Traveler’s Purse Tutorial

Traveler's Purse

We love to travel in our family! We just returned from a great vacation to the mountains and we’re embarking to head off on an overseas trip to Japan in a few weeks. All of this traveling has led me to search for a small little purse that can hold just a few of my essentials. I created this traveler’s purse tutorial so I could have a small bag that is just big enough to hold my phone, wallet, lip gloss and sunglasses, just the necessities. Take a look at this simple 10 step tutorial to make your own traveler’s purse.

Traveler's Purse

Materials to Sew a Traveler’s Purse

Tips for sewing with leather

  • Have a new, sharp leather sewing needle in your machine (these are marked leather on the front of the case.)
  • Use binder clips or clover clips instead of pins to hold your project together.
  • Remember that once a needle goes into leather, the hole is there forever.
  • You don’t need to finish seams or line a leather project, the edges will not fray.
  • Use a presser foot with a non stick sole, such as Straight stitch foot #53 with non-stick sole
  • If you do not have a non-stick foot, use a piece of tape attached to your presser foot as mentioned and illustrated here.

Assemble the Pattern

Print out the traveler’s purse pattern above. It will print out on two pages. Make sure when printing the pattern that you have selected print to actual size and auto portrait/landscape.

Instructions to Sew a Traveler’s Purse

Step 1: Cut Out Pattern

Once the pattern is printed, cut out two body pieces from the leather. Do not cut out the triangles at this time, only cut on the outside lines.

Cut out bag

Step 2: Cut Out Triangles

Now it is time to cut the triangles from the pattern. Once they are cut out, trace the triangles onto the wrong side of the bag pieces.

Cut Out Triangles

Trace Triangles

Step 3: Sew Triangles

With right sides together, align the two legs (straight lines) of the triangles. The point of the triangle will be at the fold and the two edges will meet up. Sew directly on the marked line. You will sew a total of four triangles.

Sew Triangles on Traveler's Purse

Step 4: Sew Front and Back Together

Finger press the triangles you sewed in step three. Press the triangles from the front bag piece to the inside and press the triangles from the back bag piece to the outside. Doing this will help the triangles nest against each other, making it easier to line seams up, this also creates less bulk. Use binder or clover clips to hold seams in place and sew the front and back pattern pieces together using 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Press triangles in opposite directions on the body of the traveler's purse

Sew front to back of traveler's purse

Step 5: Topstitch

Finger press down the top edge of your bag. Press down 1/2 inch, and use binder or clover clips to help hold in place. Using 1/4 inch seam allowance, top stitch this edge.

Top Stitch Purse

Step 6: Cut Out Flap

From the remaining piece of your leather, cut out one flap pattern piece.

Cut out flap

Step 7: Top Stitch Flap

Finger press the top edge (straight edge) of the flap down 1/2 inch. Use binder or clover clips to hold in place. Top stitch this edge using 1/4 inch seam allowance. Now top stitch around the remaining sides using 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Finger Press Traveler's Purse Flap
Top Stitch

Step 8: Attach Flap

It’s time to sew the purse flap to the body of the bag. Measure down 3/4 inch from the top of the bag and align your finished edge of the flap on the 3/4 inch line. Sew the flap in place, using 1/4 inch seam allowance on three sides (the left, right, and along the previously top stitched line).

Attach flap

Step 9: Add Snaps

Following the snap manufacturer’s instructions, add snaps to the bag. Make sure your snaps align. Here’s a quick little tip for adding snaps to leather. I found it challenging to poke the prongs through the leather, so I used a sewing needle to help get those holes started. The prongs then easily slipped through the small hole I created with the sewing needle. 

Traveler's Purse

Step 10: Sew on Straps

Woo hoo! We’ve made it to the last step. It’s time to take your webbing and sew on the purse strap. I simply measured the length I wanted my strap to be, added 1 inch and cut to size. Fold under 1/2 inch on either end and pin to itself to hold the fold. This last step I used double sided tape to hold my webbing to the bag.

Double Sided Tape

Measure down 1/2 inch and tape your folded webbing in place. The double sided tape is strong enough to hold the strap in place while you sew on all four sides, using 1/8 inch seam allowance. I also sewed an x where the strap is on the bag to help reinforce this seam.

Double sided tape

Traveler's Purse

Sew Straps to Traveler's Purse

That’s it! Your traveler’s purse is done and you are ready for your adventures!

Traveler's Purse


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