DIY Lace Insertion in the Mega Hoop

Renee’ Spell of Elegant Stitches in Cary, NC knows a whole lot about heirloom stitching and has spent years sewing adult and children’s clothing. She wanted to utilize one of the many features and built-in stitches on the BERNINA 880. She created this beautiful lace insertion using Italian organdy adhered to Floriani Wet N Gone stabilizer, the Mega Hoop, and embroidery design #26 from folder #2 on the BERNINA 880. (Other linear designs will also work with this technique.)

embroidery machine screen
Design folder selection.


motif selection
Embroidery motif selection.


endless embroidery screen
Endless Embroidery set up.

After choosing the design and setting up the machine, Renee’ used the hoop template to mark the centers for ease in rehooping the material for continuous stitching using the endless embroidery function. There’s a great Tool Tip video about endless embroidery on 

Jumbo embroidery hoop
Hooped stabilizer, marked centers.

The lace insertion began with stitching the endless embroidery design centered in the hoop.

machine embroidery
Center design stitching.

When the center design was complete, the hoop was repositioned using the center marks made on the fabric. Because the design was made smaller for the side lace insertions, the project had to be re-hooped three times. Yes, THREE times! But with endless embroidery Renee’ made it look like a piece of cake!

embroidery hoop
Second hooping.

After re-hooping and aligning the reference marks, she continued stitching the middle lace design.

stitch reference marks
Reference marks.

Then another rehooping before stitching the third design. Renee’ used the template marks made on the fabric to help reposition the fabric in the hoop.

embroidery hoop
Third hooping.


embroidered lace
Center embroidery complete.

Using the same built-in design and following the video technique for creating endless embroidery, Renee’ resized the design to 70%. After doing this, she moved the design to the left-most point of the hoop and selected the Fit to Hoop icon. She duplicated this design and moved it to the right-most point of the hoop. The design was now on both sides of the original design.

embroidery machine
Side motifs positioned.

The material was repositioned one more time for the final re-hooping and the last stitches were created with the endless embroidery function.

embroidery machine
Side motifs stitched

After removing the material from the hoop, this is what it looked like:

embroidered lace
Completed embroidery.

Renee’ wasn’t finished! She places Stitch-in-the-Ditch Tear-Away stabilizer behind the organdy and used Clear Sole Foot #34C and a blanket stitch (#720) to attach decorative lace to the sides of the design.

sewing lace
Decorative lace added to sides.


lace insertion

Viola’! Complete . . . but now what?

You’ll have to visit Elegant Stitches to see what Renee’ makes with the lace insertions.

DIY Lace Insertion
What is it?

Written by Rhea Lucovsky, Elegant Stitches, Cary, NC, who made a fabulous quilt, banners, and more for her daughter’s wedding last summer.

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