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DIY Lace Insertion in the Mega Hoop

Renee’ Spell of Elegant Stitches in Cary, NC knows a whole lot about heirloom stitching and has spent years sewing adult and children’s clothing. She wanted to utilize one of the many features and built-in stitches on the BERNINA 880. She created this beautiful lace insertion using Italian organdy adhered to Floriani Wet N Gone stabilizer, the Mega Hoop, and embroidery design #26 from folder #2 on the BERNINA 880. … More

Freeform Lace Shaping Without Pins

The very first heirloom technique I used on my Christina christening gown was to shape French insertion lace into stylized diamond scallops for the batiste main skirt. Initially, I used the traditional method of shaping French insertion lace over lace shaping templates, but eventually I opted for the streamlined techniques shown in this post. … More

The Christina Christening Gown

While many of the basic heirloom techniques used in his Christina Christening Gown may be a review for many sewers, Ed Roux breaks them down into easy steps even a novice can master. In an heirloom sewing series for WeAllSew, he also offers a few new techniques that even experienced stitchers will appreciate. … More