How to Sew Tiny Holiday Cookies

Do you love making and eating cute tiny holiday cookies like I do? Hello everyone this is Kerry Goulder from Kid Giddy and hope you’ll join me in making a batch or two of tiny cookies that you can make into sweet ornaments and gift tags. These holiday cookies are so simple you will undoubtedly, find more reasons to make them and other ways to use them. Why not make two and turn them into festive earrings? Add beads, crystals and other things to “decorate” your holiday cookies and see all the possibilities.

Materials to Sew Tiny Holiday Cookies

  • Tiny Holiday Cookies Ornament and Gift Tags pattern
  • 2 pieces of 2” x 3” Xotic Felt in Coconut Shell (for each double-sided embroidered cookie – 1 piece for the iced cookie)
  • 1 piece of 2” x 3” Glitzy Felt in White (for each iced cookie)
  • 6″ piece of white Aurifil Floss for hanging
  • 50 Wt Threads to match
  • Mini iron
  • Washable glue for basting or double-sided fusible appliqué
  • 8 1/2” x 11” Freezer Paper
  • Tear Away Stabilizer
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread snips
  • Earring hooks, if desired

Download Free Pattern

Printing and Cutting Instructions

Print the cookie patterns onto the dull side of the Freezer Paper. Patterns are provided as 2″ and 3″ sizes that can also be printed larger as desired.

Cut the outside line for the double-sided embroidered cookies and cut the inside line for the icing tops.

Presser Feet and Accessories

Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole #34C

Let’s Start “Baking” Our Holiday Cookies

After printing and cutting all cookie pattern pieces, press the freezer paper pattern pieces (shiny side down) onto the fabric using a mini iron. Using freezer paper will allow you to cut out the cookie pieces without pins poking and without the paper shifting around while cutting.

Carefully cut out the fabric cookie pieces (fronts, backs and icing) and gently remove the freezer papers. Do not discard the freezer papers as they can be reused many times over by pressing them onto fabric again.

Iced Holiday Cookies

Glue baste the icing piece onto the front piece of a cookie piece.

On the BERNINA 590E interface display, select the search button and type 1309 to get the Single Blanket Stitch . 1310 is the Double Blanket Stitch which is thicker and could look nice on larger cookies but may be harder to stitch on smaller cookies.

Decorative Stitch numbers are different in each series. Be sure to look up the correct stitch number for your machine before stitching.

Place the Iced Cookie top on the tear-away stabilizer. Stitch all the way around the edge with the needle in the down position. As you work around a curve, lift the presser foot occasionally to pivot, in order to keep the stitches neat and on track.

When you come to a corner, be sure the needle is in the down position and at the tip of the corner. Pivot the fabric before the next stitch in order for the needle to go in diagonally from the corner. Pivot once more before advancing, so the next stitch is perpendicular to the icing.

Once sewn all the way around, pull all threads to the backside of the cookie and stabilizer.

Carefully remove the tear-away stabilizer. Remove the outer piece first and carefully use a seam ripper to tear away the pieces on the inside of the stitching.

If you don’t want to remove this inside piece, or can’t remove all of the tiny pieces, it’s ok as it will be covered up.

Add the Backing

Place the cookie top onto the cookie back. Glue baste the front and back cookie pieces together or use the double-sided fusible appliqué to adhere them to avoid shifting.

Stitch the outer edge of the cookie using a blanket stitch again.

Be sure to pivot as needed, keeping the needle in the down position so your cookie doesn’t shift out of position.

Tear away stabilizer isn’t recommended in this step as it will be difficult to remove all the tiny pieces. If you have difficulties without the stabilizer in this step, try using a water dissolving stabilizer instead. Remove what you can with scissors and dissolve the rest with dabs of water.

Knot the end stitches and leave the threads long to bury inside and between the layers.

Embroidered Holiday Cookies

Find a fun decorative stitch to use by clicking the decorative stitch tab on the interface. Click through the files to get to know some of the different options at your fingertips and select a favorite. In order for your stitches to fit properly onto your cookie, be sure to adjust and test the different stitch size/length and width options.

Place the plain cookie piece onto the tear-away stabilizer and stitch the pattern as an outline, stripes, zig zag, name/word or any other option you’d like.

Repeating Steps from the Iced Cookies

As we did with the Iced Cookies, carefully remove the tear-away stabilizer and place the cookie top onto the cookie back. Glue baste the front and back cookie pieces together or use the double-sided fusible appliqué to adhere them to avoid shifting.

Stitch the outer edge of the cookie using a blanket stitch again following the same instructions from the iced cookies.

Bury the thread ends to avoid the edges of your holiday cookies from unraveling.

Finishing the Cookies

To complete the cookies for use (not consumption) use a needle and floss to add a string to hang the cookie by. Other options: Use ribbon instead of floss if you want to use a wire ornament hanger. Use a needle to poke a small hole in the top to use a wire earring hook if making jewelry.

Share Your Favorite Cookies!

Do you have a favorite type of cookie? Gingerbread, molasses, sugar?

Tell us in the comments below what kind of cookies you are going to whip up on your BERNINA and what you’ll make with them: ornaments, gift tags, jewelry or something else.

Thanks so much for sewing with me. Please be sure to tag me #kidgiddy and @kidgiddy on Instagram and Facebook to share your finished cookies.

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