Sewing With Kids

Schools are closed across the USA, leaving parents and caretakers looking for meaningful activities to keep kids busy, engaged, and learning. This is the perfect opportunity for sewing with kids! You’ll find all kinds of tutorials and free projects in this post to help teach a kid to start to sew and keep on sewing.

How to Teach Kids to Sew

Are you ready to teach a kid to sew for the very first time? Check out these tips and tutorials to help you put together a “learn to sew” plan for sewing with kids.

Long time sewing teacher Juliette Lanvers offers some simple advice when teaching kids to sew.

little girl at BERNINA 560 machine

Find practical tips and suggestions for teaching kids to sew with Teach Kids the Joy of Sewing.

Tips for Sewing with Kids - sewing

Pillowcases make fantastic first sewing projects because they have just a few seams and go together quickly. Learn how to teach a kid to sew by making a pillowcase here.

Teach kids how to quilt with WeAllSew

Kids can quilt, too! Find out how to sew a mini-quilt with your kid that is the perfect size for a place mat, doll quilt, or kennel quilt. If you have a pre-schooler who isn’t ready to take on most of the sewing and quilting, find out how you can involve a young child in making a special doll quilt here.

Simple Sewing Projects for Kids

We’ve gathered together a list of free sewing projects that are great skill-builders for sewing with kids. These projects are organized with the easiest to sew at the top of the list and involved projects towards the bottom.

Summer Pillow Sewing Project for kids, helps to teach them basic sewing skills!

Pillowcases make great learn-to-sew projects for kids. Find out how to sew a very simple pillowcase decorated with easy appliqué shapes here. You can always start with a simple, undecorated pillowcase as a first-project, and work up to appliqué at a later time.


Hair scrunchies are simple and quick to stitch together! Find the free downloadable pattern and step-by-step tutorial to make a Hair Scrunchie here.

Tidy Tray

These fun fabric containers are simple to sew with only straight lines! Kids can use these little trays to hold special collections or favorite little toys. Learn how to make a fabric Tidy Tray here.

Speedy Pillowcase Tutorial from WeAllSew

This method for sewing a quick pillowcase includes a few extra steps to create a decorative band. Click here to find the Speedy Pillowcase tutorial.

This easy Drawstring Bag sewing project can become whatever a kid imagines! From a mini back pack or sleeping bag for a stuffed friend to the perfect place to store that collection of little things.

Handmade Heating-Cooling Pads Tutorial

If you have a kid that often gets growing pains, this simple project can bring lots of comfort. Kids can feel a sense of accomplishment when selecting favorite fabrics and sewing just a few straight lines to make their very own Handmade Heating or Cooling Pad.

Challenging kids to read while at home is a great way to keep kids learning. Have kids create their own book bag to help keep that stack of to-read books organized with the Book Tote tutorial here.

DIY potted plush succulents

Little succulents are trendy, and these cuties don’t even need water! Make these DIY Potted Plush Succulents extra friendly by adding a face with embroidery floss, glued-on googly eyes, or appliqué shapes.

DIY Sprinkle Donut Pillow

Finally, a no-calorie donut! Learn how to make this super fun DIY Donut Pillow complete with sprinkles here.

Rope Bowl Tutorial: slope sides

Start with a simple clothesline, bright colored thread, and a zigzag stitch, and create a pretty cool DIY Rope Bowl! Kids can make these any shape and size, and will have fun experimenting with this technique.

This super sweet owl friend is made with love and totally customizable! Find the free, downloadable pattern to create the Snuggly Owl here.

Make a little zip pouch to hold change or treasures with the Cat Zipper Pouch Tutorial here.

Playtime Sewing Projects for Kids

If your kids are little, and not yet up to learning to sew, here are a handful of projects to sew for hours of fun play.

Create a simple pinafore for an 18″ doll using scraps from your stash. Customize with pockets, ribbons, or bows. Find the Doll Pinafore Pattern and tutorial here.


This doll PJ tutorial is simple. If you can sew a straight line, you can make this in an hour! Click here to find the DIY Doll Pajama Pants project for 18″ dolls.

Superhero cape tutorial

Invent your own little superhero for hours of super play! Make a custom Superhero Cape with this tutorial, and add a matching mask to hide your superhero’s identity with this tutorial.

Farm Fresh Apron for kids

Play dress-up with this sweet little Farm Fresh Apron for Kids.

Make a kitty cat dress-up playset complete with ears and a swishy tail using the Kitty Cat Costume tutorial. Or, create a totally unique look by adding a Unicorn Headband to the mix!

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