Sunrise Baby Quilt: Ready, Set, Go Get Your Fabric!

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Are you ready to start your Sunrise Baby Quilt? (As if we hadn’t already heard from many of you who are chomping at the bit!)

This week we’ll focus on choosing fabrics. One of the striking features of this quilt – and a characteristic of Modern Quilting in general – is the use of solid colors. Notice that most of my colors are highly saturated; only at the very bottom of the quilt – the “horizon” – do they fade to light pastel shades.

I used Benartex Colors for Quilters for my quilt, and you’ll find the exact color names and product numbers in the PDF (link below). I’ve also provided color charts for Moda’s Bella Solids and Robert Kaufman’s Kona Solids, but since color lines vary in tones and shades, some of the colors might not match up exactly with the Benartex solids. So, use your judgment when purchasing your fabric. Lay your fabrics out next to each other, and then decide whether the combination gives the “sunrise effect” you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to substitute other colors or to mix fabric lines – this is your quilt, so select the shades you like!

What if you don’t like solids? Feel free to substitute small or mono-colored prints that “read” solid. Avoid large prints, busy designs, and those with lots of colors – the extra lines and patterns will muddy the colors and you’ll lose the striking effect of the “fractured” sunrise.

Finished quilt size: Approximately 36″ x 43″ 

  Sunrise_Baby_Quilt_Sew-Along_Week_One_-_correct_yardage.pdf (306.3 KiB, 6,566 hits)

There’s a type on the original supply list: You’ll need only 1/4 yard of each of the 13 main fabrics, not 1/2 yard. So sorry for any confusion this may have caused! Jo

Our Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along continues on Tuesdays throughout March (5, 12, 19, and 26).

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  1. lenchi

    In the list of fabrics to buy it states 1/2 yard, but in the cutting instructions, it talks about cutting these strips from each 1/4 yard. Which measurement is correct, as I really don’t need to buy excess fabric?

    • WeAllSew

      Yikes! So sorry – that’s my fault, not Erika’s. There’s a new PDF posted now with the correct 1/4 yard each fabric yardage listed. Jo

  2. lenchi

    Thanks for the prompt response. Look forward to making this lovely quilt!

  3. denisejudy

    OOPS, I see they posted a correction. Please disregard my last post..

  4. carol0516

    I’m only counting 11 fabrics in the picture.

    • WeAllSew

      Hi Carol – It might be that the color on your monitor or printer isn’t differentiating between some of the similar colors. The two colors at the lower edge – #13 Natural and #12 Soft Yellow – are very similar, as are #8 Tangerine and #7 Soft Pink. Jo

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