How to Make a Quilted Holiday Stocking

Decorate your home with this super-simple quilted stocking; add interesting ribbons and trims to create your own unique look. This easy project uses just three fabrics and two stitches.

Fabrics featured are from the Benartex “Yuletide Magic” collection.

Finished size = 12″ x 12″


Print the stocking pattern pieces: quilted_holiday_stocking_-_pattern_piece_121814.pdf

Step 1) Create the quilted fabric.

Make two “quilt sandwiches” – lining fabric face down, batting in the middle, and stocking fabric right side up on top. Bond the layers together with temporary adhesive spray.

Attach the walking foot to your sewing machine. Sew a series of straight lines across the length and width of your “sandwich.”

Tip: If you are using a plaid fabric, use the lines of the plaid as guides when quilting.

Step 2) Create the stocking body.

Print the pattern pieces; tape them together, matching the markings. Cut out the paper pattern.

Trace the pattern onto one of the quilted rectangles. Flip the pattern over and trace the reversed shape on the second quilted rectangle. (You should have one stocking with the toe pointing left and one with the toe pointing right.) Cut out both stocking pieces.

Attach the 1/4″ foot to your sewing machine. Place the quilted stocking pieces right sides together. Using a 1/4″-wide seam allowance, stitch around the outside of the stocking, leaving the top open.

Attach the all-purpose foot to the machine and select a zigzag stitch; adjust the width to about 2.5 mm. Stitch just outside the previous stitching to give extra stability to the seam.

Turn the stocking right side out.

Step 3) Make the cuff.

Fold the cuff fabric in half, right sides together, and stitch the 8″ ends together. Press the seam allowances open. Turn the cuff right side out.

Fold the cut in half, wrong sides together. Press.

Place the cuff inside the stocking, aligning the raw edges at the top of the stocking.

Fold the ribbon in half and insert the ends between the cuff and the stocking body on the heel side of the stocking, aligning the raw edges.

Stitch the layers together with a 1/4″ seam allowance using the 1/4″ foot and a straight stitch. Change to the all-purpose foot and zigzag the edges together.

Pull the cuff out of the stocking.

Embellish the cuff with decorative trims, ribbon, or rickrack as desired.

Fold the embellished cuff over the top edge of the stocking.

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