cabinets, etc., against the walls. We have, as you recommend, diffused daylight from a bay window, two other windows and French doors. Seating in front of the bay window is also covered by the T5s.

    We omitted the T5s over a sofa/fireplace area, substituting low light LED bulbs in pre-existing two small chandeliers and two spotlights. Those lights on, with the T5s off, provide restful lighting–a peaceful feeling to lie down and rest, right in the middle of everything.

    We have now replaced every lightbulb in our home with LEDs, to lower the electric bill.

  • My lighting comes from a window, center of ceiling overhead light fixture, and the light on my 730E. I sometimes also use an OTT lamp, also. My lighting could certainly be much better.

  • The light on my Bernina just isn’t strong enough, even with overhead lighting. So I use the Blue Max Full Spectrum floor light next to my machine in addition to the other 2 light sources.

  • I have a window behind my machine along with an Otto light. The new lights on the 765 helped so much but I still have lots of shadows so this would solve the problem!! Hope I can win.

  • I have a window near my machine and I like to open the curtains while I’m sewing, even on rainy days! I also have an overhead light in the room which is not very bright, so I use OTT lamps around the room. I have one that sits on the table near my sewing machine and another floor lamp that’s near my embroidery machine. It does seem like there is just never enough light!

  • I have a small sewing loft with bright florescent lighting overhead. It helps but I still need additional lighting with aging eyes. It would be great to win this light bar for accurate sewing, especially when it comes to 1/4″ seams on quilts, etc. I love being a precision sewer and if I’m spending

  • Thank you for your excellent information and photos! I currently use Ott-lighting over my right shoulder, overhead light, and the great lighting on my new Bernina 570QEE, but would love to try the Daylight Slimline Lamp.

  • I have a small sewing loft with bright florescent lighting overhead. It helps but I still need additional lighting with aging eyes. It would be great to win this light bar for accurate sewing, especially when it comes to 1/4″ seams on quilts, etc.

  • I have an older Bernina to which I added a led light kit. I also have an Ott floor lamp on the left and a task lamp on the right, as well as overhead lighting in the room.

  • I am lucky to have 2 large sliding doors that allow natural daylight in part of my sewing space but I still need to use a daylight floor lamp and a daylight desktop lamp. I don’t think it is possible to have too much light in a work space.

  • I love using natural light, which is why I have my sewing machine next to a window, but as a mama of two little ones, I often sew in the wee hours. The daylight slimline lamp looks like a lovely solution for my tiny sewing room.

  • I have a ceiling light/fan combination which is hardly adequate. Three windows with natural light, which help some during daylight hours and a floor lamp placed right over my machine, I still struggle to see well.

  • I recently got the opportunity to put together a dedicated sewing room, which I put 4 bright led ceiling lights in. Works great but I have outgrown one room and am taking over another room which isn’t as well lit;o))

  • Just the diffused light from three windows, ceiling light and a desk lamp borrowed from my husband. I had an Ott table light but gave it to my legally blind mother to help her read.

  • I have a small, but powerful, LED light with a swivel neck that I adjust to focus right on the needle area. I have track lighting overhead and no natural light. Not ideal but I’m grateful for the space.

  • I love this light it is small yet powerful! My current lighting is from several sources as I struggle to get enough light. I have a ceiling fan and am constantly buying “brighter better bulbs” plus I have a floor lamp. And of course during the day the natural light from the windows.

  • My Bernina is by a window. Even with an OttLite, both at the machine and by my chair for hand work, I don’t do much sewing at night anymore because of eye strain!!