Whimsical Heart Coaster

Every year it seems like Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me and I rush to figure out a handmade gift that I can sew for others. This year, I’ve decided on these Whimsical Heart Coasters! They are a perfect accompaniment in a mug set but are great to have on hand at home as the cork helps absorb moisture from drinks and are so fun to use. Best of all these sew up fast, so you can easily make a dozen in just a few hours.  Finished size 3/12″


  • Cork
  • Fabric scrap for applique
  • Fusible web scrap
  • 1/4″ wide double fold bias tape
  • Open toe foot #20
  • Whimsical heart template

Steps to make Whimsical Heart Coaster:

For each coaster cut 2, 3 1/2″circles (or larger if you desire bigger coasters) from cork.

Trace the whimsical heart onto the paper (smooth side) of the fusible web. Remember that the image will be reversed when fused to the surface of the cork, so if you prefer the heart in a different direction, be sure to flip the image now.

Do not remove the paper or cut the traced image yet! Instead, fuse the “bumpy” side of the fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric scrap using your iron.

Cut along the traced lines, remove the paper backing from the webbing, and place the wrong side of the heart onto the right side of the cork. Fuse in place using your iron.

Stitch heart to the cork using the open toe foot (#20). Using the open toe foot allows you to easily see the shape of the design that you are stitching. You can opt to sew around the design (think stitching away 1/8″ or 1/4″ away from the raw edge and fraying the edges to create texture), use a satin stitch (small zigzag) to cover the raw edges, or use a blanket stitch (shown) to permanently affix the heart to the coaster.

Place a second cork piece so that the raw edges match the applique cork, wrong sides together. Baste in place or use a bit of temporary spray adhesive to keep the pieces from shifting.

Open out the bias tape and sandwich the coaster in between the layers. Stitch in place close to the finished edge.

Now enjoy your new Valentine’s Day coaster!

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